The Best Leisure Battery Monitor & Tester Guide

Do you want to know everything there is to know about leisure battery test/monitor products? A major part of owning a caravan is maintenance and also ensuring you have everything you need close at hand. Ensuring that your motorhome battery is fully charged and in tip-top shape is essential.

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You do not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere on a caravan tour with low battery power. Be prepared or be prepared to fail, as the adage goes. Understanding how your battery is performing and when to place on your caravan battery charger is fundamental to prolonging the life of any battery. Check out this ultimate leisure battery tester/monitor guide to ensure all your bases are covered.

Best selling leisure battery monitors, in 2021

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Battery Monitors 2021 Reviewed

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If looking for a battery monitor to serve you best, you want to go for the multi-function LCD battery Voltage monitor. Its key features include an LCD and an on and off power button, installation wires, and  suits a range of battery voltages. The battery is also multi-functional. The LCD battery comes accompanied by a battery monitor, a 50 wire centimetre, and a product manual.

The LCD is a color screen that makes battery monitoring easy for you. You also stand to benefit from its suitability to work with a range of battery voltages ranging from 10-100v. Not only will the LCD battery serve you as a battery monitor, but it can function as a temperature indicator panel for automobiles and a battery capacity tester. 


  • Multi-functional displaying both the battery capacity, the voltage and the celsius temperature. 
  • Easy to use 
  • A programmable battery gauge allowing you set the lower and upper limits 
  • Bright LCD display


  • Readings not 100% accurate 
  • Short cables 


Thanks to its LCD color screen display, the Multi-function LCD battery monitor gives you an enjoyable battery monitoring experience. It’s also suitable for a range of voltages and comes at an affordable price for a new buyer. What’s more, its multi-function ability gives you the privilege of enjoying battery capacity and a Celsius temperature read, allowing you to shift between the two modes quickly with a key. 

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Victron Energy battery monitor from Smarthunt comes packaged all in one but without a display. Your phone does the displaying. This monitor packs a range of features which include a Bluetooth connection and a VE. direct cable that gives you an alternative connection. Thanks to the blue connection feature, you can read all monitored battery parameters via your phone.

You will need to install a Victron connection app on your phone or tablet, for that matter. You will also be able to read battery parameters via a GX device via a VE. direct cable connection. There is also the VE. Port and a separate connection that is vital for midpoint and second battery monitoring. 


  • A suitable BMV battery monitor replacement which saves you from much wiring and clutter
  • Improves the efficiency of the Victron battery charger 
  • Functional bluetooth connectivity 


  • Data logging only happens when there is a bluetooth connection 
  • It doesn't provide data on daily usage but the cumulative total 


The SmartShunt Victron battery monitor gives you an edge through its Bluetooth connection that offers you the comfort of a phone display. It helps reduce wiring, which makes it the best alternative to the BMV battery monitor. It allows you to monitor battery parameters such as charge status, progress information, and remaining time. 

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The multimeter, voltmeter, ammeter by Mictuning gives you a four-in-one measurement that captures voltage, power, current, and energy simultaneously. You are bound to enjoy its 1.0-grade measuring ability. Other outstanding features of the battery monitor by Mictuning are a data storage design, a super large digital display, an alarm function, and a bonus current shunt.

The alarm function has an alarm threshold of (6-90V) factory alarm value. During usage, you should notice a simultaneous flash of the voltage value and the backlight. This only happens if the testing voltage goes beyond the alarm threshold. It’s also designed to automatically store testing data that it last recorded in the event of a power blackout. The monitor also has a recess button for control. 


  • Gives accurate and precise measurements 
  • Lightweight and compact 
  • A high power shunt (100A/75mV) suitable for large measurements 
  • Provides all relevant information on the battery specs 


  • It lacks an on and off button
  • Lacks a protection circuit for greater than 100 volts 


The four in one brilliant meter from Mictuning makes it easy to monitor the testing data of your battery. Besides, you won’t have to worry about display issues since it’s perfectly fitted with an LCD screen display. Its measuring range options are also ideal for your battery data monitoring. 

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What are leisure battery tester & monitor products?

The basic definition of a leisure battery tester monitor is a device that measures the power and energy flow of your caravan battery. These devices measure the life of your battery and if it’s functioning properly. As a caravan owner, you need to consider everything, especially if you are going on long trips to remote locations.

Battery monitors are designed to check the current condition of your battery. You will get up-to-date reports on the status of your battery so you can make well-guided decisions in terms of caravan maintenance. Although these products are fundamentally designed for caravans and motorhomes, they can also be used to check the battery status of boats or even cars.

Knowing your battery status is vital. Caravanning is a fantastic pastime, but if you are stuck with no battery on holiday, it can spoil you off-time. What else do we need to know about battery leisure battery monitors? Keep reading to learn more about these important devices.

What do leisure battery testers do?

The most basic function of a leisure battery monitor is to measure the energy flow in and out of your caravan battery. This will give you a clear indication of the current battery power capacity. You can gauge the estimated lifespan of the battery, while also fully understanding whether the battery is discharged or fully discharged.

