Kipor Inverter Suitcase Generators  

Kipor inverter generators are ideal for outdoor leisure activities that are not limited to caravanning, camping, boating, and motorhomes. What's more, these generators are well-known for their reliability and low noise output. The Kipor inverter generator is a good choice for  silent caravan generator. You are going to love the features it comes packed with. It can power a range of caravan appliances such as your hairdryers and caravan microwave low wattage. So, if looking for a powerful and functional generator that offers value for your money, the Kipor inverter generator is worth the shot. If the solar panel for a caravan isn't meeting your power needs sufficiently, a generator can supplement the power supply. 

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The Kipor generator offers you a decent warranty period that has the edge over other similar products in the market. It comes with a one year comprehensive warranty that is safe enough should your generator experience hitches or technicalities  within the mentioned period.

According to the Kipor manufacturer website, the Kipor generator engine has a one year warranty or 500 hours. Always ensure to fill the warranty card to activate your warranty should your generator require fixing. 

How Much Power do you need from your Generator?

Most appliances for caravanning come with a rated wattage. You want to be keen on the starting and the maximum wattage since some devices have a high starting wattage. Typical examples of appliances with high starting wattage are dishwashers and fridges. Here is a sneak peek of wattage calculations for various appliances used in a caravan, starting from the lowest. 

  • Game Console - 50W 
  • LCD TV - 75W 
  • Radio - 200W 
  • Laptop - 400W 
  • Hair dryer - 1000W 
  • Microwave - 1500W 
  • Kettle - 2500W 
  • Fan Heater - 3000W

On the flip side, you could go for low-wattage appliances such as a low wattage caravan kettle  and the caravan water heater with a pretty low wattage consumption. With such options at hand, you have the luxury of using your Kipor generator power on both appliances simultaneously instead of having to switch off one, owing to a high wattage rating. 

Best Kipor Inverter Generators in 2021 from Least to most powerful

The Kipor IG770 generator is what you need for caravanning or boating. Besides offering value for your money, it's compact, small, quiet, and offers you portable power that traditional generators generally lack. You will find it convenient for your outdoor leisurely activities. The Kipor generators come with a built-in pure sine wave inverter.

You will find the inverter handy in filtering the initial power coming from the alternator, making it clean, smooth, and more refined. Kipor inverter generator designers have designed it to meet environmental standards by producing eco-friendly green power.

 Additionally, every Kipor generator has been vetted against EPA phase II standards, and the Kipor brand comes with ISO9001 certification. This makes them a perfect fit for caravans and motorhomes. 

Key Features 

  • Inverter technology delivering a quality product 
  • Low noise output 54-59dB (A) 7m 
  • Lightweight and highly portable - only 14kg
  • Patented air cycle system 
  • 1.00 KVA output which covers a wide range of applications
  • It comes with a single fuel tank that sustains it for 3-8 hours 
  • Stylish and patented design 
  • 16 AMP socket 230v 
  • Low oil shut down


The Kipor IG770 generator is a perfect fit for your caravanning needs, offering you good value for your money. Besides, it has a lower fuel consumption rate than a traditional generator, making maintenance low. It fits well with a wide range of appliances. 

Kipor IG770 Generator

The Kipor IG1000 generator is lightweight, quiet, and easy to use. It’s your perfect option for an outdoor power source anytime you need it. Unlike the conventional generators, it’s super quiet and more fuel-efficient. Its fuel efficiency is enabled by a smart throttle technology that adjusts engine speed to match the load. What’s more, you stand to benefit from a 1000-watt max load and a continuous load of 900 watts that offers clean energy ideal for use with sensitive technologies like computers.

It has a parallel connection socket that gives you the privilege of connecting two or more Kipor configured generators. The Kipor IG1000 generator also packs other features, including 12-volt charge cables, 2, 15-amp plug receptacles, and 120 volts. With the Kipor IG1000 Generator, you can charge your laptop, audio devices and also enjoy some hot coffee from a travel kettle. Even better, you will be able to iron out your shirts with travel iron 

Key Features 

  • Lightweight - only 14 kg 
  • Inverter technology for clean and stable power 
  • Super design noise 59dB at a 7-meter range 
  • A fuel tank of 2.6 liters that runs for approximately 4 hours 
  • Maximum output 1000-watt ideal for home use, leisurely tools, and appliances 
  • Dual voltage and frequency 
  • Patented air cycle system
  • 12V 8A dc output used for charging batteries


With the Kipor IG1000 generator, you have a convenient power source to power sensitive appliances with reduced noise while promoting fuel economy. Additionally, you have the option of using a parallel wire kit to power double Kipor IG1000 generators to serve more appliances. 

