Campervan Insurance Under 25

Under 25 campervan insurance available, Only pay for the cover that you need, Get multiple quotes from a panel of UK brokers

Campervan Insurance for Under 25's 

Without extensive experience on the road, and the fact that campervans are considered non-standard by insurance companies, finding campervan insurance under 25 years old may take some doing. Like car insurance for young drivers, campervan insurance under 25 is available, but normally at a premium. Why? Younger drivers are more risk and premiums will be higher as a result. By entering your under 25 or under 21 campervan insurance requirements into the quote system, we can provide you with multiple quotes.

Something that needs to be understood here is that with today’s online capabilities, actually finding a fairly-priced Campervan Insurance policy for someone that is under 25 has become simple and easy. In general, if you are under 21 or in some cases under 25, insurance companies will mostly load your premium to reflect the higher risk. So if you are 17 years old with a provisional licence expect to pay more than an 18,19,or 20 year old that have held their licence for a longer time

The under 25 campervan insurance premium that will be quoted will be based on your personal details and the answers to questions on previous driving history. When getting quotes for any type of insurance, never omit anything and always provide the correct details. Failure to do so may invalidate your cover. 

Do not Invalidate Campervan Insurance Under 25

An important thing to consider is the actual contents of your campervan. As is very often the case, folks will keep their valuable belongings within. If this is your situation, you really should make sure that your cover provides fire destruction and theft. The simplest way to do this is just take out fully comprehensive protection. Taking out this type of cover if you are under 25 is highly recommended. Even though this is the most expensive type of cover, it will provide you with full financial protection should something go wrong. This type of cover will for sure allow both you and your family to be stress-free while using your camping van.

When you are indeed ready to purchase an under 25 campervan Insurance policy, it’s very possible that past claims could affect the premium rates you will get. It is so very important that you be honest and that you share this info with your provider. The simple fact is that the broker will not pay out if you have left out information on the application form or misled the broker. 

European motorhome breakdown cover for young drivers

If you are off to Europe in your campervan, you may wish to consider European motorhome breakdown cover, single or multi trip options are available.

Types of Campervan Insurance under 25 available

  • 3rd party, which is the legal minimum in the UK. This cover will just pay out to third parties, leaving you to shoulder any costs to get you and your camper back on the road.
  • Add in fire and theft and you have third party with fire and theft.  This time your  policy will pay out if your campervan is stolen or damaged by accidental fire.
  • Top level and a level that should be considered especially if your camper is valuable is fully comprehensive. This level will add extra cover to protect you and your camper in the event of an accident. An excess normally applies and increasing this excess should reduce your insurance premium annual or monthly.
  • Contents Cover : The value of contents can be substantial, and a good policy should provide contents cover, some will have an upper limit, but this ca be amended to your individual requirements., 

Check Contents cover

Campervans are expensive items, expect to pay GBP25,00 upwards for an average campervan or static touring caravan. Like a house, it is fitted with the necessary items to make your holiday comfortable and will include all the expected amenities. In addition, you will no doubt add additional items to make your caravan a home from home.  

The catch is that under 25 policies that contain contents insurance will have an upper limit. The limit is normally in the range of GBP3,500 (check with broker for the exact amount). 

Now spend some time working out the actual value of your contents, start in the kitchen and tot up the price of your appliance, caravan fridge, 12 volt cooler box, portable caravan washing machine, low wattage convection microwave, cooking utensils. Next the living area will not doubt contain the latest in entertainment and sound systems, caravan TV with the latest surround system.

Other expensive items include a silent caravan generator that can cost over GBP300 for one that generates a pure sine wave sine that  can be used for all your sensitive electronic equipments. Don't forget to add in the actual additional personal gadgets that you will be bringing with you. It may well exceed the payout amount. If it is the case speak  with your broker about increasing the contents cover.

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