Battery monitors work in a way that is similar to a voltmeter. And although a battery tester is a more simplistic version of a voltmeter, it does give you a clear indication of vital information needed to make the right choices.

Why is a leisure battery monitor so important?

Now we have presented you with a brief overview of leisure battery testers, it’s time to get more in-depth. Why is a leisure battery so important? And why do you need one in your caravan?

The first reason why you need this product is that you need to constantly know the status of your caravan’s battery at all times. If you keep on top of your battery’s health, you can make the right decisions at the right time. If you are going on a long caravan trip, this monitor will ensure you never get caught short.

What are the benefits of leisure battery tester monitor products?

We have already come to understand what leisure battery monitors do and why they are so important to caravan owners, but what are the benefits? Do you need one in your caravan, and if so, how do they simplify your caravan holiday experience? Keep reading to find out the key benefits of leisure battery tester/monitor products.

Effective Battery Monitoring Functionality 

Some of the best leisure battery monitor devices have access to amp-hour meters that will analyse the functionality of your battery. This will check if your battery is working properly. You will be able to read the amps being used by your caravan’s appliances. This will give you a clear indication if you have too many power-sucking appliances that might need removing.

You do not want to be wasting power when you are on the road. If you can already see how much power your caravan appliances are sucking up, you can make well-educated decisions to safeguard your battery’s energy on long trips. Not knowing about the well-being of your battery is dangerous.

Notifications of Battery Failures

Did you know that a battery monitor can notify you of any potential issues with your battery in advance? The best battery monitors can store historical data that will then be used to troubleshoot any potential issues. This is a vital benefit of using leisure battery testers. You can also manually analyse the data to predict future battery failures by using the in-built amp-hour meter.

Understanding Battery Capacity and Voltage Issues

If you fully understand the battery voltage and capacity at all times, you can make decisions to improve your caravan holiday. You will be able to see how much power your appliances are using. This will dictate if you remove appliances or even have enough power for a few more.

You can use the battery monitor to figure out how much energy that each appliance is using. This type of understanding and control over your caravan’s energy supply is a massive benefit that allows you to make the best decisions.

Leisure Battery Tester and Monitor Buyer’s Guide

The benefits of having a leisure battery tester onboard are plentiful. We have already come to realize that having one in your caravan is essential. It will simplify your caravan holiday and give you total control over your vehicle’s energy supply. So now we have decided to buy a battery monitor, what else do we need to consider? Check out our buyer’s guide for more details.

Should I mount my battery monitor?

Mounting your leisure battery monitor is something you need to seriously consider. Some of the best batter tester products have buttons and switches that you manually need to access. Mounting the monitor where you can get easy access is important.

Some monitor products come with surface mounts and/or flush mounts. Each manufacturer has a different setup, so make sure you understand the small print before you purchase.

Should I buy cheap, expensive, or mid-range battery monitors?

This is a question that you can only ask yourself. Any time we buy products, our available budget largely dictates our decisions. You need to approach this product purchase as you would any other product. How much are you willing to spend and what will you get for your money.

We would recommend that you buy a leisure battery tester from a popular brand name. The brand and the features are the two main things that should drive your decision. Working to a tight budget is fine, but we would suggest that you get the best monitor with the best features possible. But if you don’t have the cash to buy the best product, always go for value for money models.

Do I need products with battery shunts?

A battery shunt is a function of measuring the amount of energy and power that is flowing in or out of your battery at any one time. This will give you a real-time gauge of your current battery levels. It will show you the battery’s voltage and charge capacity and also log historical data.

If you buy a leisure battery monitor that doesn’t have a real-time battery shunt, it’s pointless buying the product in the first place. Make sure that your monitor comes equipped with a battery shunt.

Simple Product Setup

The battery monitor product you buy needs to be easy to use and set up. If you are not a tech-savvy individual, you need a product that is easy to use. Life is already complicated enough without complicating it more. But how do you find out if a battery monitor product is easy to use or not? We would suggest that you check the reviews on each product to find out that information.

Do I need a battery monitor with a warranty?

We would always recommend you buy products that have a warranty or some kind of money-back guarantee. Some companies offer a simple 6-month warranty, while some go as far as offering lifetime warranties and technical support.

Always check to see if your desired product has a warranty. Even if you need to spend a bit more to get a warranty, over the long term, this will work to your benefit. You will be able to sleep with peace of mind knowing you are covered for any future repairs or replacements.

Do you really need a battery monitor?

Do you really need a leisure battery tester for your caravan? You bet your bottom dollar that you do. Going on a caravan holiday or excursion without one is asking for trouble. Not only is a battery monitor essential to ensure your battery is fully charged, but it can also help you to decide which appliance you need and which ones suck too much power.

We hope you use this ultimate leisure battery tester guide so that you can make well-educated decisions. Because you do not want battery failure in your caravan at any time, especially if you are holidaying in a remote place. These are risks that you do not need to take if you have a reliable battery monitor in your caravan.

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