Buying the Best Collapsible Water Can for Caravans

August 31, 2022 by Eamonn

Avid campers and caravan aficionados already know that an essentials' checklist is always important before you go on a long trip. You don’t want to forget important accessories that simplify your holiday time. On my checklist, I always have collapsible water cans. They are so convenient, and almost always are forgotten when preparing for a caravan excursion.

If you don’t already know what a collapsible water can is, you’ve been missing out. And although it might not be the most important caravan accessory in the world, it’s still important nonetheless. Shall we take a look at what collapsible water cans are and why you might need them? We are already 10 steps in front of you!

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KONKY Folding Collapsible Water Can

If you’re tired of bulky water bottles getting in the way inside your caravan, this foldable and collapsible water can was designed with you in mind. This model comes with a choice of 5L, 10L or 15L capacity, which gives you varying options that suit your needs. There’s nothing too technical about these bottles, although some are easier to use and handle than others. This KONKY model is one of the best and is also highly recommended by other caravan users.

It’s constructed from high-quality PE plastic and has no plastic or PVS odours or smells. This model is easy to clean and even easier to store. It comes equipped with a big, comfortable handle that distributes the weight and makes it easy to carry. The included plastic connector allows you to conveniently tip water without any splashes or spillages.

Although it’s mainly used for emergency water storage on caravan trips, you could use it at home for the same backup reasons. It’s a multi-purpose collapsible water can that can be taken along wherever you go. And once you used up the water, you can simply scrunch it up, and store it in a very tight space until you need it again.

Colapz Collapsible Watering Can

This is a unique collapsible can that looks more like a standard watering can you might use in the garden to water your plants. But the best part is, when empty, you can simply crush it down into a foldable position and store it in the tightest of spots. This model is available in blue, black, or green, and enjoys a dual design that doubles as either a watering can or a bucket. It’s so flexible and something that every caravan owner should have.

The innovative space-saving design has the capacity of 7 litres as a watering can and 9 litres as a bucket. You can decide whether to keep the watering can spout on or off. And although this is more of a bucket and watering can instead of a collapsible water can per se, it has so many advantages and more uses than a standard collapsible model. And if you’re at home, you can use it to water your flowers too.

It’s constructed from durable and flexible plastic that enjoys UV protection and is even frost-proof, which is ideal for UK residents. The seams are electronically welded, giving it extra strength and protection. This is one of the most adaptable and versatile collapsible water cans in the marketplace and a must-have product.

Colapz 2-in-1 Collapsible Water Container

This innovative collapsible water can has a 2-in-1 design that makes it a water carrier and water dispenser at the same time. We would prefer to say it’s a 3-in-1 design because it can also be used as a bucket. But whichever way you use this interesting product, after, you can completely collapse it into a thin disk shape and pretty much store it wherever you please. This is why so many caravan owners swear by this product.

The can has a capacity of 8 litres, which is a decent size for storing water. It comes equipped with a plastic tap connector so you can dispense cups of water at any time. Alternatively, you can replace the tap connector with a screw-on cap. It’s lightweight, foldable, but also surprisingly durable for a can of this nature. It has UV protection and has frost-proof capabilities.

This is an essential accessory for any caravan holiday or trip. You can simply store the water in here for backup supplies. And once you used up the water, a couple of clicks, and it’s folded into something that resembles a large ice-hockey puck. It’s affordable, available in blue or black, and will upgrade a caravan holiday experience. Don’t leave home without.

ElifeAcc Collapsible Water Container with Spigot

This BPA-free collapsible water can should be the first item you buy for your caravan holiday. You can never have enough water stored when you are on the road. This is a straightforward water can and doesn’t double as a bucket or watering can. What you see is what you get with this model, and sometimes that’s the best way. This model is constructed from the best and safest PE plastic. There’s no BPA, DEHP, PVC, or plastic odour that can contaminate your water’s taste.

This is one of the largest collapsible water bottles you can buy. You can choose a multitude of capacities that include 1.3 Gal, 2.6 Gal, and 5.2 Gal. They literally are ginormous. It might be large, but once your water has been used, you can fold this model away to almost nothing and store it in the tightest of spaces. It’s undergone loads of testing and is a reliable and safe option for caravan owners.

The custom lid with is specially-designed spigot keeps it airtight and reduces leakage while providing excellent water flow when used. The one-piece design is simple, dependable, and leak-free. The built-in handle makes it easy to carry, no matter how full. If you’re looking for no-nonsense collapsible water can that hold larger water capacities than other models, you’ve struck gold with this ElfieACC product. 

What is a Caravan Collapsible Water Can?

Until I started caravanning, I didn’t know what a collapsible water can was. Caravan owners know how important water supply is when on the road. You will always need water for showers, washing your hands, washing dishes, and drinking. It’s the lifeline of reality as we know it! Collapsible water cans are innovative and creative solutions for storing lots of water in tight spaces. And we all know how important space management is in a caravan.

A collapsible water can is exactly how it sounds. It’s a large can for storing water. But that’s not the best bit. Once you’ve used the water in the can, you can simply collapse it into a very small package and store it away in the tightest of spaces. They are not only dedicated to caravan usage, and can also be stored around the house or even down at the allotment.

Collapsible Water Cans Vs Hard-Sided Cans?

We always get asked what is the difference between collapsible water cans and hard-sided models? This is actually the biggest decision you’ll make when buying water cans for your caravan. The debate is real and needs to be discussed in greater detail.

The major benefits of hard-sided cans are obviously their solidity. It’s durable, reliable, and dependable. Generally speaking, hard plastic is going to be more hard wearing than the most flexible of plastic materials. Or so you’d think. And that is true in most cases, although some of the better collapsible products out there might give them a run for their money.

Collapsible water cans are much easier to store and transport from one place to another. This makes them the viable solution for when you are on the road. You can keep them in a compact spot and only use them when needed. With hard-sided cans, even when they are not filled with water, they take up the same amount of space and generally get in the way. Both of these cans have their time and place, but for camping or caravanning, you simply can’t overlook the convenience of collapsible water carriers. 

Buying the Best Caravan Collapsible Water Cans

Now we know what collapsible water cans are and why they are essential for caravan users, it’s time to flash the credit card. But before you do, let’s review some of the best collapsible water cans for caravan owners.

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