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Need  classic campervan insurance ? Complete one online form and you will receive multiple quotes for your vintage vehicle from a select panel of UK brokers. 

If you are a motorist who wishes to take their home with them on the road, a classic campervan is the ideal vehicle. They are indeed a combination of both practicality and comfort. Classic campervans absolutely go beyond just being a mode of transport. As you drive one, you are given the opportunity to create precious memories. Whether you are heading off on a weekend sojourn, or just driving to the quiet countryside, a campervan will for sure get you where you want to go.

If you own a classic campervan, it is a great privilege and is something that can no doubt bring you a lot of pleasure. That said, because classic motorhomes are so expensive they are often times targeted by vandals and thieves. This is of course not the only risk. You must also think about breakdowns, collisions, and theft of contents. The proper classic campervan insurance policy will provide you cover for all these risks and allow you drive with full peace of mind. Compare static caravan insurance can also provide multiple quotes for motor homes over 20 years old as this is the normal time period for a camper to be classes as a classic.

Classic campervan options

  • Third Party Only A third party only motorhome policy will allow you to drive your classic caravan legally but it only will provide you with minimal protection. If you were to be involved in a collision and it was determined that you were to blame, your own vehicle would not be covered by your policy.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft If you wish a third party policy that has additional protection then third party, fire and theft is a fantastic option. Fire and theft are genuine risks for classic campervan owners.
  • Comprehensive  When you have this type of policy it will provide for your vehicle being protected in any type of collision, including one that you are to blame for.
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    Contents Cover This is a good idea, especially if you like to travel with your expensive gadgets such as tablets and smartphones. There are certain types of contents, (such as expensive jewelry) that might not be covered, so it’s always best to clarify this with your broker
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    European Cover If you decide to travel outside of the UK in your camper or motorhome then European cover will make sure that you’re protected when you are driving overseas.
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    Breakdown Assistance It’s no secret that caravan owners are adventurers at heart and this often times means that you will be driving to a lot of hard to reach and obscure places. This is great. But what about if you should break down and don’t have the means of being recovered? Breakdown assistance is a must for this very reason.

All Risk Classic Camper Cover

Does your policy include "All Risk Cover"?  When comparing class motorhome insurance policies is referred to as all risk and provides cover for equipment like generators, TV's, Gas bottles, Sat Nav for example.

Personal accident insurance

Other things to look out for include  personal accident cover, cover for trailers and a-frames should you intend towing a small car or bikes.

Cover for Europe

Does your policy include cover for European travel?  Most policies will provide cover a fixed number of days make sure to check if this is included if you intend spending motorhome time in Europe.

All Risk Classic Camper Cover

Does your policy include "All Risk Cover"?  When comparing class motorhome insurance policies is referred to as all risk and provides cover for equipment like generators, TV's, Gas bottles, Sat Nav for example.

How old should my motorhome be before I can apply for classic cover ? Typicality if your van is over 20 years you need to apply for classic motorhome insurance else apply for  a mainstream ‘non-classic’ motorhome insurer value policy

Remember that three of the main rating factors on all motorhome insurance premiums are the value, your no claims bonus entitlement, and where they are going to be kept. So if you’ve got a very high value classic motorhome such as an American RV, Winnebago, or Volkswagen (VW) Camper (which can be worth over £30k) you may want to fit a tracking device or alarm system to bring down the price of your premium. Some insurers may even require certain security devices in order to be able to provide insurance.

The Factors that determine your insurance premium

  • Your no claims entitlement
  • Where you keep your classic campervan
  • Security: Many classic campers are expensive to purchase with process in excess of  £30k not uncommon. As brokers will insist on all possible security precautions being taken including tracking and alarm systems. 
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