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By having helpful steps for your caravan, entrance into your home on wheels is made easier and safer for all members of your family. There are steps made to match the distance each caravan has above the road surface to the floor level inside your caravan so access is more enjoyable by all.

Steps enable easy entry and exit to your static caravan. Most static caravans are raised at least 2 ft above ground level and easy exit and entry is a must. You may have a temporary solution, but these generally are not safe and will hold up against the UK weather. Below we provide a review of the top static caravan steps with handrails and without, We also review freestanding and bolt on variants.

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Static caravan steps need not be drab. Brighten up your entry with a fashionable colour including red, green or choose a galvanized finish for a classic look. The choice extends to the number of treads, from 2 tread steps to three and four tread options.

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Caravan Steps which is the best plastic or metal steps?

Both plastic and metal steps have their advantages. Meeting the priorities of the caravan owner is generally the deciding factor.

Plastic Caravan Steps

  • Plastic is lightweight
  • This material does not rust
  • Depending on the style and design the load factor will vary from 100 kg to 200 kg.
  • Maximum of 2 steps.
  • Plastic tends to be non folding caravan steps

Metal/Aluminium Caravan Steps

  • Most use lightweight aluminium, but a few are made out of steel that is coated so it is rust resistant.
  • Aluminium does not rust, coated steel may rust over time.
  • There are a few that are folding, but most are stationary with no moving parts.
  • Depending on the style and design the load capacity can be from 150 kg to 200 kg.
  • Many have the tread covered with a rubber material that provides a slip resistant surface to step on.
  • Metal is stronger than plastic.
  • Can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 steps.
  • Can be fitted with a handrail.

Do I need a 2 tread or 3 tread set of Caravan Steps?

The number of steps needed for a safe entrance into your caravan will be determined by the model you own.

  • 2 tread step assembly will be approximately 14” on the top step. 7” from step to step.
  • 3 tread step assembly will be approximately 20” to 26” on the top step. 5” to 6.5” from step to step.
  • Depending on the style and design the load factor will vary from 100 kg to 200 kg.
  • Single tread step averages 9” in height.

Do I need a handrail?

Caravan steps with handrail is a safety device that can be incorporated into metal caravan steps. Most handrails are approximately 3’ to 3 ½’ above the steps. They are recommended for those over the age of 60 who will frequently enter a caravan. Caracan steps with handrails can be PVC/uPVC or metal.

By having a set of steps for a caravan will make traversing the entrance point of your home on wheel easier and safer in all weather conditions. They are easy to store when not in use and are appreciated by the elderly and those with short legs like small children.

Touring caravan steps can also be suitable for a static caravan. The only factor that might come into play is the space that the caravan steps take up. This can be reduced by selecting folding caravan steps, so they can be easily stewed away when not in use.

Bolt on Caravan Steps with Central Handrail

Handrails can be fixed to either side, depending on your preference. If required, you can have steps with handrails on both sides for that extra safety feature for old and young alike. Most options will also have adjustable feet. The adjustable feet enable you not to overcome issues with caravans that are not on perfect even ground. This makes them safe and secure regardless of slope

When it comes to maximum safety, caravan steps that bolt and also have a handrail provide just that. These can come in stainless steel or aluminium.

Static caravan steps with platform and handrail

Static caravan steps with platform provide additional space that could be used to store footwear or umbrellas or other items that are normally kept outside, but come in handy. 

1 tread step, 2 tread step or 3 tread caravan steps

Most models will come in a variety of sizes and the number of steps. You will need to know the distance from ground level to the base of the caravan door. With this information, you can easily select the most suitable size.

2 tread caravan step with built in LEDS

The Royal 999200 LED Double Step-Grey  has built in LED lights that can be activated by a key fob. The Royal steps are of steel tubular construction, which gives strength and durability. Add a quality non slip tread, and you have one of my favourite picks for a  practical and innovative double step for a  caravan or Motorhome.

Royal 999200 LED Double Step-Grey

14.72 x 16.93 x 24.8 cm

The royal deluxe double step non-slip caravan stepper is a minimal choice that offers a sturdy built, but carries a lightweight.

This non-slip deluxe double makes a great choice for caravan homeowners, bringing them a light aluminium frame paired with anti-slippery paddings. A quality choice that is reliable and easy to use. Once on the move, you can store the stepper in the boot without taking too much space.

