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Campervan, RV, Motor Caravan, Motorhome … Whatever you wish to call it, if you own one, chances are good that it’s likely to bring you many, many hours of relaxation and enjoyment, as well as providing a ‘home away from home’ whilst you are away. Because you always want to enjoy your holiday in your camper, you will want the peace of mind that only specialist Camper Insurance can give you.

Owning a camper is a lifestyle choice. There’s the lure of the open road, the freedom to just park up and enjoy the scenery, and the incredible opportunity to discover a beautiful and unspoiled part of the world, and of course not having to worry about the expense and hassle of where you are going to be sleeping for the night. When you have the right Camper Insurance you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself, wherever it is that your motorhome takes you.

Typically, insurance companies will offer a choice of policies different to that for static caravan insurance. It’s important to find out what each of the variation covers, and of course what it doesn’t cover. As you look at different Camper insurance policies, it’s critical to look at the exact type of cover that is offered, because the ‘small print’ can oftentimes be a real eye-opener.

How Can I Reduce The Cost of Camper Insurance?

No one enjoys paying for insurance, but it’s a legal requirement to have your vehicle insured here in the UK. However, if you wish to ease the pain a bit and make your camper insurance a bit cheaper, there are indeed a few things that you can do.

  • Use a wheel clamp when you park your camper on a site, in your drive, or when you are just ‘out and about’. This will no doubt ensure that thieves won’t be driving off with your prized vehicle.
  • Install a tracking device in your camper. Make sure that the make and model that you choose is endorsed by your Camper Insurance company. Many camper insurance providers will give you a discount when you have such a device installed. A tracking device will not stop your camper from being stolen, but if it is, the chances of the police recovering it are increased.
  • Fit your camper with an alarm. Many of the newer camper models have an alarm installed as standard equipment, but if your camper is several years old, and it doesn’t have an alarm fitted, then you should install one.
  • Make sure you are accurate when declaring your annual mileage. Lower mileage translates to cheaper Camper Insurance, so be as accurate as possible. Understand that you must be open and honest when you purchase insurance or quite possibly your policy could be voided.
  • Only put additional drivers on the camper insurance policy that are actually going to be driving the camper.
  • The same as with regular car insurance, you could increase the excess on the policy, but make sure to only increase this to an amount that you genuinely afford. It can be very tempting to increase this significantly, in order to reduce the overall premium, but if you set it at too high of level, you might end up kicking yourself should you have to make a claim.

Classic Campervan Insurance Options

  • Third Party Only 
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft 
  • Comprehensive Insurance 
  • Contents Insurance Contents
  • European Cover 
  • Breakdown Assistance

When you get classic campervan insurance online through a broker there are numerous benefits.

Zodiac Classic Camper
  • Get the exact policy you want In doing so, you can specify exactly the type of cover you wish to have included. A good broker will be able to tailor your policy.
  • Save time Obtaining quotes online is incredibly easy and quick. Getting quotes this way can save you a lot of time and stress.
Do I need insurance for a holiday caravan
Insurance for your holiday caravan is not a legal requirement. However, fact is that most holiday parks will ask that you to have a basic level of cover.
A Brief History of The Volkswagen Campervan
If you were to ask any VW campervan owner about the history of their vehicle, they will most likely point to the Type 2 Kombi vans. There have indeed been many variations on the theme since that time from the many different manufacturers from around the world. Here’s a little about the history and the developments of the Volkswagen Campervan that has inspired a whole generation of vehicles. When you need to take out vw campervan insurance be sure to compare quotes with our easy multiple quote system.
Tips for Maintaining Your Static Caravan
Whilst a great investment when it comes to you and your family’s future holidays. There are amazing times to be had in your new holiday home however, you should do your part to look at after your second home. This way it stays in tip top condition year after year. Here are a few hints and tips on maintaining your mobile home.