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How to get a good Caravan TV Picture

Relaxing in front of your 12V caravan TV after a day of adventure while you are on holiday can easily turn into a frustrating event when the signal you get is grainy or pixilated due to bad reception. To prevent this situation from occurring, when picking a spot to park you must include level ground, access to electricity and water if possible along with testing for signal reception. If you don't have a 12v TV then you could seitch on your pure sine wave inverter to generate good old AC power. 

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Whilst on holiday in your Motorhome or static caravan you ,most likely still wish to keep up to date with your favorite TV shows and catch the latest movies on Netflix. With the advent of technology and smart TVs with antennas and portable caravan satellite dish it is easy to continue your evening viewing habits. However on some occasion the TV signal may be too weak to provide a quality picture and this can be very frustrating. The guide below we hope will give you some practical advise on how you can best amplify your signal so to minimize poor picture quality.

Step 1 to getting a good caravan TV Signal : Look at your surroundings

When picking a spot to make camp, look at the terrain you are in. Unless you are in a caravan park and told to take a particular spot, you should look around and when possible head to high ground. Being in a valley will inhibit your ability to get a clear and strong signal.

Step 2 :Find the Optimum location to park your camperevan or caravan

To know if your location will have a TV signal can be accomplished by using a signal finder. This simple device attaches to your caravan tv aerial  and will register on its metre when a signal is found. This might take more than one person since the antenna should be rotated while looking at the metre so the best possible signal can be dialed in.

Step 3 Know your caravan TV system and upgrade if necessary

Today’s TV is not like your fathers old set. The older styles of TV sets used coaxial cables to attach to the antenna. They are efficient, but not the best there is. With the newer flat screen and digital smart TVs, the cables used to connect them to the signal is called an HDMI. Know what your system needs and get the best type of cables for it. Old cables will not transmit 100% of the signal because like everything, they wear out over time.

Step 4 Invest in a Signal booster

Thanks to modern technology the signal sent out by TV stations can easily be amplified so a person can view their favourite broadcasts even when they are far from the location where the signal is generated. Many different types of signal boosters amplify the signals to different levels. By purchasing one that adds the most strength would help to ensure you can watch TV when you want. There is no such thing as too much signal.

Know your options Antenna or Satellite or Both

In the past, the only option for receiving caravan TV signals was having an antenna so you can pick up the local broadcasts in your area. That is still a viable option, but not the only one. There is also a digital antenna that can help to get you a clearer picture.

Another option for many caravan owners is the use of a satellite for their reception. With this option not only can you get your favorite TV shows, but also access to the internet. When using a satellite dish, you have to be in a clear field to get the signal. This means no shade of a tree during the day. The trick here is knowing the angle to point your dish to get the signal.
Getting TV reception while on holiday in your caravan is possible with just a little planning. This will allow you to enjoy your stay in the country to the level you desire.

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