Do I need insurance for a holiday caravan ? CompareStaticCaravanInsurance

Do I need insurance for a holiday caravan

Do I need insurance for a holiday caravan?

Insurance for your holiday static caravan is not a legal requirement. However, fact is that most holiday parks will ask that you to have a basic level of cover. That being in the form of caravan liability insurance. Just because it is not a legal requirement, this doesn't mean that there are good reasons not to insure your caravan.

What is Holiday Caravan insurance?

If you are the owner a caravan that is permanently sited with plumbing and a permanent electrical link up, guess what? You are able to and should insure it, the same as if it were your main residence. Simply put; your Holiday Caravan insurance will protect the caravan itself against severe and unpredictable weather conditions and accidental damage. It will reimburse you for stolen or damaged contents, and also cover other items that are on your pitch.

Consider carefully what you need covered

The sums insured part of your holiday caravan insurance policy will be split between the value of the caravan itself and the items that are contained in or attached to the caravan. Permanent fittings and fixtures will be included in the value of the caravan itself. Other items that may included are push bikes, kitchenware and other caravan contents such as mobile phones and laptops. Cover is also available for outdoor items such as decking and outdoor furniture provided that it is stored or contained within the confines of your pitch.

Know the value of your Caravan 

The value of your caravan can affect the ‘new for old’ or replacement value. Be sure to know the market value of your caravan and the ‘buy-new’ value if at all possible. If you yourself have bought a brand new caravan, knowing these values should be easy. If you have a second hand caravan or an older model however, it’s best to ask an agent or site manager.

What does Holiday Caravan insurance cover?

One area that you should regularly check are your gutters. Simply remove any leaves or debris to ensure that water can easily pass away. This is a genuinely common cause of dampness in caravans. By doing this quick and simple maintenance task your caravan will perform as is expected for many years.

Holiday Caravan insurance cover is designed so that it protects you against the following:

Storm cover

Your holiday caravan can be insured for damage that is caused by a storm or when the weather gets rough. Cover is also available for items that are on your pitch such as veranda, decking, and outside furniture.

Caravan contents cover

All the fixtures and fittings in your Holiday Caravan are typically covered as part of the caravan itself. Cover can also be had for items such as 12 v smart TV, cooking appliances, plus other non-permanent furniture such as ornaments and lamps. If you were able to tip your caravan upside down and shake it, the things that may fall out will need to be included in your sums insured.

Re-siting costs

Should the worst happen and your caravan becomes beyond repair, this insurance can cover the cost of removing debris, hooking-up a new caravan (electric and water) and any fees that may be charged by the site.

New for old replacements available

If you have included new for old cover on your policy, you will receive a replacement that is of the same value should your caravan be damaged beyond repair.

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