The Best Solar Panel Kit for Caravans 2021 Guide

Imagine having free energy in your caravan to do anything you want at any time. That’s the type of freedom you can only get from having the best caravan solar panel kit. Living an eco-friendly green lifestyle while on the road takes your caravan experience to the next level. And you are also living at one with nature at the same time. We live in the age of gadgets, and they all need power to operate. We have reviewed a range of the more energy efficient devices including 12V LED lighting and the essential low power 12 volt smart TVs.  A 12 volt solar panel for caravans will help keep all things topped up and running smoothly.

Did you know that it’s easy to buy solar panel systems for your motorhome in this day and age? There are some very affordable options on the marketplace. But where do you start? What sort of setup do you need? And how can you find out more about solar panels for your caravan? Keep reading to find out more with our solar panel for caravans guide.

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Best Selling Flexible Solar Panel Kits for Caravans

Bestseller No. 1
XINPUGUANG 200W Solar Kit 2pcs 100w 18v Flexible Solar Panel Photovoltaic Monocrystalline Module 20A Solar Charge Controller for Yacht, Motorhome, Car, Boat, Caravan, 12v Battery Power Charger (Black)
  • 【High Conversion Rate】The 200w 12v solar panel kit is made of high efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells of...
  • 【Flexible】 The flexible solar panel is a good choice for curved surfaces, such as RV, boat, sailboat, yacht, truck,...
  • 【Reliable】Advanced encapsulation material with multi-layered sheet laminations to provide a long service life. The...
  • 【Easy Installation】 The solar panel is easy to install with clue, adhesive, screw, the grommet. The 20A solar...
Bestseller No. 2
Brillihood 100W Flexible Solar Panel +20A 12V/24V LCD Controller For Boat Caravan Home or Off-grid/Backup Solar Power systems
  • Flexible Panels: can be attached to curved surface, the cable and junction box are on the underside to prevent aging...
  • Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving, It is monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Controller: Battery Voltage: 12V/24V, auto & Charge Current: 20A & Discharge Current: 20A. For 24V installation, 2...
  • One or more solar panels can be connected a battery bank and power inverter using a solar charge controller.
Bestseller No. 3
XINPUGUANG 100w 12v Flexible Solar Panel Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Module Waterproof for Boat, Car, Motorhome, Van, Caravan, Roofs, Uneven Surfaces (Black)
  • ✈Flexible: This 100w solar panel is a good choice for curved surfaces of RV, boat, sailboat, yacht, truck, car, coach,...
  • ✈ High Efficiency: The 100w solar panel is made of high efficiency 161*161mm 12 main-gate monocrystalline silicon...
  • ✈Durable: The surface is made of PET, which is treated with special technology to make it more wear-resistant and...
  • ✈Reliable: Advanced encapsulation material with multi-layered sheet laminations to enhance cell performance and...
Bestseller No. 4
XINPUGUANG 100W 12V Flexible Solar Panel Kit System 18V Photovoltaic Monocrystalline Module 10A Solar Charge Regulator for Caravan Home Roof Car Motorhome Power Charger (100w)
  • 【Excellent performance】High efficiency monocrystalline solar cells offer good performance even under poor light...
  • 【Flexible】The 100w solar panel is a good choice for curved surfaces of RV, boat,sailboat, yacht,truck, car, coach,...
  • 【High Reliability】The modules can withstand high wind-pressure, snow loads and extreme temperatures.
  • 【Reliable】Advanced encapsulation material with multi-layered sheet laminations to enhance cell performance and...
Bestseller No. 5
2PC Dokio Solar Panel 100W 12V 24v Monocrystalline Flexible waterproof Lightweight Solar Panel Bendable for Van Motorhome Caravan RV Boat Cabin Camper trailer Tent Car Any Other Irregular Surface
  • 【HIGH MODULE CONVERSION EFFICIENCY】the water resistant semi-flexible solar panel with guaranteed +/-3% output power...
  • 【BENDABLE PANEL LIGHTWEIGHT WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS】Can be curved to a maximum 30 degree arc and mounted on an...
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】six evenly spaced metal grommet mounting holes are available to attach fasteners, the panel can...
  • 【SHIP FROM EU QUICK DELIVERY AND PROFESSION】Fulfilled by Amazon, ship from EU after ordered.5 years material and...
SaleBestseller No. 6
50 Watt Solar Panel Monocrystalline Flexible - JoaSinc Solar Panel Waterproof Bendable for Off Grid PV System on Motorhome, Campervan, Caravan, Camper, Truck, yacht or Boat
  • ✿High efficiency 50W solar panel monocrystalline with high quality frame which has excellent performance in harsh...
  • ✿High conversion efficiency solar modules made of Monocrystalline solar cells. New Monocrystalline silicon cell has a...
  • ✿Can be bent 20 degrees and great for off-grid installations on vehicles or boats (RV, caravan, motorhome, campervan,...
  • ✿Ultra-Lightweight: By replacing the glass ,the same power achieves a weight reduction of up to 40%. Lightweight and...
Bestseller No. 7
DOKIO Solar Panel 100W 12V Bendable Semi-Flexible Thin Film Monocrystalline Lightweight For Caravan RV Boat Camper Any Other Irregular Surface
  • 【Quick Delivery】Our solar panels are shipped from Amazon UK warehouse to provide you with the fastest delivery speed...
  • 【Lightweight and Portable】ETEF panel weight approximately 20% of a glass framed one. Only 0.1 inch thick and weighs...
  • 【Easy to Set Up and Use】8 evenly spaced metal grommet mounting holes are available to attach fasteners, the panel...
  • 【Fabulous Quality】With high efficiency monocrystalline solar cell, you will get greater power efficiency even though...

