Saga motorhome insurance - over 50

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Saga motorhome and Caravan insurance Review

Saga motorhome insurance was created to cover those adventurers over the age of 50 that love to travel. Saga has been serving the older portion of the public with financial coverage for 65 years. The policies issued by Saga are underwritten by Acromas Insurance Company Limited.

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What type of insurance policies does Saga motorhome issue?

Saga only issues policies for static caravans that are towed to multiple places over the course of the year. Touring caravans that are set up to stay in just one location are not covered by Saga caravan insurance.

What is covered with Saga touring caravan insurance policy?

  • New for Old, using current market value of the caravan for those units 15 years or newer. There must also be a record kept for the annual servicing of the caravan, which is required.
  • Protection against vandalism. If a claim is made, your No Claim Discount will still be valid.
  • Damage from storms, flooding and any other natural cause is covered.
  • Loss or damage to contents and personal items in the caravan is covered up to £1,500.
  • Legal costs are covered, but no upper limit is mentioned.
  • Loss of use is protected with up to £2625 protection that can be used to cover the cost of emergency accommodation, travel expenses and the renting of an alternative caravan when yours is damaged in an accident and cannot be used. The daily limit is £175 for a period of time up to 15 consecutive days.
  • Personal accident coverage is up to £20,000.
  • There is recovery and delivery protection of up to £3,500 if your caravan is broken down or involved in an accident.

What are the extras that Saga Caravan insurance offers that many others do not?

  • You can lend out your caravan to friends and family and the caravan will be covered. The only part that will be excluded in the policy is the personal item's coverage.
  • The touring caravan is covered for your travels in the European Union. This coverage has no time or mileage limit. This item is extra coverage that can be taken out.
  • In Conclusion

    Saga motorhome  insurance is designed to take care of the needs and address concerns of owners over the age of 50. Because of the age of policyholders, agents are used to dealing with health issues by clients and know how to properly handle them to make sure coverage is maintained.

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