Portable Caravan Washing Machine UK Reviews 2022

March 06, 2022 by Eamonn

The washing machine is now an indispensable kitchen appliance that makes light work of a pile of laundry. Before the washing machine, washing was a slow, labour-intensive task with a bar of soap and a scrubbing board as the only helpers. Now, life without a washing machine would be unthinkable. The question is, how will you keep your clothes fresh and clean when you are off touring in your motorhome or in your static caravan. The full size is too bulky and heavy, the solution is a small portable washing machine. These do exist and are relatively inexpensive and will save you loads of time. The portable washing machine is low on power and can be hooked up to mains or powered safely with a pure sine wave inverter. They are a must for the avid outdoor enthusiastic capable of powering  caravan microwaves, caravan TV's, small fridge, laptops and other electronic equipment.

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How do I set up a mini portable washing machine?

The key difference is that a portable washing machine is not permanently hooked up to a water supply and drainage system. However, it can be easily connected to a water source using a hose or simply add water. The drainage hose can be placed in a sink or direct to the caravan out drain, if accessible. Some smaller models can just be emptied at the end of the rinse/wash cycles.

Small and portable caravan washing machines reviewed 2021

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The TG23 is a portable twin washing machine that brings you two tubs while keeping up with a minimal footprint. A compact and lightweight choice that can easily fit in almost any space of your choosing, while offering a durable plastic body.

Making your life easier, the two tubes are dedicated towards different services, one for washing and the other for drying. Carrying a powerful motor that offers a quiet run. This machine measures 60x38.5x69cm (WxDxH).

Carrying approximately 3.6 kg in the wash area and 2 kg in the spinner area; it washes a great load in no time. Moreover, the portable washing machine offers you a 15 minutes soft or normal wash cycle, and a 5 minutes spin cycle.

With no plumbing requirements - all you need is a source of water and a drain area. You can either manually pour water or use a hose.

The portable FitnessClub twin tub washing machine is a wonderful choice for your caravan, offering you two dedicated tubs. Covering a washer and a dryer, this portable machine comes with a compact footprint and a durable body.

While the washing machine offers you a space-saving choice, that does not mean it compromises on quality work. With a maximum rotational speed of 1300RPM the portable washing machine, while ensuring your max frequency is limited at 50Hz. A way you can save time and money no matter where you are.

With a total capacity of 4.5 kg, it brings you a 2.5 kg washer and 2 kg spinner capacity. Using the timer controls, you can set the machine between 1 and 15 minutes for the washer, and 1 to 3 minutes for the spinner.

Lastly, when it comes to water supply, you can fill the washer using a hose or using a manual source. However, you will need a drain pipe or drain system to get rid of dirty water.

Features include:

  • 2.5kg washer and 2kg spinner capacity
  • Timer controls you can set the machine between 1 to 15 minutes for wash cycle
  • Timer controls you can set the machine1 to 3 minutes for the spinner

The portable Leisure Direct mini twin tub washing machine brings you a spectacular caravan choice, that offers a wash cycle and a spin cycle. Measuring approximately 54.5x38.5x55cm the portable machine can easily fit into a tight space. While its plastic body offers you a lightweight and durable choice.

With a space-saving design, you get powerful 240W washing power and 120W spinning power. It keeps up with a quiet running system, one that can help you save energy and time. Moreover, the portable washing machine comes with automatic switches that allow you to set timers based on your preference.

With a total capacity of 6.1 kg, it offers users a 3.6 kg washing capacity and a 2.5 kg spin capacity. With a carry weight of only 11 kg weight, overall, making it an easy addition that offers control when required. Furthermore, the washing machine comes with a 15-minute built-in timer for a wash cycle and a 5-minute time for a spin cycle.

What makes the portable Leisure Direct mini twin tub washing machine is its gravity drain function. Moreover, the washing machine does not require any plumbing and can be filled manually.

Features include:

  • 2.5kg washer and 2kg spinner capacity
  • Timer controls you can set the machine between 1 to 15 minutes for wash cycle
  • Timer controls you can set the machine1 to 3 minutes for the spinner

What options should I look for in a small portable washing machine for my caravan?

Look out the following portable washing machine features

Size of portable washing machine

This is an important question when choosing a mini caravan washing machine. It is unlikely that you have a dedicated space for a mini washing machine, so you may consider using it on a table top or even outside. After use, you will also need space to store until next required. Working this out in advance will reduce any holiday frustrating moments,

Load capacity of portable washing machine capacity in Kg’s

Whilst we are considering mini washers, pay attention to the load size as it does vary from model to model. Aim for a size that is suitable for your requirements. 

Mini washing machine ease of use (simplicity)

This is a function device, and you really don't need all the electronic associated with typical domestic washing machines. All the appliances we have reviewed are easy to use with simple wash and spin cycles selection. 

Energy efficient wash programs available? 

You will not be expected the range of option and programs available in your home appliance washing machine, but look at out for a quick wash and quick spin option to save on energy and time waiting.

How power hungry is the small portable washer

It is always important to select items that are kind to caravan leisure batteries. Low energy consumption will help save energy and prolong the lifetime of your leisure battery. We highlight this in the reviews above.

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