Kipor IG1000 Generator

Here is a deal when looking for reliable performance that comes packed in a simple and easy-to-use design. The Kipor IG2600 packs an advanced inverter technology that provides reliable power to sensitive appliances. It's convenient and ideal for activities that require movement due to its portability. Motorboating or caravan lovers stand to enjoy its functionality as well.

Its combustion system is also highly efficient, which reduces emissions. You also stand to benefit from the smart throttle technology that can vary the engine speed according to load. This reduces fuel consumption levels by 20 to 40%, which helps promote the engine's life. The Kipor IG2600 generator has a maximum output of 2600w with a rated output of 2300w. Additionally, the generator is made of durable materials that can withstand all kinds of accidents.

Key Features 

  • 5L fuel tank offering a maximum run time of 2600W 
  • 2x16A 110V commando socket 
  • Lightweight and compact - 29.5kg
  • Maximum of 2600w 
  • Easy to use on and off controls 
  • Rubber coated to minimize vibration and friction 
  • 65dBa @ 7m when fully loaded
  • Inverter technology to deliver quality output 
  • Patented design.


The Kipor IG2600 generator does not disappoint in offering you value for money. It has an easy-to-use design that makes controlling it seamlessly. It has every feature you need to enjoy an outdoor leisurely ride.  

Kipor IG2600 Generator

Useful Features to Consider when Purchasing the Kipor Inverter Generator

To start right, there are basic generator features you want to consider before making a purchase. These features are not only tied to Kipor generators, but other generators as well. Let's take a look at each one of them. 

1. Economy Model 

A generator with an economy mode saves you fuel by automatically adjusting the engine speed according to load. This also helps to reduce emissions and unnecessary noise. 

2. Digital Overload Protection 

Should there be a spike in power that could be a threat to your generator's life, the digital overload protection serves to protect your generator. 

3. Remote Start

A remote start is perfect for convenience. It allows you to store your generator outside and start it from inside or wherever you choose. 

4. Low oil shut-off Sensor 

Small inverter generators can't hold much oil. That means you should regularly top them up to avoid damage to the engine. A low oil shut-off sensor helps you to prevent this occurrence. 

5. Parallel Connections

If you have caravanning appliances that you may need to connect to a power source simultaneously, a generator with parallel connections will serve you best. It gives you the option of linking to double or treble power. 

6. Wheel Kit

Some generators are weighty, and you might need to consider whether you will need a trolley or a wheel kit to move your generator around quickly. 

7. USB Sockets 

You need no extra cables or plugs if your generator comes with USB sockets. It's a handy feature in modern generators. 

As we advance, it's important to mention that a generator's durability depends on its maintenance, daily use, and running hours. Poor maintenance and overstraining your generator will lead to a much shorter life span.

The Bottom Line

Depending on your budget, any of the above-mentioned Kipor generators could serve you best. Their key features are more or less similar, with some minor variations. For instance, both are lightweight, but the Kipor IG2600 weighs more than double the KiporIG770 and the Kipor IG1000 generators. Both are also designed in suitcase style that is designed to be easily portable. They also offer pure sine wave technology that delivers clean energy for sensitive appliances. Also, both generators pack an inverter technology to provide quality and stable output. Their noise output is pretty lower when compared to conventional generators.

When deciding which generator is right for you, you will need to look at how much you are willing to spend on what features. If you aren’t comfortable with extra weight, you may want to go for the Kipor IG770 or Kipor IG1000. On the contrary, if you want the comfort of using a generator for long hours without adding fuel, maybe the Kipor IG2600 is what you need. They are all well built and durable thanks to its materials that can withstand accidents. We hope you find this guide helpful in finding a suitable generator that will meet fully with your outdoor living requirements.

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