Static Caravan Steps 

Caravan steps enable easy entry and exit to your static caravan. Mosts static caravans are raised at least 2 ft above ground level and easy exit and entry is a  must. You may have a temporary solution, but these generally are not safe and will hold up against the UK weather. Below we provide a review of the top static caravan steps with and without rails, We laso review freestanding and bolt.

Static caravan steps need not be drab, brighten up your entry with a fashionable colour including red, green or choose a galvanized finish for a classic look. The choice extends to the number of treads, from 2 tread steps to three and four tread options.

Static Caravan Steps with Handrails

Handrails for caravan steps can be fixed to either side depending on your preference. If required you can have steps with handrails on both sides for that extra safety feature for old and young alike. Most options will also have adjustable feet. The adjustable feet enable you not to overcome caravans that are that are not on perfect even ground. This makes them safe and secure regardless of slope.

Portable Static Caravan steps

Portable steps serve as a gust may for your static caravan or motorhome and come in a wide variety of options. These options include single, steps, single spets with treads. Folding steps that fold flat for easy transportation, but can be tiresome have to reassemble each time you arrive at your campervan park and then dismantel on departure. Materials include alloy, plastic metal and PVC. Brand names that include fiamma caravan steps and Dukdalf steps with safety arm.

Compare Static Caravan steps prices online

Start comparing the wide selection of static caravan steps and find the one that suits your individual requirements for entry and access to your static caravan.

1 tread step, 2 tread step or 3 tread steps

Most models will come in a variety of sizes and the number of steps. You will need to know the distance from ground level to the base of the caravan door. With this information you can easily select the most suitable size.

Static Caravan step material

Caravan steps come in a variety of materials. The popular choices are steel, galvanised, aluminum alloy or PVC. Aluminum alloys are the most expensive, but have many attractive qualities. These include high strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistant. Make it a better long term option over cheaper steel or PVC caravan steps.

Antislip Treads

The importance of the tread should not be overlooked. The purpose of the tread is to make the step anti slip in wet weather conditions. Some treads have the surface treated so that will glow in the dark giving an added safety feature. 

Select based on long term usability and safety

Steps come in all shapes and sizes, some are cheap and others expensive. Whilst you may not wish to part with much money for caravan steps. Take a moment and think of how important these steps are. They provide access to your caravan and will be used everyday and are expected to be safe , strong and long lasting. It may be worth thinking long term and consider the more expensive items that have these qualities inbuilt.

4 Tier Caravan Step British Made

3 Tier Caravan Step British Made