Caravan Club Insurance review

For those that join  Caravan Club there are many members only service this organization offers their membership including Caravan Club Insurance. In 2017 the name of this club has been changed to Caravan and Motorhome Club. The Caravan Club provide their own insurance policies for static caravans, unlike Tesco static caravan insurance which is just another comparative web site.  In the review below you will discover ways to get further discounts on your caravan insurance. One easy way is to take the course on caravan towing offered by the Caravan Club.

Who can take out a policy with Caravan Club Insurance?

The Caravan Club has been in existence since 1907 and has members in the UK and Ireland. Only existing members of this exclusive club can take out an insurance policy financially protecting their caravan.

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What does the caravan club insurance cover?

To protect your investment this club offers a policy called Caravan Cover. Benefits include the following;

  • There is New for Old coverage where your caravan will be replaced with a new comparative model if it is stolen or damaged through no fault of your own. Standard coverage is replacement of a 5 year old or newer caravan. Super Cover is for caravans up to 15 years old.
  • Your personal belonging in the caravan are protected under this policy. This includes items such as TV, bedding, clothing, crockery, cutlery to name a few.
  • When Foul weather causes damage or destruction of your caravan, you will be reimbursed for the damage to the caravan and the awnings. This includes damage from flood s and storms where there will be additional excess you will have to pay out.
  • Personal accident protection is also included with coverage up to £50,000 for Super Cover and £20,000 for Standard Cover.
  • Third Party Liability coverage.
  • When on a foreign soil protection is standard for up to 182 days.

What are the extra benefits most over policies to not include?

These are items most caravan insurance policies do not include or offer at an additional cost.

  • 1
    If you loan out your caravan to any family members or friends, the caravan is still covered by Caravan Cover.
  • 2
    If your caravan is stolen or damaged when you are not present the club will pay for a hotel or hire you a caravan to use.  For standard coverage up to £150 per day and for Super Cover up to £225 per day.
  • 3
    Costs of post accident transportation of you and your guests along with the recovery of the caravan are included.
  • 4
    Protected No Claims Discount.
  • 5
    Caravan owners Legal Protection included.
  • 6
    Your caravan is automatically listed on Theftcheck register to help in the recovery of your caravan if it is stolen.

What type of discounts can be expected?

  • No Claims Discount begins at 20% and can reach as high as 35% over time.
  • 10% discount when a tracking device is installed on the caravan that is Thatcham approved.
  • 5% discount when the owner completes the Club caravanning course.
  • 15% discount when either an AL-KO or BPW trailer control system with wheel locks is installed on your caravan.
  • You receive a £12 discount on pitch fees when staying at Club Site.

In Conclusion

The Caravan Club Insurance coverage is offered by the club and not an insurance company. This club is self insured and all dealing in a claim process is with members of this not-for-profit organization.

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Take the Caravan Driving Training Course

Some of things that you can learn if you take one of the Caravan's Club training caravan towing courses 

  • ‘hitching up’ and towing safely
  • Caravan manoeuvring
  • Reversing
  • laws that apply to caravans
  • Reversing around corners
  • How the load can affect handling and driving.

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