Compare Self Build Campervan Insurance with Multiple Brokers

Self Build Campervan Insurance

After putting in all that effort and time to create your dream self build you need to make sure that you get the correct level of self build campervan insurance. Similar to static caravan insurance policies do vary from broker to broker so as with most things it just makes sense to comapre all the available options. We can assist by providing multiple quotes for your self build mobile home. How? Simply select get Quote and spend a few minutes to complete an online inquiry form. Your insurance requirements will then be shared with a panel of UK select brokers, who in turn will provide you with a personalised quote. The quotes will be compiled and order and presented to you to enable easy comparison of the options available to insure your self build campervan.

self build campervan insurance

You’ve gone through the trouble of choosing the perfect site for your self-built campervan, all that’s left is to know that you have the right campervan Insurance cover in place so that the structure, contents, and surroundings such as balconies, domestic outbuildings, skirting and steps are all fully covered. The proper Caravan Insurance will cover physical loss, theft and damage, as well as lightning, fire, subsidence, and even landslip.

This type of policy will offer flexible cover options. The contents of your self-built campervan are no doubt just as important to you as the structure and surroundings. The right self build campervan Insurance cover can give you the peace of mind to enjoy your time, knowing that your home, as well as the property and people inside it, are safe from numerous hazards. You will be able to relax and enjoy your holiday knowing your caravan is covered should the worst happen.

Insuring your Self-built Campervan

During the building process, when the vehicle most likely not to be in use, it is critical to have the right type and proper level of self build campervan Insurance cover in place at all times. Any conversion process will require time, effort, and that silly little thing called money. For these reasons, it’s important that you make sure the coverage you have in place reflects the value cost of your investment. Think of it like this. Should you need to make a claim, you don’t want to discover that the enhancements you have made will not reflected in the pay-out.

Throughout the entire conversion process, there are a number of things that could go wrong. It’s always good to know that your campervan insurance will cover any accidental damage or theft of essential electrical equipment. If you decide to do a bit of work yourself, your Caravan Insurance will cover any accidental personal injuries. So, it’s well worth sorting out.

A Self-Built campervan is indeed a special vehicle, and thus requires special self build campervan insurance to match. This should be from an insurance provider who understands what caravan living is all about. Additionally, they should be able to give you a fair deal along with a level of protection that reflects the investment you have made.

There are a few rules/stipulations that apply in order to obtain a Self-Built campervan insurance policy.

* The bed must be a minimum length of six feet and must be secured to the vehicle walls/floor.

* Must have a sliding side door or an outward opening rear or side door.

* Must have at least one side window.

* There should be an eating area for diners to sit round a detachable or fixed table, with permanently secured seating which must be available for use at a table.

* Should have a wardrobe or cupboard

* Must have a gas or electric hob, or microwave. The gas or electric hobs should have a minimum of two cooking rings. The microwave oven must have a power source.

* All gas cooking facilities should have a remote fuel supply with gas supply pipe that is permanently secured to the vehicle.

Choosing the right site for your self-built caravan or campervan isn’t just important in terms of security. Where it’s located can make a difference in the event of you needing to make a claim. If a loss or damage occurs and it’s not because of subsidence or landslip, your insurer may not pay for repairs or a replacement.

Compare Self Build Campervan Insurance with Multi Brokers

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