Designed keeping your ease and convenience in mind, the caravan stepper brings you a 4x4” step choice. Making sure the steps are wide and comfortable for everyone from kids to the elderly. Measuring exactly 17.72x19.69x27.56 cm in size, the steps weigh about 3.56kgs.

Additionally, the steps are fitted with steel cross members that help add additional strength to these home steps. Offering you the perfect choice for your caravan or motorhome

The Milenco plastic caravan double stepper is a classic plastic stepper, that comes with a giant and sturdy coverage.

This two-step caravan home stepper is designed to bring you an anti-slippery and easy-to-clean choice. One that removes dirt and excess water from your shoes before entering your home. Its light-weight body makes it an easy approach, one you can store in the back when you are on the move.

Designed with a giant footprint, the two-step system is here to ensure you have a firm step every time. Securing your balance and your demeanour as you get in and out of the caravan. Measuring approximately 20 cm in height, it comes with a 72 cm base size and a 50 cm tread size.

Its added features include a minimal choice that does not require any extra care. Just simple water wash every few days will ensure a clean and useful entrance tool that you can enjoy for years to come.

  • Step Height: 20cm / 39cm
  • Tread Size: 50cm x 27cm
  • Base size: 72cm x 61cm approx.

The double handrail 3 tier caravan steps brings you an aluminium low step design, that comes with three steps and a handrail on both sides for support.

This 3 tier caravan step system is a great choice for motorhomes and caravan owners who require a little more support and can only take on small steps. Additionally, the non-slip treated steps can easily be disassembled and can easily fit through caravan doors for easy storage.

Designed keeping kids and the elderly in mind, the low steps, and railing on both sides help ensure safety at all times. Allowing your family and friends to easily get on and off the caravan without getting hurt. This stepper measures 800 mm long x 490 wide. Height from floor:- 100 mm first step, 260 mm second step, and third step 390 mm. While offering a 300 kg load limit.

Its added features include but are not limited to a chrome polished body that does not come with a single sharp edge. Along with a beautiful frame that does not add a bulky impact to your caravan or motorhome.

  • 800 mm long x 490 wide
  • Height from floor :- 100 mm first step, 260 mm second step and third step 390 mm

The maypole flat pack double steel caravan step brings you a minimally designed two steps, with anti-slip padding on each step.

An ideal choice for caravans and motorhome owners that are looking for a safe and reliable choice. When you are on the go you can easily disassemble the caravan stepper for easy storage. Making sure the steps do not take on space you don't have.

Designed to bring you a safe and reliable experience, the steep caravan stepper measures approximately 43x63x44cm (LxWxH) and weighs about 5.26kgs. Making sure you get a reliable choice that does not easily lose its footing.

Its added features include an easy push-fit assembly that does not require any tools and makes it a breeze to store. While the added rubber tread plates and rubber footings added a touch of safety that takes it to the next level. Making the maypole flat pack double step a great choice for your caravan.

  • L x W x H 43 x 63 x 44 centimetres

Portable Static Caravan steps

Portable steps come in a wide variety of options. These options include single steps, single steps with treads. Folding steps that fold flat for easy transportation, but can be tiresome have to reassemble each time you arrive at your campervan park and then dismantle on departure. Materials include alloy, plastic metal and PVC. Brand names that include fiamma caravan steps and Dukdalf steps with safety arm.

Static Caravan step material

Steps come in a variety of materials. The popular choices are steel, aluminum alloy or PVC. Aluminum alloys are the most expensive, but have many attractive qualities. These include high strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistant. Make it a better long term option over cheaper steel or PVC caravan steps.

Anti Slip Treads

The importance of the tread should not be overlooked. The purpose of the tread is to make the step anti slip in wet weather conditions. Some treads have the surface treated so that will glow in the dark giving an added safety feature.

1 tread step, 2 tread step or 3 tread caravan steps

Steps come in all shapes and sizes, some are cheap and others expensive. Whilst you may not wish to part with much money for caravan steps. Take a moment and think of how important these steps are. They provide access to your caravan and will be used every day and are expected to be safe, strong and long lasting. It may be worth thinking long term and consider the more expensive items that have these qualities inbuilt.

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