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Motorhome & Caravan wifi booster 2021 Review

Gone is the day of modem noises and buffering while you wait for your favourite website to load. Home Wi-Fi just keeps getting faster and faster with most internet providers offering 4G broadband. With the current range of caravan wifi boosters there is no reason why you can not still have blazing fast intern connections whilst kicking back in your caravan park after a days adventure. 

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Staying connected to the internet for many is now one of the priorities when people are travelling and staying in their caravans while on holiday. Most caravan parks now provide a caravan wifi signal to attract more travellers on holiday. Many places have a weak signal and the need to boost this signal is necessary for faster and more reliable contact with the digital world. With the advent of streaming services and smart 12 Volt tv's with Netflix and Free view hotkeys, life just got easier. To get the best viewing with your caravan tv make sure you have a solid reliable external caravan tv aerial to pick up the digital signal from the nearest transmitting tower. 

A contributor to poor caravan wifi reception will be the pitch location where you park your caravan in the park. Being close to the source of the Wi-Fi signal will provide the strongest reception, but it can be crowded. Since most caravan owners have their home on wheels to get away from the crowds, a caravan wifi booster can be used to improve signal strength. This will make it possible to enjoy time away from others being closer to nature without compromising your connection to the digital world.

You are required to use a caravan aerial unless, of course, you will be using your television for SD card playback, USB, or DVD. This way, you can access unlimited satellite channels and your favourite freeview dependent on the available reception.

Best wifi caravan and motorhome wifi booster review

Description of KUMA Wi-Fi Hotspot Booster Kit

This is an all-in-one caravan wifi package to help those out and about in the countryside stay connected to the digital world. This system is designed to allow access to the internet for up to 5 individual wifi compatible devices at once. Devices include cell phones, tablets, kindle, laptops, desktops and smartphones. It is also capable of establishing a local network so all of your devices can communicate with each other. This device can receive and boost any Wi-Fi signal up to 1.5 km away.

This unit is compatible with both Android and Apple products. For best reception, the antenna must be placed in an unobstructed location like the top of the caravan. To help set up the system it comes with a quick reference guide. There is also access to a UK based customer service centre which is open 24/7. This device is higher in price than most others on the market, but delivers more.

  • Wireless Router
  • Wireless Directional antenna
  • USB cable 5M
  • 240 v mains power adapter
  • 12 v power adapter
  • Ethernet cable 1 m
  • Jubilee clip
  • List Element

Description of Rybozen Super WiFi Booster 

For those looking for a low cost, but a popular device to help increase the Wi-Fi speed they can access, this product should be considered. It is a simple device that becomes active by just plugging it into an outlet. This device extends a 2.4 GHz signal up to 5 metres with a speed of up to 2.5 Mbps. The signal can be received by Wi-Fi compatible devices and can be connected to other devices via an Ethernet connection that is on the side of the device.

The package includes the Wi-Fi booster device, no cables or cords or adapters.

This caravan wifi booster was created to help people who have dead zones in their area where they desire internet connections via Wi-Fi. It increases the area a device can pick up a Wi-Fi signal, but not increase the download or upload speed of the router, just access to it. This is a low-cost solution for a small area like a caravan when access to the router is nearby.

Description of WAVLINK N300 WiFi Booster 

When you have the WAVLINK N300 working for you, connecting to the internet is possible no matter what the weather is or the time of year you are on your adventure. It has dual-band capabilities and can function as a router, caravan wifi booster, WISP and in AP mode. This is a rooftop mounted receiver that can capture a Wi-Fi signal and boost it no matter where in a caravan park you might be located being close to the source or on the edge away from others.

With the WAVLINK N300 on your roof, you can stay connected to the electronic world no matter where you park your caravan in the park. This makes it possible for you to stay connected and informed when you choose or to just sit back and enjoy the wonderful view of the hillside. Your email and other tasks on the internet are just a mouse stroke away.

Description of  Wi-Fi ranger extender

With this caravan wifi ranger extender working for you, the ability to connect to the internet will increase being up to 2,000 feet away. The signals are automatically selected to pick up the highest quality waves and then transmits them through walls or across the field. It is also capable of being connected directly to an electronic device via Ethernet.

  • Dual-band capable of 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz.
  • Capable of delivering up to 1,200 Mbps of stable signal
  • Is compatible with all common routers
  • Band selection can be set to automatic to pick up the best and strongest signal
  • Supports both wireless and wired connections
  • SSID built in, so your signal will not be hijacked by unknown parties
  • 4 built in 2 dBi antennas
  • Easy to install just plug and play

This small motorhome wifi booster is reasonably priced and easy to use since it is a plug n play device. Its signal can be set on automatic is strong enough to penetrate walls so that you can enjoy the internet where you want it whether inside or outside your home or caravan.

