Tips for maintaining your static caravan

Tips for Maintaining Your Static Caravan

Tips for Maintaining your Static Caravan

All things need maintenance and in the case of static caravans the more you give the more you will be rewarded with caravan that will last a lifetime and more. With a modern or  classic caravan we have compiled a few tips on preventative actions that will keep your static if first class condition.

A static caravan is definitely a great investment when it comes to you and your family’s future holidays. There are amazing times to be had in your new holiday home however, you should do your part to look at after your static caravan. This way it stays in tip top condition year after year. Here are a few hints and tips on maintaining your caravan.

Gas and Electric Maintenance

Your caravan will more than likely be fitted with a gas boiler which in most cases will be connected to the unit’s central heating system.

Maintenance of your boiler should be done annually by a competent and fully registered engineer. Make sure that you bring any concerns about your caravan to your engineer as soon as possible. This help keep the overall costs down in the future years. As for the electric system, get this checked annually for safety also.

Static Steps/External Awnings.

External items can be expensive, to prolong life keep your static caravan steps and awnings safely stored in dry place inside the caravan.

Exterior Maintenance

Dirt is bound to accumulate on your caravan during the course of the year. Making sure that you clean the exterior of your caravan will keep it looking fantastic and will also help ensure it stays waterproof. Use a jet wash or just a cloth and detergent when you clean the outside of your caravan. Windows clean easily with just normal window cleaning solution. Choose a caravan cleaner and polish that is recommended in our review of caravan cleaning products.

Static Caravan Insurance

Make sure that you have adequate static caravan insurance.This is one area that many caravan owners fail to get the proper level of cover. If it’s really cheap be careful, cause it probably won’t meet your needs or requirements. Check your insurance policy wording carefully to ensure that you are correctly covered for any accidents or other insurance related claims that you may need to make.


One area that you should regularly check are your gutters. Simply remove any leaves or debris to ensure that water can easily pass away. This is a genuinely common cause of dampness in caravans. By doing this quick and simple maintenance task your caravan will perform as is expected for many years.

Anchor your static caravan

You may think that your caravan weighs a good bit and its weight makes it strong, but high winds in autumn and the winter weather has been known to cause them to actually flip over. Anchor the caravan and be sure to check this on a regular basis. Anchor chains are available from any good caravan accessory retailer.

Window Latches and Doors

A brand new caravan (or one that has a few years on it) can be fitted with both double glazed windows and PVC doors. New or old, see to it that all windows and doors will close and lock securely. A static caravan often warps as it gets older, so check that all seals are tight and the security features are in proper working order.

Always be on the look-out for rust

The chassis of your caravan is no-doubt constructed from a very hardy metal. However, you should always check for rust in other areas of your caravan as it gets older. This would especially be true when it comes to any fittings that are attached to the caravan.

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