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Do I Need a Solar Panel Kit for my Caravan?

Do you want to use all your appliances in your caravan while you are on holiday but don’t want to drain your battery power? We know the feeling. Do you want more freedom, cheaper power, cheaper pitch costs, and an energy-efficient ecologically sound philosophy? If so, the only viable option is installing a solar power system in your caravan.

Converting the sun’s energy into electricity to getting easier by the day. You can now buy portable solar panel kit products that offer an all-in-one solution for your energy needs. Let’s find out more about solar power for your caravan.

How Do Solar Panels for Caravans Work?

If you want to know how solar panel for caravans can work for your motorhome or caravan, it’s not as complicated as you would think. Photovoltaic solar panels (PV) are covered in a thin layer of silicone. These panels are used to absorb the sun’s rays by separating electrons from the silicone. This process creates a DC electric current that is then collected and directed from the controller to your caravan battery.

The average charge of a solar panel is 17-18 volts, so a suitable system utilizing several panels is ideal for your caravan. However, you will also need a controller that will reduce that charge to 13.6 volts. The controller’s job is to monitor the battery voltage and to make sure that the current is going the right way. You cannot have a solar panel system without a charge controller unless you have some other rudimentary power supply. The solar Electrical calculator handbook is an invaluable guide to working out your energy requirements

The Benefits of Using Solar System in your Caravan

Eco and Environmentally Friendly

We live in a world where a green ecologically sound ethos is commonplace. This is great news for combating climate change and other things that the government deems important. A solar panel for caravans will convert the sun into electricity all day long, even on cloudy days. This will give you the best eco-friendly energy for free.

Keeping your Battery Charged on the Road

The main reason for getting a solar panel for you caravan is keeping your battery charged when off the grid, and maintaining your battery’s condition when not in use during the winter months. These are very important benefits for caravan owners.

Freedom to Travel in your Caravan

If you live off the grid or like to get off-road into the wild during your caravan tours, solar panels give you the freedom you need to travel in total confidence. You will not need to stay at a caravan park to get extra energy and electricity. You can go it alone and will not be responsible to anyone or anything with your power supply.

