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Cheap Touring Caravan Insurance

Touring caravan insurance will protect your valuable family holiday home investment. In order to find a good deal on touring caravan insurance it is essential to shop around and compare the market. If this is the first time insuring your touring campervan then look our for  brokers that offer attractive introductory offers. However, at the end of the introductory period the premium is likely to increase substantially. It is at renewal time that you should not not sit idle and accept the increase, rather start comparing the cost of touring caravan insurance with multiple brokers   

A Little About How touring caravan Insurance Works and A Few Things to Know When Shopping for It

touring caravan Insurance similar to static caravan insurance can provide anything from basic coverage to comprehensive and other things such as:

  • Theft of the touring caravan

  • Accidental Damage

  • Storm and Flood Damage

Depending on the insurance provider you choose, you may also be able to add the following:

  • Equipment Cover This can cover items such as gas bottles, wheel clamps, and generators

  • Contents Cover This covers personal belonging such as a portable TV or clothes.

  • New for Old Should your touring caravan be under a certain age, you may be able to get a new replacement.

Does touring caravan Insurance cover use by friends or family?

touring campervan insurance

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Perhaps your touring caravan is just sitting on your drive, and you want to loan it out to someone. It’s best to check your touring caravan Insurance policy prior to doing so, as roughly 60% of all policies do not cover any damage that occurs while the vehicle is lent out.

That said, 73% of touring caravan Insurance policies will cover family members as standard. It is still worth checking your policy definition of ‘family’, as providers will vary in their interpretation. Your insurer’s definition of family may include siblings, aunts and uncles, but not cousins. If you do decide to let other family members use your touring campervan make sure they are experienced and knowledgeable about towing a caravan

Compare Touring Caravan Insurance with 40 + UK Brokers

Accepting Payment

For argument’s sake, let’s just say that your touring caravan Insurance does indeed extend cover to friends and family. You in no way want to jeopardise this by accepting any payment for hire. In most cases, you will not be covered if any money has changed hands. This is most often in the fine print, so read your policy very carefully. It is indeed possible to get away with accepting a box of chocolates, or a bottle of wine as a thank-you gift but remember, no matter how casual the arrangement, any money accepted, could very well void a claim. Play it safe and always check your touring caravan Insurance policy’s wording.

With so many products available from so many providers, it is a wise idea to shop around to understand and then compare the different levels of cover available. There are things that are important to compare, other than price such as …

Flood Damage Understand the level of cover pertaining to floods and storms. Some policies will exclude flood cover for the first seven days the policy is in effect.

Check the Contents Cover

Typically there is a maximum pay-out per item. Most likely the limit will be lower on a touring caravan Insurance policy than it would be on your home insurance cover. Leave your expensive watch or bracelet at home, as these are generally not covered. Sometimes, home insurance will provide away from home cover, which you might be able to make a claim on should an item go missing from your touring caravan.

Getting Back Home

Should you find the need to cut short your holiday due to damage to your touring caravan, you may find yourself needing to make a claim for travel expenses or possibly overnight stay. Find out if your policy covers this.

Compare Static Caravan Insurance with 40 + UK Brokers