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caravan insurance cost 2019

Average cost of caravan insurance 2019

The average cost of static caravan insurance in 2019

The average cost of caravan insurance in 2019 is at £150 for a touring caravan that is worth approximately £9,000 and will have an excess of £162. The average cost of static caravan insurance in 2019 is at £300 that has a value close to £45,000 with an excess of £167. What should be noted is that the more the caravan is worth, the higher the premiums will be for both touring and static caravans.

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What are the variables in caravan insurance in 2019?

The above quotes are for basic coverage and do not include contents in the caravans. The more coverage you desire, the higher the premiums will be. Items that directly affect the cost of covering your caravan will include the following;

  • The safety features you have in and on your caravan.
  • The location your caravan will be parked so the higher the crime is in that area, the higher to cost of coverage will be.
  • The age, model and manufacturer of your caravan
  • For touring caravan owners, the number of years of experience piloting one is a factor.
  • Any claims you have filed in the past in reference to your caravan insurance.
  • The main purpose you own a caravan and how you use it.
  • Your Age
  • The value of the contents in your caravan and if they are covered.

Which type of caravan is considered lower in risk?

Due to the static caravan being stationary, they are considered lower risk by an insurance company. That is the reason for the average cost of covering a static caravan is only double that of a touring caravan but the value of the static caravan is 5 times higher.

What can caravan insurance cover?

You can choose to take out  basic insurance with numerous add-ons that will provide you with a larger security blanket, but also raise your premiums. What can be added includes is financial protection if your caravan is damaged in an accident. There is also protection that can be added if damage is cause by a fire, storm, flood and vandalism.

The most common add-on for touring caravans is breakdown assistance, the cost of towing and storing the caravan if it is broken down or involved in an accident.

​What type of caravan insurance is required by UK law?

Caravans are not required to have a separate insurance policy, your car insurancemay provide some cover. Please note the cover that your car policy normally provides ( if any) is third party only. We strongly suggest that you check the cover that you have and determine if this is adequatefor you. Most likley you may wish to take out a separate static caravan insurance policy that covers towing. If the touring caravan is motorised like a motorhome, minimum of third party insurance is required by UK law.

Static caravans are not required to have insurance, but most caravan parks do require some type of protection for you to park your caravan on their property.

Shop around to find the best deal on Caravan insurance in 2019

With the knowledge of the average costs of caravan insurance in 2019 you can begin shopping and comparing multiple suppliers such as Towergate Caravan Insurance, The Caravan Club insurance options and Tesco Compare who like us provide a comparative service only.

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