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Five effective touring caravan security devices

The five effective touring caravan security devices all make it nearly impossible for your investment to be taken from you or can assist in locating it. This includes both low tech and high tech devices that have proven track records of being effective in preventing and deterring thieves from taking and keeping your home on wheels.

Low tech devices

Wheel clamps

Wheel clamps have been around for more than 100 years with the first ones designed to immobilize horse-drawn carriages keeping them safe from being stolen. The modern caravan wheel lock or wheel clamp is designed to make it nearly impossible for the wheel to turn.

If enough power is used and the wheel does turn a partial revolution it will lodge into the surrounding sheet metal preventing it from turning any more. If the wheel does not turn, sparks and loud screeching from the metal to road contact will draw the attention of anyone nearby to the situation.

Wheel clamps are very effective in the prevention of a caravan from being stolen while being low in cost. It can be used in combination with nearly any other security device available today.

Hitch locks

A hitch locks are another low tech, but effective device to make it nearly impossible for a theft to take your home on wheels. Without one in place, anyone with a trailer hitch can just pull up to your caravan and haul it away. With one securing the caravan for towing hooking up can’t be done in a safe and controllable manner.

There are different designs of a hitch lock available today. The most secure ones prevent a ball from entering the hitch with an interior locking mechanism. Those that use paddle locks can be removed with a big sludge hammer or saw.

Hitch lock is very effective in the prevention of a caravan from being stolen at a low cost. It can be used in combination with nearly any other security device available today.

Security posts

Security posts are the simplest yet effective theft prevention device in existence. The early ones were nothing more than a heavy metal post planted into the ground preventing anything large from passing through. Since access to the area has to be possible, the modern security posts either need to be capable of laying down or becoming submerged in the ground either by hydraulics or manually.

The security post can also incorporate a hitch lock. This makes it possible to secure the caravan to the post. With this combination, it would be nearly impossible for thieves to steal your caravan since the hitch would need to be destroyed to free your caravan, and then it could not be towed easily away.

The security post is very effective in preventing your caravan from being stolen and can be used with other security devices.

High tech devices

Security alarm

Tracking devices are very popular with caravan owners. They utilize GPS satellites and are very accurate at knowing just where your caravan is at all times. These tracking devices are either transponders or beacons. The transponders send out a constant signal that is monitored. The beacon sends out a signal at regular intervals.

With this type of device no matter where your caravan is, it can be located. The system does require it to be monitored. This type of device has dual purposes as it can track a stolen caravan or help rescue workers to your location in case of an emergency. The monitoring is generally done by a third party which requires a monthly fee.

The GPS tracking units are very small so that they can be hidden in hard to find places inside and outside the caravan. It this advisable to have 2 or more of them as added security.

The weak point in this device is that it is only effective when it has power to it. Once the battery is dead, the signal no longer works. Also, if the monthly monitoring fee goes unpaid, the third party has no obligation in helping you track your caravan.

This security device can be used with other security devices and still be effective.

These 5 different types of touring caravan security devices are effective against most prospective thieves. Nothing can keep your caravan 100% safe from being stolen, but the UPS trackers can always help you locate it if they are functioning. While nothing can stop a very determined theft, with these devices you can make the job of stealing it so hard that most thieves would look elsewhere for an easier target.

Using 2 or more of these devices will help decrease the chances of you losing your caravan to thieves. All of them are effective in deterring thieves from taking your property. By incorporating one of more of these devices can also help to reduce your caravan insurance premium or your static caravan insurance UK costs.