Does my Car Insurance Cover my Caravan?

Your car insurance will only provide third party cover, which means should you be in an accident that is your fault any damage sustained to your caravan will be your liability. In addition, no cover is provided should it be stolen when detached from your car. For these reasons it is prudent to take out caravan issuance.

Is Caravan Insurance a Legal Requirement in the UK?

No, it is not a legal requirement, but take note that the rate of caravan theft has increased over the recent years in the UK, over 700 stolen in 2017 alone. Also, take into account damage by other ways take flooding for example. Take all the risk factors into account and couple that fact that replacing a family caravan will require a substantial lump sum when deciding if taking out caravan insurance is a prudent step.

What are the Speed Limits when Towing a Caravan?

Never ever speed when towing a caravan, whilst the rules of the road state 50 km/ per hour is maximum on a single carriageway we would advise staying well within that, but do not go too slow that you also become the cause for an accident, common sense should guide you in the right direction when it comes to the correct speed.

Can we Keep our Pets in The Caravan Whilst in Transit?

Pets are not allowed to be in a moving caravan, cats are an exception, but we would advise trying to avoid having any family pet in the rear as it may cause excessive stress to your family pet.

Do you Insure all of these Static Caravans, Folding Caravans, Mobile Homes and Touring Caravans?

We can provide multiple insurance quotes for any caravan type, including motorhomes, classic campers, folding caravans, trailer tents, self builds, lodges, chalets  and static caravans also referred to as caravan holiday homes. To select get a quote to receive multiple quotes now.

How Do I Make a Claim?

As soon as is possible contact your insurance broker, contact details will be in your insurance  documents, these are also available online. Please do not delay even if you believe the other party will not make a claim, delay can increase the claim amount and this then will impact your future premiums.

What Type of Licence Do I need to Tow a Caravan?

Towing a large caravan will require a standard driving licence plus if your licence has been issued on or after 01 Jan 1997 you will also require to have passed a B + E test.  

Should you have passed your test before  01 Jan 1997 then you may drive, but you still need to insure  your towing  caravan is within the towing limit of your vehicle and combined weight is below 3,500 kg.

What Information is Needed For Multiple Quotes?

  • Current value plus the type of caravan
  • Where you live and where the campervan will be parked when not in use
  • If static where will it be sited  (name of park)
  • How will you use it, how frequently, how many miles approx per year

Will Adding Extra Security Reduce the Insurance Costs?

It depends on the broker, some types of security are mandatory for example hitch lock for caravans being towed.

If you have already added extra devices, for example a tracking device, discuss this with the broker who may offer a small discount on the  premium. If you are thinking of adding such a device, please check first with the insurance company to make sure it is approved.

Caravan and Motorhome Insurance

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