Time and Cost-Effective

A highly practical solar panel kit for your motorhome is time and cost-effective in many ways. Did you know that solar systems are easy to maintain? Once you have paid for installation and setup costs, maintaining the system is cheap and easy. They can last for years. Solar panels are also cost-effective because you won’t have to pay for a caravan park pitch ever again. The costs are also very competitive, so you can save loads of cash over the long term.

Non-Intrusive Solar Panels

The best part about installing solar panels to your caravan is they are very non-intrusive. They are generally fitted to the roof of your caravan, which means they are always out of harm’s way. When you compare that to your other power option, a silent generator, panels are an efficient and quiet alternative. 

What Types of Solar Panels Are Available?

There are only two types of solar panels currently on the market. These are Thin-Film PV Panels and Crystalline Panels. Let’s take a quick look into how these types work. Both solar panel for caravan designs will provide additional power, but the crystalline is the most popular with caravan owners in the UK.

  • Thin-Film PV Panels: These types of panels are made by spraying a layer of a semi-conductible material onto another surface. This is similar to the silvering you find on the back of a mirror. A thin-film panel can last up to 10 years, which makes it a very durable option, although it doesn’t last as long as crystalline panels. However, who knows what technological advancement these panels will undergo in the coming years. Thin-film panels are easily the cheaper inexpensive option.
  • Crystalline Panels: These types of the solar panel come in two kinds… poly-crystalline, and mono-crystalline. If you want the most effective panel type, nothing can match mono-crystalline, as each model is made from a single silicon crystal. They are the most expensive type, but also the most efficient. These are also the most commonly used solar panels that most caravan owners install. You will need a larger poly-crystalline panel to generate the same energy as a mono-crystalline model. It’s also important to mention that the differences between the two are essentially minimal for caravan owners.

Free-standing Solar Panels

Free-standing solar panel for caravans will give you the option to manually place your solar panels in any position. You can move them around and arrange them in any layout you want to run all manner of applications. These types of mounts have two panels with hinges in the middle that are foldable and movable. You can manually position these panels to follow the sun to maximize your energy conversion.

Free standing or Roof-Mounted Caravan Solar Panel Kits?

Now we have discussed the two main solar panel kit options, we need to think about the layout, installation, and configuration of your kit. Do you need free-standing or roof-mounted solar panels for your caravan? Or are there any other mounting options? Keep reading to find out more.

Rigid Roof-Mounted Solar Panels

The most commonly used solar panels in caravans are roof-mounted. Rigid roof-mounted solar panels optimize exposure to the sun while also being non-intrusive. They are usually heavy, solid, and durable, which means they can last a long time and stand up to the elements. 

Just remember that you need to leave a gap below the panel when installing because a build-up of heat can negatively affect the efficiency. You will also need to clean them regularly because their positioning means they get dirty quickly, which also affects efficiency.

Flexible Solar Panels

There are numerous flexible solar panel alternatives that are robust, lightweight, and low-profile. You can easily bond these to the roof of your caravan if needed. These panels are waterproof and come equipped with a ‘self-healing’ top layer. 

Solar Power Caravan Power Consumption

Another thing you must consider when buying a solar panel kit for your caravan is power consumption. You will need to calculate your power consumption, especially if you are going off the grid for a while. 

A great example is having a 110aH battery. If it takes you two full days to fully empty this battery, you are using 55aH of power per day. This means you will need to buy a solar panel that can provide at least 55aH of power every day. But also remember that you can only charge the leisure battery during daylight hours.

You will need to add up the power usage of your caravan appliances to understand their consumption. For example, a 16watt light needs 1.33 amps per hour. If you use that light 3 hours per day, you will need 3.99 amps daily just for that light. You will have to repeat these calculations for all your caravan appliances to calculate your daily energy needs.

Choosing the Right Solar Panel Kit for Caravans

As you can see, having a quality solar panel kit for your caravan is essential. Especially if you like to go off the grid or want to save time and money. There are many benefits to having caravan solar panels. And it’s always nice to promote an ecologically sound ethos.

Make sure you choose a solar panel system for your caravan that matches your energy needs. It will be the best decision you ever make. 

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