Motorhome & Campervan Breakdown Cover 

  • Cover for motorhomes of ANY weight as long as they are 12.9 m in length or less
  • No Weight or Height restrictions - Onward Travel Included - UK and European

UK Motorhome breakdown insurance companies will normally cover :

The costs associated with breakdown recovery can be excessive, this is particularly true for larger motorhomes. On the positive side the cost for annual motorhome breakdown cover will usually pay for itself the first time that you need to use it.

Having a motorhome breakdown can be  a source of stress at what should be a stress free time. Reduce the stress with Caravan or motorhome breakdown cover. Al you need to do to get road side assistance when in trouble is to make a phone call. 

Motorhome Breakdown cover

Most if not all motorhome breakdown insurance policies will include the following as minimum. Some brokers will put a limit on these, any details on breakdown exclusions will be found in the excluded section.

  1. 1
    Roadside assistance 
  2. 2
    Towing the vehicle to a nearby garage if necessary
  3. 3
    Transportation to your destination

How motorhome breakdown cover works

When your motorhome or campervan breaks down, a repair vehicle will be dispatched to your location. This can be your home, a campsite or on the road. The mechanic will attempt to repair your motorhome. If they cannot, they will have the vehicle towed to the closest approved garage for repairs. The cost of the repairs is included as part of your cover.

In some policies, there is a time limit of 1 hour to complete repairs on the road before it is towed. If repairs will require a day or more to be completed, you will then be driven to your destination if it is less than 75 miles. If your destination is farther than 75 miles, you will be accommodated in a hotel.

Check for call out limits per trip on your campervan breakdown policy

Check if the policy provider puts a limit on the number of calls out per trip. A good policy should provide a quality call out service with no limits on the number of times you can call per trip. This should be true both in the UK and Europe.

Check for limits on larger motorhomes

Be aware that some campervan insurance brokers and that includes the RAC motorhome cover have size limitations. RAC have limits of weight and size of the motorhome that they will cover. The latest information that we have state cover is not available for motor-homes or campervans that exceed 3.5 tonnes, 6.4 meters long and that includes the towing bar, 3 meters high or 2.55 meters wide.

Does the motorhome insurance policy include emergency repairs for Motorhomes?

When comparing motorhome breakdown policies, check if they include roadside repair ( if possible ). Some will just tow to the nearest garage, when a simple fix would get you and your family back on the road. Comfort motorhome provides emergency repairs were possible. 

What can be the reason for the need of repairs?

The breakdown can be caused by a mechanical issue, vandalism, accident, fire, stranded in mud or other. Other common reason to call a breakdown recovery service include:

  • Flat Tire
  • Dead battery
  • Wrong fuel
  • No fuel

Who are the best UK providers of motorhome breakdown cover ?

The main providers of breakdown cover for motorhomes in the UK with cover for travel in Europe include the AA, DOS breakdown, AXA and Justkampersinsurance.

European Motorhome Breakdown Cover Option

Some insurance firms make European cover as part of their standard policy while others have it as an option. The cover is the same in EU with breakdown assistance on the road along with repairs in garages.

Since a ride back would be very long, most insurance firms provide a vehicle for hire to help get you to your destination or back to the UK. The alternative is to provide the funds to cover the cost of public transportation back to your motorhome once repairs have been completed so you can drive it home or to a campsite.

What size of motorhomes can be covered?

There are no limits on size or age, restricting what motorhomes can be covered. Because of that A-Class motorhomes to small delivery vans can be protected with motorhome breakdown cover. The age of the motorhome is also not a factor, but with most policies, you can only call for assistance a limited number of time each year, which is generally set at 6 annually.

Motorhome breakdown cover is peace of mind for anyone heading out on the road for a holiday weekend to enjoy the countryside. This type of cover helps you out no matter what goes wrong with your motorhome, so you can enjoy your holiday and get you home. If you are intending to travel into Europe look at  European motorhome breakdown cover policies as these include cover for Europe as standard

Breakdown campervan insurance can be included in your standard insurance policy. However, it can often work out cheaper and better to deal direct with a roadside specialist company. These include Green Flag, the AA,RAC and QDOS motorhome breakdown cover. Spend the extra time to compare these offers, details can be found by going direct to the respective website. Also make use of comparative websites like this one. Simply enter you campervan details into the form and sit back and receive multiple quotes in minutes.

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