Choosing the Best Caravan Mattress 

Choosing the best caravan mattress can be the difference between a great night’s sleep or an all-night-long sheep-counting extravaganza. We prefer the former to the latter, and are sure that you do too! But what do you know about caravan mattresses? And what do we need to look for when purchasing one?

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It’s always a good idea to listen to the experts and their recommendations. So, what do you need to know about caravan mattresses to ensure you make the right decision? Take heed of our guide to mattresses and caravan mattress toppers that all caravan owners need to read.

Caravan Mattress and Caravan Mattress Topper Best Seller List

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Main benefits of memory foam mattresses:

Starlight beds are made in the UK to the highest standards and a range of benefits that makes it our top pick easily.

  • Better support for your body and removal of pressure points
  • Ant-dust mite for allergy and asthma suffers
  • Better blood circulation makes for a better sleep
  • Overwhelming positive customer reviews
  • Best seller in campervan mattress category

Easy Replacement  for your existing double mattress

No need to buy a new bed, the memory foam mattress by Starlight Beds comes in a wide range of sizes from 2ft to 6ft and any size in between.

  • Top 6 inch is memory foam 
  • The top panel is cool touch, keeping your body from over heating on hot nights
  • Best seller in campervan mattress category
  • Suitable for caravans, motorhomes and camper vans
  • High density foam with a reflex support graded A
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Do you need a New Caravan Mattress?

Do you need a new caravan mattress? Do you spend lots of time on the road? When you are travelling about on a caravan trip, you need a good night’s sleep. An inferior sleep in combination with a long drive the next day is a dangerous mix. You don’t want to get into any caravan accidents because you are tired or close to falling asleep at the wheel. Getting a good night’s sleep on the road is an absolute necessity. 

Even if your old mattress is still in decent condition, it’s worth looking at the vast range of modern caravan mattresses on the marketplace. So, if you have an old mattress, are on long caravan trips, or are just looking for a way to lux up your holiday, you are the ideal candidate to buy the best caravan mattress products.

What Types of Caravan Mattresses Are Available?

We live in a modern consumerist world. And although that might not be the healthiest way for humanity, it has some major positives. In this day and age innovations are commonplace for most products. 

Manufacturers have to constantly improve their products to keep profit margins rolling. This is great if you are looking for a caravan mattress because there are loads of impressive new designs available to purchase. It’s also important to remember that caravan mattresses are similar to normal ones, but they are designed for space management. They can fit in tight spots and never sacrifice size for comfort.

Do you need a New Caravan Mattress or simply a caravan mattress Topper?

If it is just not practical to buy a replacement caravan mattress it is time to consider a simple caravan mattress topper. Simple is not a good adjective as modern mattress toppers can really improve your comfort and sleeping experience. A caravan mattress topper has other added benefits listed below. 

Caravan Mattress topper Benefits

Prolong mattress lifespan

If you are happy with your existing caravan mattress then adding  a mattress topper will add a little extra comfort whilst at the same time saving your base mattress.  Visco offer a therapy caravan memory foam mattress topper designed to add extra comfort to your existing mattress. The foam helps to distribute your weight even,y and the memory foam will mould to your body shapeproviding good support to nek hips and shoulders.

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Easy cleaned

If an accidental spill occurs you can easily get your topper cleaned and like new. 

Less noise

If you have an old style spring and coil mattress then adding a modern latex foam topper will deaden any noises as you move about whilst sleeping. This is more important if you are a light sleeper and your partner likes to shift about. Annoying yes, but its is natural. Solution invest in  good quality latex foam caravan mattress topper.  

Do you need a Mattress Topper with a cut off?

The Bettersleep Company Caravan Mattress Protector Quilted Cotton Blend. These are designed for a mattress with a cut-off edge  right or left) 

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Here is a brief overview of mattress types:

Coil Mattress Products

Coil Mattress Products – These types of mattresses are old-style coil designs that are much cheaper and lighter than foam varieties. The only problem with this type is that they tend to wear out quicker than mattresses made from other materials.

Memory Foam Mattress Products

Memory Foam Mattress Products – Did you know that memory foam is a special kind of spongy and flexible plastic that was designed by NASA? This ultra-lightweight material is one of the most comfortable and ideal for those who want a perfectly balanced sleep. 

Latex Foam Mattress Products

Latex Foam Mattress Products - This is easily one of the most breathable mattress materials and is better than memory foam for people with allergies. This type of mattress is mite-free, but it’s also one of the more expensive product types. 

What do I Need to Consider When Buying a Caravan Mattress?

It’s all good to understand the types of caravan mattresses, but what do you need to consider when buying one? There are not so many things you have to remember when buying a mattress, but they are extremely important. Make sure you consider the following.

Caravan Mattress Size

Can you imagine buying a mattress for your caravan only to find out it doesn’t fit? The most important consideration you will have to make is the size of the mattress. When you buy mattresses for your bed at home, they come in standard sizes. You can’t go wrong. But with caravans and motorhomes, we are dealing with a different beast. Make sure your mattress fits your caravan dimensions.

Do you have Allergies?

If you or one of your travelling companions has allergies, choosing the right mattress or caravan mattress topper is so important. Bed bugs can be a major problem for those with allergies. To ensure the total safety of your mattress, make sure they are treated with antibacterial products. Or you could opt to buy a latex foam mattress because they are mite-free.

Best Sleeping Positions in a Caravan

A good night’s sleep in a caravan is 90% mattress and 10% sleeping positions. Did you know that sleeping positions were so important to getting some shut-eye? We all have our sleeping preferences, but they make even more difference in the cozy confines of a caravan.

However, if you are not sure about the best sleeping position for you, here are some recommendations in conjunction with certain mattress types.

  • Sleeping on your back – If you like to sleep on your back, you will be better suited to a medium-firm mattress. This type of mattress will help you to sleep well while supporting your back and neck.
  • Sleeping on your Stomach – You will seriously need a firm mattress if you like to sleep on your front. This type of mattress will help your spine to keep in line.
  • Sleeping on your Side - Most people sleep on their sides. And if you do, a soft mattress is the only way to go. A soft mattress will adapt to the contours of your body giving you the most comfortable sleep ever. 

Purchasing the Perfect Caravan Mattress

Now you don’t have any excuses for not buying the perfect caravan mattress. We have discussed the three main types of mattresses, the things you need to consider when purchasing, and even the sleeping positions for a good night’s sleep on the road. Make sure you know your caravan’s dimensions so that you get a product that fits. And you also need to think about possible allergies that can be caused by bedbugs.

Do not penny-pinch when we are talking about caravan mattresses. You do not want any unforeseen issues when driving after a night of no sleep. Keeping safe while you on the road is paramount when on a long caravan trip. Just make sure you get that comfortable sleep you need… and deserve! 

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