Best Caravan TV Brackets 2021

Finding the best caravan TV bracket might seem like a small thing. But it’s small things like these that make up the whole. Attention to detail is everything in life. So if you are a caravan owner, finding the best TV mount products could be as important as fixing your starter motor.

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Caravan and MotorhomeTV Brackets and Mounts Reviewed

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Benefits of Buying a Caravan TV Bracket?

Getting the right fit is essential when it comes to your caravan accessories or anything in life. You can’t fit a square peg into a circular hole, not without smashing everything to smithereens. So, why do I need a TV mount bracket product for my caravan?

Camping isn’t always about outward-bound pursuits and adventures. As you already know, the relaxing downtime parts of the caravanning experience are the best bits. Sitting with a cup of tea or coffee in your caravan while watching television is one of life’s guilty pleasures. 

Check out these 6 key benefits of buying a caravan TV bracket.

1. Maximizing Caravan Space

Caravan TV bracket products can simplify your travelling experience. By mounting your TV to the wall, you are freeing up lots of space. And we all know how essential maximizing space is in a caravan. Especially if yours is a compact, cosy and quaint model. The more free space the better.

2. Securing the Safe Space

You always need to keep everything secure in your caravan, especially while driving during holidays and excursions. Mounting your TV on the wall securely is essential. You do not want any unexpected mishaps or breakages. The constant vibrations caused by driving can have many negative knock-on problems and shake your caravan interior to the core. Make sure your TV is secure with a reliable bracket product. 

3. Better TV Viewing Experience

Mounting your TV on the wall will also give you a better view of the screen. Anything that is at or above eye level improves the TV viewing experience. If you position your TV below eye level or near to the ground, it can cause neck or eye strain.

4. Wall-Mounted TVs Look Great!

Mounting your TV on the wall will also give you a better view of the screen. Anything that is at or above eye level improves the TV viewing experience. If you position your TV below eye level or near to the ground, it can cause neck or eye strain.

5. Modern TVs are Designed for Mounting

Modern flat-screen TVs were essentially designed to mount on the wall. These products already come equipped with purposely-made holes on the unit. These holes are standardized to be compatible with virtually all the modern TV wall mount bracket products on the marketplace.

6. Keeping Everything Tidy

With so many wires and cables with modern TV products, satellite boxes and surround sound systems, keeping everything tidy is important. A wall-mounted TV makes it easier to hide and position cables out of harm’s way. Keep the clutter to a bare minimum. Use a clear caravan sealant to plug any visible holes. 

What Type of Caravan TV Wall Mount Brackets are there?

There are probably way more varieties of TV wall mount brackets for caravans than you would think. These cover all manner of shapes and sizes, designs, and purposes. And also prices. There are some super-high-end bracket products and some that are more accessible and affordable. It all comes down to what you need and your budget.

Here are some examples of the best TV mount types for caravans and their purposes.

Articulating Caravan TV Bracket

The articulating caravan TV bracket offers more flexibility than a flat-panel variety. It’s one of the most popular caravan TV brackets because it’s very secure, but has some manoeuvrability. 

This product allows you to fit your TV snugly against the wall but gives you the option to swivel your TV. This function allows you to swivel your TV upwards, downwards, and in a side-to-side motion. It’s more expensive than the flat panel product for obvious reasons. 

Full Motion Caravan TV Mount

The full-motion caravan TV mount is one of the best brackets you will find. And it’s definitely the most flexible caravan TV wall mount you can buy. This product allows you to swivel your TV in a full circular 360-degree motion. This will give you the flexibility to view your TV from virtually every angle of your caravan. 

The only potential drawback in regard to this design is the TV will not be securely attached to your wall. The TV will need to be restrained when you are driving. But that’s the only negative about this fantastic product.

Under Cabinet Caravan TV Wall Bracket

If saving and maximizing space in your caravan is essential, you will need an under cabinet caravan TV wall mount/bracket. As the name suggests, this bracket allows you to store your TV underneath a cabinet. 

There are a few different under cabinet styles such as foldable products and stationary brackets. It all depends on what you require. The downsides to this type are they usually don’t support larger flat-screen TVs, so beware. You will also have difficulties hiding the cables and wires with this product. But if you are needing to maximize space, this is the bracket for you. 

Pull Down Motion Caravan TV Wall Bracket 

As TV wall mount designs are constantly evolving and changing, it makes sense to do your research. This pull-down motion caravan TV  bracket is one of the most innovative products of this type. And it’s definitely worth a look.

This variety of mount is becoming extremely popular at the moment with modern caravan aficionados. This model allows you to mount your TV overhead but can be neatly and easily packed away when not needed. This functionality makes this bracket one of the most unique, and expensive. 

What do I need to remember when buying a caravan TV mount?

Now we have discussed why you need caravan TV wall mounts and looked at wide variety of bracket products available, we need to start making decisions. But first, we need to ask ourselves some questions. What do I need to remember when buying a caravan TV mount? Are there any particular things I have to bear in mind? Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

What type of bracket do I need?

The type of bracket you need will largely depend on your caravan’s size, layout, and specs. The shape and size of your interior matter. If you are maximizing your interior space, under-cabinet mounts and pull-down motion mounts are a great choice. If you are looking for stability and manoeuvrability, you need to choose flat panel mounts or articulating types of products.

Are all TV bracket mounts safe?

If you mean will they fall off the wall because of the vibrations caused by driving? Then of course they won’t. However, if you choose the more flexible TV wall mount products such as the full motion 360-degree mount, you will have to make sure they are secured when driving.

Choosing cheap, high-end, or value-for-money caravan TV wall mounts?

The age-old question is how much should I spend on a product? We also recommend that you do not make price the sole reason for any purchase. Not unless you are on a super-tight budget that cannot be changed. 

Make the type of bracket you need the driving factor in regards to the product and price. If you pay cheap prices, you will get cheap products. But if you are on a tight budget, always opt for the value-for-money options.


When you need to find the best caravan TV bracket, always know exactly what you require. Make sure you buy the correct wall mount that meets your needs and budget. There are so many TV wall mount varieties that focus on maximizing space, improving aesthetics, or simply creating a safe and secure space to watch TV.

There is nothing better than putting your feet up and watching TV when caravanning. We hope this guide helps during your travels. 

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