Wolf Generator (800W) Review 2021 

This Wolf Generator ‘Genie’ Inverter is the ideal cost-effective generator for your caravan. Powering multiple caravan appliances at once without shorting the electricity can be a difficult dance to learn. But you can get a shortcut solution by utilising the functions of Wolf's range of inverters that comprise the popular Inverter Generators 2,000 Watt for loads of power, the smaller 1,200W which still delivers a good level of power, for smaller more compact unit consider the wolf 800 Watt inverter. 

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This product will ensure you have all the power and electricity you need on long caravan tours. It’s reliable, durable, powerful, and represents a great value-for-money generator for your caravan’s constant energy needs. Have we peaked your interest? Well, let’s take a more in-depth look at this stunning piece of kit.

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The Wolf Generator Inverters a State-of-the-Art Caravan Generator 

This state-of-the Wolf Generator 800 Genie Inverter utilizes technology that creates a constant voltage frequency stability in the range of + or -1%. This type of voltage stability makes them the perfect option for using with laptops, PCs, DVD players, TVs, flat-screen TVs and so on. Another amazing feature is how quiet this generator is when in operation. This type of quiet is worth its weight in gold! This is why caravan owners love this generator so much. 

This highly practical generator is so economical in terms of the energy it uses. There is a ‘Econ’ switch that lets your generator go idle when no power is being drawn from it. And it also has a power overload cut off button that protects itself and your appliances by halting its operations in the event of an overload. This is like the Terminator of affordable generators for caravan owners.

What Makes Wolf Generator The Top Pick in Portable Generators 

The key takeaway is the technology employed in the Wolf range of generator inverter delivers a constant voltage stability, often more stable than a typical house supply. This attribute alone lets you run critical devices for camper van life, including 12 volt caravan TVs, Computers and other electronic gadgets that would  be damaged by non stable voltage supply.   

The Good

  • Long run time of 5 hours.
  • Stable voltage output that enables all of your appliances and your more sensitive gadgets can run off the output generated without fear of harming your expensive devices 
  • All generators make noise, but this one is super quiet in comparison, ideal for caravan sites
  • Suitcase design making it very portable.
  • Overload Protection 
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

The Bad

  • If you intend to run power tools of this generator you will be disappointed, it is designed for a mobile source of power that is lightweight quiet and portable. For running power tools you need a more powerful generator. 

Wolf Generator Top Built-in Features

This classy portable Wolf generator comes equipped with 12V leisure battery charging capabilities, which makes it ideal for caravans and camping. This sort of energy-efficient power supply really does lighten the power consumption load. Here are some of the key features:

  • Wolf 2.6HP 4-Stroke Petrol Engine 
  • Mounting Anti Vibration Feet 
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator 
  • Low Noise Emission 
  • Overload Protection 
  • Low Oil Shut Down 
  • Recoil Starter 

Oil Alerting System - This product enjoys a very practical oil alerting system that was designed solely to alert when levels are getting dangerously low. This alert will ensure that your generator is never damaged because of low oil levels. Your generator will be automatically shut down before any harm is done.

Portable and User Friendly – This is one of the best lightweight caravan generators that you will ever find. It only weighs 9 kg, so it’s easy to carry and transport to any spot (see the suitcase handle in image above). You can easily take it with you on caravan holidays. As you can see in the image above it is styled like a suitcase with a handle, often called the Wolf suitcase generator.

Value for Money – We live in a world full of expensive products that are not worth the money. This couldn’t be further from the truth with this Wolf Generator. It’s easily one of the best value for money lightweight generator/inverters in the world. It will save you loads of money in the long term.

The Best Caravan Generator Products

The Wolf generator is one of the best caravan silent generators for caravan for merging these types of specifications and prices. You don’t want any unforeseen problems on caravan trips. Especially where your electricity and energy consumption are concerned.

This Wolf Generator Inverter really is something special. If you are a caravan owner concerned about your electricity supply, then look no further. This product is affordable, practical, reliable and pretty much indestructible. 

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[amazon fields="B00LJ17JVC" value="thumb" image=4 image_size="large" image_alt="Wolf 800 Generator" tracking_id="wolfgen-21"]

The full range of Wolf Generators to choose from 2000Watts - 800Watts

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Final thoughts

The range of Wolf generators can easily provide you with the power that you need. If you are in the market for a pure sine wave Inverter generators 2,000 Watt or smaller, Wolf can provide. All models are well engineered pure sine wave inverters that are safe and reliable. To reiterate, pure sine wave means it is safe to run electronic components that could potentially be damaged if power is not controlled with safe range.

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