VW  Campervan Insurance ( T4 &T25 ) California Campers

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Classic VW Campervan Insurance

  • Don’t insure your VW camper under a normal car policy – yes, you are satisfying the law, but isn’t your motorhome much more than a car?
  • Do not buy the vw campervan insurance based on price alone. While it’s true that a cheap policy may appear attractive at first however, should you need to make a claim and find out that you’re not covered, chances are that this will not be a good day.
  • Never assume that everything you want and need will be included in the policy. Make the time to carefully read the documentation and make sure that the cover provided will meet your expectations.
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    VW transporter campers are expensive, so be sure to take out fully comprehensive insurance. This type of cover is first rate, and what your Volkswagen deserves.

Need vw campervan insurance quotes for your California or Westfalia VW camper? We can assist by providing you with multiple quotes from a panel of UK insurance brokers. How? Select Get Quotes and complete one quick online form. Wait for quotes from multiple UK underwriters and then compare polices as your leisure.  

As you choose a vw campervan insurance policy for your beloved camper it’s critical you read the full cover, because the small print is where you will be able to find out if you are getting the cover you actually need. While indeed, many of the features are going to sound useful, if don’t allow for the kitchen that you’ve added or the 60 days you will be travelling abroad, then it’s simply not the product that is right for you.

For more years than we care to count, VW campervan owners have often had real problems when it came to getting vw campervan insurance  for all t25 or other models. Many Volkswagen enthusiasts find that companies that claim to cover Volkswagen often times are not even able to give a quote on a camper van, especially if it indeed is actually being used as a camper.

VW Campervan Insurance

Compare VW Campervan Insurance

Protect your campervan today - Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

VW Campervans are nothing like an ordinary car. They are designed to be driven during the day, and to be used as a bed for the night. This is why VW Campervans are a big favourite for touring as well as for bands, surfers, and festival-goers.

If you own a T25 or T4 VW camper, then insuring it with the right kind of vw campervan insurance policy is critical. There are indeed several things that should be considered before paying for a policy. On the top of the list is ensuring that your motorhome is insured for the correct things that you will be using it for. There’s really no point in saving money on a policy if you’re not covered for the things that you need.

It’s a known fact that the main thing to remember when buying a vw campervan insurance policy is that price is not the only factor. Obtaining the proper cover is far more important. A cheap policy may seem to be attractive now, but should you need to make a claim, then this could very well prove to be a costly mistake.

With VW Campervans there’s a lot of individuality on display. A great many are non-standard as they have been subject to conversions, refits, and customisations. This for sure will rule out a lot of the standard insurance companies as they dislike and steer away from modified vehicles.

With so many VW camper variants over a long period of time  it can get confusing, in summary the T25 Campervan  followed on from the VW camper T1 and T2. ALso referred as T3 in Europe. Like all German motors the VW T25 can  still be seen cruising the roads of the UK and Europe and we can offer classic campervan insurance for these retro and iconic  models.

Compare VW Campervan Insurance

Protect your campervan today - Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

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