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The Best Silent Generator for Caravan in 2021

Small trips to the mountains or to places far from the city are nowadays the easiest and most efficient way to have some fun. This is why people are renting more motorhomes to spend good times together with family or friends. But for a perfect vacation, you must also have a power source, namely a silent generator, for peaceful and soothing moments. A generator will always be in standby mode ready to kick in when you need it power your 12V Caravan TV most come with 12 Volt output plus household ports for items that need 230Volts. A quiet and efficient generator along with a pure sine wave power inverter will make sure you will never run out of power.

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A silent generator for a caravan makes life much easier for motorhome users. Less expensive and more efficient than solar panels in many cases, there are now silent devices on the market.For guidance on outdoor noise level permitted check out this artcile by GOV.UK

That said, be careful to choose a reputable brand and a model that has proven itself. To make it easier for you, I offer you a buying guide for the best silent generator sets of the moment!

The Wolf Power Genie silent generator for caravan or motorhomes is among the most common generators for caravanning or camping. This model is sold by the brand as a 1,200 or 2,000W unit, but the 1,200W model will be the better alternative for those on a tight budget.

This generator uses a 4 HP 4 stroke petrol engine, which from 7 meters away produces 58 dB during operation.

The Wolf Power Genie's other features include:

  • Lightweight (15kg)
  • Feet with anti-vibration.
  • A gas tank of 3 liters.
  • Integrated charging facilities (12V).
  • Automatic cut-off in the case of overload.
  • Enhanced inverter technology for the stability of the voltage.

Overall, the Wolf Power Genie is an affordable caravan or camping generator that will not disappoint you. The brand provides other power options if you require more power, but the 1,200W model would be more than adequate for caravans.

Böhmer-AG is a reputable brand that manufactures a variety of silent generators for caravans. The Camo W4500i is part of the Camo series, designed to be aesthetically pleasing, yet fuel-efficient and quiet.

In terms of the Camo W4500's noise output, it only produces 59 dB. It has a startup output of 2000W and a constant output of 1700W. To satisfy the needs of heavier users, there is the W5500i. This model has a startup output of 3000W and a constant output of 2800W.

The Böhmer-AG Camo W4500i's other features include:

  • 4-liter gas tank.
  • Weighs 21.5 KG.
  • Runtime of 4 hours.
  • Two household socket ports are provided (230V).
  • 12V socket for charging batteries.
  • USB charger plug.

This unit is capable of generating enough power while staying reasonably quiet. It is a powerful caravan generator that works to charge the battery perfectly or to provide reliable electricity.

Briggs & Stratton is a reputable brand. The P220 PowerSmart Caravan Generator inverter generator is one of their top models. It is produced explicitly to be quiet. The noise output is 52 dB.

The fact that it is incredibly compact is another justification for choosing this silent generator for your caravan. It has a gross weight of 24 KG for transport around the campsite and an ergonomic handle.

The Briggs & Stratton P220’s other features include:

  • 111CC OHV fuel-efficient engine.
  • 4-liter gas tank.
  • Weighs 4 KG.
  • Runtime of 8 hours (@ 25% load).
  • For even more power, you can link two P220 units together.
  • Two household socket ports are provided (230V).
  • 12V socket for charging batteries.
  • USB charger plug.

Overall, for caravan use, this is possibly the best silent generator. It comes with an average price tag, but it beats other brands with its fuel savings. This makes it a worthwhile investment when you consider the efficiency and the prestigious brand backing the unit.

Böhmer-AG is recognized internationally as the go-to generator manufacturer when it comes to performance. This model has a comprehensive, energy-conscious range of advanced features. 

With you and the world in mind, the Böhmer-AG 3000W Petrol Generator generator has been made. The copper wound motor of this fuel-efficient unit offers unprecedented efficiency while reducing emissions.

Its intelligent power management responds to your needs by automatically changing the engine revs to match the current draw, only generating what is needed when you need it.

The Böhmer-AG 3000W’s other features include:

  • Easy recoil start.
  • Automatic low oil safety shut down.
  • Two 240V 3 pin UK plug outputs.
  • Overload detection

Using the electric key start, getting started is fast and quick. With a massive 3000W of power supplied through dual 240V outlets and 12V DC, maximum power on demand is carefully handled. Fill and forget from a single tank of fuel with a substantial 10 hour continuous run time (a standard working day).

Buying Guide: How to choose a silent generator for caravan

For a camping enthusiast, it is essential to equip themselves with the best silent generator for a caravan. But what are the criteria to be taken into account to be sure to make the right choice? You will learn everything in this buying guide.

1. Manual or automatic Silent Generator?

We can distinguish two types of operation: the mobile generator, and the stationary generator. The stationary generator set is intended to provide emergency electricity in the event of a power breakdown. It is found in factories, hospitals, and other operational stations. This type of device is therefore not quite suitable for use in a motorhome.

The mobile generator is the model you need to provide you with electricity during camping or other outdoor activity, away from sources of electricity. It is particularly suitable for use in a motorhome because it is more compact, lighter, and nomadic. It will therefore be easier to transport it and install it in your camp.

Other additional functions can be taken into account with regard to the silent generator set for caravans. For example, you can choose between a manual or an electric start. The latter can be done remotely, using a remote control, and is, therefore, more practical, because you will not have to get out of your motorhome to start your generator.

For maximum reliability and safety, generators using inverter technology should be preferred. These allow a much more stable current to be delivered.

2. Which power level to choose for a Silent Caravan Generator?

The efficiency and performance of a generator set are defined by its power expressed in kilowatts (kW) or watts (W). Do not rely on the maximum power advertised, because it is only a peak power, that is to say, it is just for a while. It is better to rely on continuous power.

The power required is to be calculated according to the consumption of the devices to be supplied. In general, it is advisable to opt for a generator set of at least 700 Watts at 1 kW. It will then be able to supply electricity to devices that are regularly found in a motorhome, such as a refrigerator, a television, LED lights, the toilet flush, etc.

For moderate power, opt for a 2 kW group. And if you have a lot of electrical appliances that consume a lot of energy, then it is better to buy a generator of 3 kW or more.

2. Which noise reduction to choose for a Silent Caravan Generator?

The noise is probably one of the main disadvantages of generators for motorhomes. Indeed, their operating modes are often very noisy, due to the use of a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine. Fortunately, manufacturers currently offer us silent generator sets for motorhomes. As their name suggests, they are much more discreet, and therefore generate less noise disturbance.

You will see in the characteristics of the model that interests you its sound level expressed in decibels (dB). It generally ranges from 50 to over 100 dB, bearing in mind that the higher this value, the louder the group will be. So prefer a device of around 70 dB.

During the analysis of this characteristic, it is possible that the announced value corresponds to the noise nuisance next to, or 7 meters from the generator. For the latter, it will therefore be necessary to place the generator set a good distance from your motorhome in order to obtain the announced sound level. For example, a generator of 59 dB at 7 meters could rise to about 75 dB if placed near your vehicle.

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