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Folding Camper Insurance

Protect your folding camper today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

  • Trailer tents, folding campervans insurance
  • European cover available
  • Flexible folding campervan Insurance

Insurance for folding campers

Folding camper Insurance requires at least third party cover, it is possible that your car insurance will provide this minimum cover, but you must check with your broker and never take it for granted that you are covered for towing. These type of camping vans can be expensive to replace as such it makes sense to provide adequate protection to cover you costs. One step to find cover that best suits your requirements is  to researching the offers  that are currently available in the UK insurance marketplace. Getting multiple quotes will enable you to compare and contrast multiple policies for folding campers. How select the Quick Quote button and complete 1 simple inquiry  and received  quotes from 40 plus UK brokers that specialise in providing cover for camping vans within the UK.

What is included in the folding camper insurance? 

  • Accidental damage cover : Included costs to repair dents, scratches and storm damage.
  • Fire & theft cover : Cover for damage or loss caused by fire, vandalism and theft
  • Contents : Protection for stored items like gas bottles, TVs and personal equipment
  • New for old :  Get a suitable replacement if you caravan, dependent upon age of camper
  • Liability : This covers legal and compensation costs if a claim is made against you.
  • EU & UK cover : Roadside assistance and cover when travelling locally and abroad.

The advent of the folding caravan

The folding camper is attributed to Gobur  who in the early 70's led the way in the creation of this fantastic idea of a pull out  caravan. Two main advantages drove the design team at Gobur's.

  • Firstly it would be much easier to tow with reduced wind resistance which would also mean it would be more economical with regards to fuel costs. when it comes to filling up your tank.
  • The second big advantage was that it would take less space for storage opening up the possibility of owning a tour folding camper to a wider audience.

Other inventors soon followed some like RAPIDO received awards for ingenuity manufacturing both 2 berth and 4 berth folding campers. Portafold is another name that played a role in increasing the popularity of this mode of touring.

Is folding camper insurance the same as caravan insurance?

They are similar, in fact the bottom half of a folding camper resembles the traditional camper van. In addition these can be as luxurious as the the solid mobile home  with the base normally containing a fridge, cooker, sink, washroom and toilet. 

The key difference is that the top half which is made of canvas opens up and expands providing head space which is similarto that provided by  a standard mobile home. The tent section is supported by the trailer base as such  no pegging is required. folding camper insurance will be based on similar factors that are used for static campervans, but overall should work out much cheaper.  

Folding Camper Insurance

Check the folder camper insurance for a new for old clause

Similar to static caravan insurance If your folding camper is under 10 years most policies will provide new for old cover. The term ( number of years ) does vary from one broker to another so please do check and don't assume when comparing different policies for your camping van. Should you have an older model that you believe is worth more than the current market value because of embellishments etc please discuss this with the broker as normally some agreement can be reached in such circumstances.

Check for any folding camper insurance policy restrictions

Do you lend your trailer tent to friends or family members? If the answer is yes you should  find that most policy providers will still offer cover under these circumstances as long as you are not charging rent or receiving money in kind.  Your folding camper insurance policy may require that the broker is notified if you lend out your camping van to friend or family member. Good practice is to always inform your broker in advance.

What models of folding camper to you offer cover for?

Folding camper insurance is available for makes and models of trailer tents including, but not limited to  Gobur, OPUS, PENNINE, Camp-Let, Conway and Triango.

Do I need a special licence in order to drive a trailer tent?

If you passed your driving test before 1st January 1997 you will automatically be allowing you to drive a car and trailer, as long as the weight does not exceed 8,250kg. For a full guide to these somewhat complicated rules please read  the UK government guide on driving.

Your driving licence will show the categories you are entitled to drive. If you have the older-style paper licence they are clearly listed on the front of your licence. On newer two-part licences they are given on the back of the pink photo card. Because you can drive a trailer tent it does not mean that you have folding camper insurance.Get a quote below and comapre prices acoross multiple brokers.

Compare Folding Camper Insurance

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