How to Clean Caravan Exterior - Tips

How to Clean Caravan Exterior

Your caravan is an integral part of your family that takes you to your dream places, and you spend your leisure on wheels. To keep it in good condition, you need to maintain the interior and exterior of your caravan from time to time. I have explained how to clean and maintain the interior in one of my previous articles.

In this article, you will know how to clean the exterior of your caravan in easy steps. First, I have explained the preparation, things required for cleaning, and steps on how to clean properly. Finally, I have provided some useful tips to keep your caravan long-lasting and look new. For a professional finish consider buying caravan cleaning products that have been made to keep caravans looking new. Whilst not covered below be careful cleaning caravan windows, these are acrylic and can scratch easily. If this advice is too late it is possible to remove swirls with a special formulated caravan cleaner   

Preparation for Cleaning

You need some initial preparation before you start cleaning the exterior of your caravan. Here are some simple things to keep in mind: 

  • Ensure that you have enough space around your caravan so that you can walk and move to clean it. 
  • Keep the caravan in a position slightly inclined so that the water can run off the roof after you wash it. 
  • You need a stepladder for cleaning the caravan roof where the majority of the debris deposits during touring. 
  • You need a caravan cleaning liquid, cloth, wax for washing and polishing it.

Steps to Clean Caravan Exterior

Follow the three steps below to clean your caravan exterior. Next, you also need to clean the windows and skylights. 

Step 1: Wash 

Start from the roof, then wash the walls of the caravan. Pay extra attention to the roof because most of the algae formation and debris found on the roof. You may need a step-ladder, alternatively you could use your static caravan steps

First, you need to wash away the dirt, debris, leaves, and moss. Use a water hose in which you can control the pressure. Avoid using a hose in which you can’t control the pressure because it can damage window seals. 

Use the liquid cleaner on the top and use a soft cloth and gently rub the surface. Gradually, clean every surface and ensure that you rinse every surface with water. So, ensure that the cleaner has not any substance that can damage the paint of your caravan when exposed to sunlight.

Step 2: Polish

However, if the surface of the caravan dries due to sun ray exposure, you can use a special polish liquid to keep it shining. Apply the liquid polish all over the surface and leave it for 15-20 minutes. After that, you can gently buff the surface with a finishing cloth. 

Step 3: Wax

Finally, you need to wax the surface because that will protect the surface of your caravan from sunlight, algae, moss, and debris. Repeat the same process that you use for polishing. 

Windows and Skylights

For windows and skylights, you need to be extra careful. Use special cleaner and cloth that are useful for plastics and fibres. Since they are susceptible to scratching, you need to choose the material properly. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above information has helped you out on how to clean your caravan exterior in simple steps. Remember, don’t clean your caravan exterior on sunny days because it can dry quickly, which can cause watermarks on the surface of the caravan. If the weather is good, you can clean and keep it ready for your next trip. 

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