Cello TV Review - 19,22, 24 inch Smart Traveller TV's

Cello TV Review - 19,22, 24 inch Smart Traveller TV's

High-efficiency and energy management are the cornerstones of maintaining a functioning caravan or motorhome. Did you know that a Cello 12v TV is one of the most energy-efficient television products for caravans? And we all know how important it is to ensure our appliances are not sucking our battery dry when on the road.

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But what makes this product so beneficial for caravan owners? Why should I choose this product instead of other low-voltage TVs? Because this model was specifically designed to work in tandem with solar energy-powered systems. Therefore, cutting down on your energy consumption.

What is a Cello 12v Smart TV?

If your caravan already uses solar power or has some kind of solar panel capabilities, this Cello 12v TV is the ultimate purchase. We know how appliances can drain our battery on caravan trips, which limits our luxuries on the road. This Cello 12v TV is solar efficient, so you can use your battery power for other important appliances.

This television was designed specifically to be used with solar systems. The benefits of using solar-powered products in your caravan are obvious. This is a product that can work with a simple 30W or 40W solar panel. You can choose to buy the solar panel with your TV if needed. So it’s not like you have to build an entire solar panel system.

You do not need a massive solar system to power this TV. This model is so energy-efficient that it’s now being used in remote and rural African locations. It’s safe to say that this is a ground-breaking innovative product that is perfect for a caravan.

Bestseller No. 1
Cello ZRTMF0222 12 volt and mains 22 inch Traveller Caravan TV Freeview HD DVD Full HD 1080P Built in Satellite Made in the UK
  • 22" Freeview HD TV With Satellite Tuner, Built-in DVD Player
  • Max Resolution 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
  • Energy Rating A
  • Inputs: RF, Satellite, HDMI, Mini YPbPr, VGA, CI. Outputs: Optical Digital Audio Output & Headphone
Bestseller No. 2
Cello ZRTMF0222 Traveller 22" inch Full HD Traveller 12 V TV with DVD and Satellite Tuner Made in the UK
  • WIDESCREEN: 22” Full HD widescreen LED TV
  • BUILT IN: Built-in DVD Player and satellite tuner
  • Made for the caravan
  • FREEVIEW READY: Freeview T2 HD channels
Bestseller No. 3
Cello ZRTG0242 Traveller 12 Volt 24” Smart Android TV with Freeview Play, Google Assistant, Google Chromecast, Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, BBC iPlayer, Made in the UK (2021 model)
  • OFFICIAL ANDROID TV: The all-new smart user interface designed by Google exclusively for TV devices.
  • GOOGLE PLAY STORE: All the most popular apps are either pre-loaded or available for download from the Google Play store...
  • ENTERTAINMENT APPS: Easily access Netflix, Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Apple TV+, YouTube, ITV Hub, More 4 and...
  • GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Just say “Ok Google” or press the mic button on the remote to quickly find the latest movies,...
Bestseller No. 4
Cello C1920FMTR 12v/24v 19" Traveller Caravan TV Freeview HD DVD and built in Satellite
  • 19" Freeview HD TV with Satellite Tuner & Built-in DVD Player
  • Max Resolution: 1366 x 768 (720p)
  • Energy Rating A
  • Inputs: RF, Satellite, HDMI, Mini YPbPr, VGA, CI. Outputs: Optical Digital Audio Output & Headphone
Bestseller No. 5
Cello C2420G 24” 240v / 12v Traveller Smart Android TV with Freeview Play, Google Assistant, Google Chromecast, 3 x HDMI and 2 x USB | Made in the UK
  • Multi-Connectivity: HDMI and USB available
  • Android Smart TV: Download apps from Play Store
  • LED TV with 720p HD Ready Display
  • Easy set-up: Freeview Play and Google Assistant
Bestseller No. 6
Cello 12 volt 32'' inch C3220 Traveller FS LED TV with DVD and Satellite & Proper Lockable Swing Arm TV Bracket For Motorhome, Rv Caravan and Boat 13''- 42'', Silver PB138
  • BUILT-IN: Integrated DVD player
  • FREEVIEW HD Built in Freeview HD
  • SATELLITE TUNER: Built-in satellite tuner for all free to air channels (DVB-S2)
Bestseller No. 7
Cello C22230F-Traveller 22-Inch Full HD Traveller 12 V TV with DVD and Satellite Tuner Made in the UK Black
  • 22" 12volt Full HD LED TV with DVD player
  • Terrestrial & Satellite Tuners for all Free to air HD channels (DVB-T/T2 DVB-S2)
  • USB 2.0 – record digital TV/ play media files
  • HDMI input for your external devices

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What are the Cello 12v TV Features?

Now we understand how this TV is so energy-efficient, it’s time to delve deeper into its specs and features. What are the Cello 12V TV features, and why are they ideal for caravan owners? Keep reading to find out this vital information.

Multiple Screen Sizes

Multiple Screen Sizes – You have many screen size options with this classy TV product. Whether you want to keep it compact or go full cinema, you have lots of options. The TV screen sizes available are 16”, 19”, 22”, 24”, 32”, 40”, and 43”. There are lots of options to fit any caravan of any size.

Market-Leading Slim HDTV

Market-Leading Slim HDTV – This Cello 12v TV has a super-thin design that makes it a convenient TV for caravans. This high-quality HD-TV comes equipped with lots of cool features such as Freeview T2 HD channels with a built-in satellite tuner and optional DVD player. The satellite tuner makes it easy to watch your favourite free-to-view shows. This TV also comes with just a single remote control that works simultaneously for everything.

USB Input Capabilities

USB Input Capabilities – We live in a world of modern multimedia tech, and if your devices are not USB-compatible, it’s not worth the price. This product does have USB inputs that make it easy to record digital TV channels or watching downloaded media from your laptop or computer.

Connecting with HDMI

Connecting with HDMI – Do you want to take your PS4 or PS5 along with you for the journey? Nights in a caravan can be boring if you have nothing to keep you amused. This TV offers HDMI connections so you can easily plug in your gaming console or other external devices.

Other Notable Inclusions

You can purchase one of these Cello solar-powered TVs as a stand-alone product or with numerous compatible add-ons. If you do not already have solar power capabilities in your caravan, you do have the option to purchase a 30W/40W solar PV panel with fixing brackets. You could also opt for the 86WhW/126Wh LiFEPO4 battery to power the TV.

Other important add-ons include a smart antenna with an18db adapter, a universal remote control, and high-efficiency LED lights. These can all be purchased with your Cello 12v TV. And we would recommend that you buy these extra features to ensure the best solar-powered TV experience possible.

Are you looking for a television for your caravan that offers a high-quality experience with minimal power usage? Are you interested in a TV that is compatible with solar systems? Or are you looking to try a solar-powered TV for the first time? If the answer is yes to one or more of those questions, you are in for a real treat with this product.

This Cello 12v TV is a market-leading product that was specifically designed for energy efficiency. And if you are a caravan owner, you know the importance of energy management. You can run this product from a small solar panel, which allows you to have more appliances during your caravan holiday or tour.

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