Description of Kosiy Wi-Fi ranger extender

The Flashowl is designed to handle the harsh elements of the UK weather and still function properly which is both IP65 waterproof and has 4KV lightning protection. This is the unit that was made to be mounted on top of a caravan for reliable signal retrieval. 

It can fulfil 3 different functions. It can be a repeater, a router or can be used in AP mode to convert a wired network into a wireless network and is medium priced.

  • Dual-band capable of 5 GHz of up to 433 Mbps and 2.4 GHz of up to 150 Mbps
  • It has a temperature range it can function from -30℃ to 70℃ or -22℉ to 158℉.
  • Can function as a booster of a Wi-Fi signal, a router or AP mode to convert a wired network into a wireless network. 
  • Can transmit a 600 Mbps signal up to 500 m outdoors and 150 m indoors.
  • Is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Echo/Alexa devices, PlayStation, Mac, Samsung, Smart TV, PC, tablet and game console. 
  • Dual signal choice of Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection.
  • Built in power amplifier.

The Flashowl was made to be mounted on the exterior of your motorhome or caravan so that it can pick up all available signals in your area so that you can access them. You pick the signal that best suits your needs with any device available today that can be hooked up to the internet. For the outdoors people looking to stay connected, this rugged system is made to provide you with the connection you want.

What is the difference between caravan WiFi extender and WiFi booster?

How to boost the caravan wifi signal 

It is not uncommon to find that the Wi-Fi signal in the campervan park is weak or in worst case scenario non existent. The most annoying thing is that they had advertised free Wi-Fi. Whilst the caravan park does have Wi-Fi it may that your site is remote or the signal is being blocked by trees. It will also lose some signal as you move inside the caravan. The best solution is to invest in a Wi-Fi booster kit 

  • Wifi Booster Aerial -  Caravan wifi boosters are sometimes referred to as a repeater, a motorhome wifi Antenna or caravan wifi extender. Two main categories exist,  direction and omni-directional. The Omni-directional solution provides a 360degrees, but can suffer from interference and the reach can be limited.  The consensus on forums seems to be that the direction solution whilst requiring more set up provides a stronger signal.
  • Hotspot or Tether - Use your smartphone to tether or hotspot. This effectively turns your mobile or tablet into a caravan router. Be sure to set the password on your personal motorhome personal Wi-Fi network. Before going this route check with your Wi-Fi provider as they may limit the amount of data that can be downloaded. This is not the best solution, but should be considered if wifi is too weak or non-existent.
  • Internet Mi-Fi -  A MiFi device is designed to be compact and mobile. The caravan MiFi device again acts as a router that pushes out the signal within your camper van or motorhome. As the device is purpose built, multiple devices can easily be connected. In the case of the Huawei E5577, CAT 4, 4G Low Cost, Super-Fast Portable Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot  10 devices can be connected.  

Another way to connect to the caravan internet Mi-Fi

For those that want an alternative way to connect to the internet other than using a router and Wi-Fi
signal, there is Mi-Fi. This is a small mobile device that creates its own hotspot using an ad-hoc WLAN
network by tethering devices together. This connects to the internet uses a mobile data provider which
requires a SIM card of said provider.

In the UK the company Hutchinson owns the naming rights to the term Mi-Fi and provides a 3G network
that can be connected too. This device has two components, the modem which is battery powered to
connect to the internet provider and a Wi-Fi signal generator. The hotspot that is generated is capable
of connecting up to 10 devices.

The purpose of this type of system is to transfer and view data. The speed at which the connection will
be is generally no sufficient for livestreaming events or movies.

When travelling abroad a SIM card from a local mobile network provider will be required for a
connection to be established. The average plan begins at a capacity of 50 GB of data for £30 a month.

The future of Caravan WiFi Connections

Getting a good wifi signal in a campervan park should not be taken for granted. Many parks have not invested enough in their wireless network infrastructure to afford every one a good connection.  With  internet of things (IOT) becoming a reality most people now own more than one  gadget that requires wifi access. 

Until campervan parks get up to speed in providing a good wifi network service to all, it is advisable to invest in caravan wifi booster kit. Whilst we refer to them as caravan wifi boosters they can also be used at home so they are multi pupose. We hope you found this article useful in your quest to find the best wifi caravan booster kit for your needs in 2021. 

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