Best Breathable Groundsheets for Caravan Awnings

August 31, 2022 by Eamonn

When you’ve already purchased all the essential items needed for your caravan, it’s then time to concentrate your efforts on getting the best accessories. And one of the most practical is breathable groundsheets. It might not be the most glamorous subject in the world, but it’s something you need to consider. Awnings extend your living space to supply 12 volt power to your extra living room, check out our guide on 12 volt extension leads and caravan hook up cables. In the evening, you sit back and catch up the latest world events on your portable 12 volt smart TV or just listen to some relaxing music.

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Breathable groundsheets for a caravan awning might not be the most vital necessity, but they will improve the quality of your caravan holiday. Your overall experience will be more comfortable, and that is what we are always striving to achieve as caravan owners. What are breathable groundsheets? What do they do? And why do we need them? Let’s find out!

MP Essentials Weaved Supreme Ground Covering (Blue & Grey)

When you need extremely durable and high-grade breathable groundsheet for awnings or a tent, this is one of the best options. MP Essentials constructs some of the most practical groundsheet products. This blue and grey version comes in 11 different sizes that will fit almost any caravan awning. The carpet is weatherproof, durable, waterproof, and UV-stable. The woven design makes it breathable that allows grass to continue growing and receive nutrients.

It can also act as a barrier against bugs and insects. It’s easy to install with metal butterfly nuts and built-in bolts. You don’t need any additional equipment to install these covers. This groundsheet tent and awning carpet is one of the best in this category. It’s reliable and dependable, always keeping you dry while protecting the environment.

You can also use it for outdoor picnics, at festivals, or for any type of outdoor area when you are camping or caravanning. You can easily attach it via the secure alloy eyelets. It comes in a storage bag that makes it easy to transport or lock away when not in use. All in all, this is an impressive product that is durable and made to last.

Weaveatex Breathable Caravan Awning Carpet

This very durable breathable awning carpet is a very practical choice for caravan owners. The woven design gives it that breathability factor so the grass underneath is never starved of oxygen or nutrients. It also acts as an effective barrier against all manner of bugs and insects that can infest your awning during the summer months. Being rot-proof and UV-resistant, you are always protected against the elements.

The carpet is fitted with practical alloy ring eyelets that make it secure at all times. It comes in a wide range of sizes and is easily cleaned and maintained. It’s a no-nonsense, no-frills product that is tough, rugged, and stands the test of time. It performs well in all weather conditions and makes the perfect protection for your caravan awning.

This version comes in blue/grey and is recommended by caravan owners and loved by campsite owners because it protects the environment. When you need a reliable product that works great and is cost-effective, this model takes some beating.

MP Essentials Weaved Supreme Ground Covering (Green & Grey)

This is a supreme breathable groundsheet product that really does take it to the next level. It comes in 11 different sizes that fit all types of awning. This is the green and grey color version that’s waterproof, weatherproof, UV-stable, and immensely durable. We recommend this version if you are looking for heavy-duty solutions that can still be folded and stored away when possible. 

The woven design is the best type, largely because its breathable nature protects the underlying grass. It can also keep insects and bugs out if you are squeamish in that regard. The non-perishable material is eco-friendly and ideally used for caravan awnings, picnics in the park, gazebos, marques, tents, camping, or simply for backup on caravan holidays.

Breathable groundsheets like this model are a caravan owner’s best friends. This model can be easily folded and stored away when necessary. And we all know the importance of caravan space management. Don’t settle for inferior quality products when you can buy this high-grade groundsheet to fit any event or eventuality.

What is a Breathable Groundsheet Awning?

All caravan owners have used a standard single groundsheet at some point in time. It’s essentially a thin piece of material that you place on the ground of awnings or tents that gives you extra protection. What is a breathable groundsheet? It’s an upgraded version of a standard sheet that is made from breathable materials as opposed to a simple sheet of thin plastic. 

Traditional groundsheet starves the grass of oxygen and is generally not good for the environment. Some campsites even have rules banning traditional groundsheets because they damage the grass. Breathable groundsheets for awnings are basically sheets that are made from materials that let air flow through them. The main benefits of using breathable groundsheets are increasing the life of your awning, keeping out bugs, and providing a cleaner and greener liveable space. 

What Makes High-Quality Breathable Groundsheets for Awnings?

Before you jump head first into buying a breathable groundsheet for your caravan, take a few deep breaths. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to consider before making a purchase.

Fabric Types

There are many types of groundsheets, but the type of fabric you want will largely depend upon your needs. You can buy fabrics that insulate heat, but these will have different qualities than waterproof sheets. Make sure you choose correctly.


The price will be dramatically affected by the type of material you use. The prices will be determined by the brand, sizes, and material quality. Obviously, higher-quality groundsheets will come with higher price tags. We recommend that you invest in the best groundsheets because they will last longer. 


Always make sure you buy breathable groundsheets for your awning in the right size for what you need. Some people overlook this and end up with ill-fitting sheets that do not cover all the grass n their awnings. If needs be, get out the tape measure to physically calculate the dimensions of your awning.

Portability Factor

When travelling in a caravan, we don’t have to inform you about the importance of storage. Buying sheets that are easily foldable and storable is essential. Space is always in limited supply in caravans so make sure you buy a compact breathable groundsheet for your awning as they will be more convenient and practical for your holidays. 

Buying the Best Breathable Groundsheets for Caravan Awning or Tent

To get the best idea of the options available in the marketplace, we have reviewed three of the best breathable groundsheets for awnings. These products are highly recommended by caravan owners looking for viable groundsheet solutions.

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