Ripe Caravan Insurance Review

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Ripe Caravan Insurance What is Included

  • Cover for statics up to £175k
  • New for old cover up to 10 years
  • Loss, damage, theft, fire, storm and flood damage covered as standard
  • Public Liability included
  • Customise your policy with additional cover options
  • Discounts of up to 50% available


What types of Caravan Insurance is offered by Ripe?

Theft of contents from your static caravan

The value of your caravan contents can quickly tot up to a sizeable amount. Think smart TV's, portable silent generators, pure sine wave inverters and appliances. Ripe provides cover to the contents of your static caravan up to a value of  £30,000. Take note that the cover on any single items is restricted to  £1,000, but that should be sufficient?

Damage to your static caravan and contents

Apart from theft, you may fall victim to malicious or accidental damage. Think of damage that can be caused by fire, flood lightening or storm. The costs could easily be in the tens of thousands

Ripe caravan  insurance provides cover up to £175,000 to safeguard your caravan against loss or damage by 

  • Fire, lightning and storm
  • Flooding and frost
  • Theft
  • Accidental loss or damage
  • Malicious damage and falling trees

Ripe caravan insurance Exclusions

These exclusions are common to all insurance policies.

  • Depreciation of your caravan
  • Damage caused by moths, vermin or insects
  • Rust, corrosion or any gradual deterioration
  • When your caravan is being used for a purpose not included under your policy
  • Mechanical breakdown or electrical breakdown

Why Ripe static caravan insurance

The term insurtech, derives from two terms insurance and technology. The insurance sector has been slow to changes offered by technology. However, Ripe insurance has broken the mould and is a leading insuretech provider. It offers nice insurance with a focus on the growing market for static and touring caravan insurance within the UK. 

They do not offer  one size fits all model, rather it lets you choose and pick to suit your individual requirements. It has invested heavily in developing an online system that allows you “build your own” caravan insurance. Purchase instantly online and receive the documentation electronically. 

This “build your own model” is based in the cloud. This simple means that Ripe have outsourced their computing needs, this approach will let them easily scale upwards as their products become more and more popular with the UK market. It also guarantees 100% uptime and improved security of personal details. 

They have a 5-year agreement with AVIVA to underwrite these smart insurance products. Their investment in technology and AI will provide a win for customers in the static and touring caravan segments.

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