Go Compare Caravan Insurance 

The Go Compare caravan insurance is being reviewed to help explain just what this insurance broker has to offer in terms of protecting your second or holiday home. This insurance comparison site began operations in November of 2006 by 6 individuals who were tired of options available to them in terms of finding low cost insurance that fit their needs. They do not actually offer static caravan insurance, but provide a method to compare brokers that offer this specfic type of coover. Some of these broker for example towergate will not feature on comparative sites so you will to go direct to their web site.

go compare caravan insurance

Go Compare caravan insurance will help you find Caravan Cover

Insurance can be found for all three types of caravans on the Go Compare website. This includes touring, static and park homes.

Go Compare Caravan Insurance

Protect your campervan today - Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

What types of insurance can be found on the Go Compare website?

There are two basic types of caravan insurance that includes ‘New for Old” and ‘Fair Market Value’.

New for Old Pros

  • New for Old replaces your caravan if it is destroyed beyond repair by a fire, accident or is stolen. Your new caravan will be equivalent to your old one when it was new.
  • Not only is the caravan covered by new for old but so are the caravan’s equipment and your possessions.

New for Old Cons

  • This is the most expensive type of caravan insurance coverage.
  • There is a maximum number of miles your caravan can have along with its age so this coverage is not available for all caravans.

Fair Market Value Pros

  • Fair Market Value policies will cover your caravan if it is damaged beyond repair by accident, fire or is stolen. The payout is at the current market value of the caravan.
  • This is the cheaper option for insurance and for some the only type of policy available especially for older caravans.

Fair Market Value Cons

  • Your written off caravan will be replaced, but with a second hand or used caravan equal in value to your caravan when it was destroyed. 
  • An equivalent caravan might be difficult to locate.
  • If you purchased your caravan new and it is destroyed you still will only receive a second hand caravan as a replacement.

How do I lower my caravan insurance premium?

There are many things you can do to lower your premium of which most of them are related to security. This includes security alarms, wheel locks, window locks and any other device that will prevent thieves or crooks from damaging or stealing your caravan or belongings stored inside.

By joining a caravan club or organization, you will receive a price cut on your premium. From most insurance companies this is a discount of up to 10%.

Another way to keep premium costs to a minimum is to not add unnecessary options. The most common mistake is to take out towing insurance for a touring caravan. Almost all motor vehicle policies include towing a trailer or caravan with third party insurance as standard.

In Conclusion

Know what you need and understand it might not be all that you want until you know the facts that can be found at Go Compare caravan insurance website. The best way to get what you need is to become informed and compare many offers until you find the one that fits your needs.

Go Compare are one of many comparative websites. On your journey to finding a great deal on your campervan insurance, do not overlook the specialists brokers. For example ​ Frank Pickles and camping and caravan club insurance who both provide touring and static caravan insurance.

Go Compare Caravan Insurance

Protect your campervan today - Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

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