12v Cool Box Comparison 2021

Is using a 12v Cool Box in my caravan more energy efficient than using a small refrigerator? This really is a difficult decision to make, but an important one nevertheless. These types of coolers are the perfect substitute for a fridge on the road and should be researched accordingly.

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We are always looking for ways to limit our electricity and power consumption on caravan tours. And the last thing we want to sacrifice is cold drinks and fresh food. Having access to the food you want on a caravan trip is one of the key luxuries that we want to keep. For caravan and motorhome owners, appliances that operate on 12 volts have been engineered to be easy on power consumption. A whole range of 12v smart TVs are now available aimed at the caravan and motorhome market that are built to be robust with low power consumption. If you are hooked up to the mains you can run these 12 volt devices off a pure wave sine inverter. So what are 12-volt cooler box products all about? And do I really need one?

Best Selling Large 12v Cook Box in 2021 

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This Marko Electronic Portable 12v Cool Box is the type of product that every caravan owner should have in their arsenal. When you don’t have the money, space, power, or time for a real fridge, this is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution. It’s an inexpensive solution to an age-old problem… managing energy consumption on caravan holidays.

This electronic cooler box has a 24-liter capacity and comes equipped with highly practical warming and cooling functionality. You can keep your food warm or cold when you are traveling on a caravan trip! No more eating out of the convenience store or overloading your battery just to freeze some chicken nuggets.

Marko Electronic 12v Cool Box Features

This ground-breaking 12v cool box product can be powered by a 12V DC car cigarette lighter socket or via a 240V AC plug like you would find at home. Using 12V DC, the cooler box can cool food at 68W and warms food at 57W using 240V AC. This product has a large 24-liter capacity that makes it great for storing and cooling all manner of food items.

Here is a quick rundown of the cooling and warming capacity of this Mark Electronic Cooler Box:

  • Cooling Capacity: 15-18°C below ambient temps.
  • Heating Capacity: 50-65°C by the thermostat.

The inner lining is well insulated with solid polyurethane foam that is CFC-free. The best part about this lining is it conserves the internal temperatures when you open the lid. Another interesting feature is a red and green light indicator that shows the hot and cold temperature statuses.

Is the Marko Cooler Box The Best Caravan Cooler Box?

Is this the best caravan cooler box in the marketplace? If not, it’s right up there. It’s a practical replacement for a real fridge because it’s smaller, uses less electricity, and can be powered using your cigarette lighter or a standard household plug.

The Marko Electronic Portable Cooler box keeps your food warm or cold on exciting caravan journeys. Once you’ve used it, you won’t know how you’ve managed to live without it for so long. 

[amazon fields="B01CUNO3KM" value="thumb" image=1 image_size="large" image_alt="Andes Large 25L 12V/240V Cool Box"]

Are you looking for an electronic cooler box as a substitute for a standard refrigerator in your caravan? If so, you seriously need to consider this practical Andes Large 25L Electronic Cooler Box. Keeping your food chilled and fresh when on caravan excursions makes everything worthwhile. But who wants to lump a massive fridge around with them on holiday that sucks more electricity than the Halogen Collider

This top-notch electronic cooler box has dual function capabilities to keep your food cold and also warm, depending on what you need. This is a highly functional product that can be powered by a 12V car cigarette lighter plug or by a standard 220-240V AC mains connection.

Andes Electronic 12v Cool Box Features

Replacing your caravan fridge with an energy-efficient electronic cooler box is highly recommended. Your caravan breaking down is bad enough, but killing your battery to keep food cold is foolish. This ultra-convenient product can keep your food warm for up to 2 hours at 65.5°C. And it can keep your food cool and fresh all day long as well.

The lightweight yet strong and robust design means you can easily transport the 12v coolbox from one place to the next. It’s easy to use in your caravan and also for hikes, trips to the beach, picnics, walks, and other pursuits. It’s the perfect electronic cooler box for caravan owners. 

With easy-to-use controls, red and green light indicators to show whether the box is hot or cold, and strong and protective plastic lining, this is a product that simplifies a caravan holiday experience.

Is the Andes Cooler Box The Best Caravan 12v Cool Box?

The best electronic coolers for caravans are welcome replacements for standard refrigerators. They are lighter, smaller, use less electricity, and are great value for money. And this Andes Electronic Cooler Box is one of the most impressive models you will find.

Are you looking to keep your electricity consumption at the lowest possible levels but don’t want to sacrifice your food options? This electronic cooler is the ultimate problem solver for caravan owners. 

What is a 12v Cool Box?

A 12v cool box is basically a portable fridge for your caravan. We promise to get more in-depth, but that is the basic truth. You can easily keep this type of cooler in your caravan because it uses less energy than a mini-fridge product. A mini-fridge has a power usage of between 50 and 60 Watts, and those are the most energy-efficient you will find. 

12v cool box models don’t only keep your food cold. Some models can also keep your food warm. These products have so many options. They are the perfect companion for caravan trips, long drives, outward-bound adventures, and much more. 

Why Should I Buy a 12v Cool Box?

Why should I buy a 12v cool box for my caravan? There are numerous reasons how these coolers can enhance your holiday fun. Here are some of the most common-sense reasons why you need to buy a cooler box for your caravan today.

  • Keeping Your Food Cold – The main reason why most caravan owners buy a 12v cool box is to keep their food cold and fresh. This means you have more eating options on the road and that your product lasts longer. You don’t want food poisoning while on a caravan holiday.
  • Keeping Your Food Warm – That’s right folks, a cooler box could also be a ‘warmer’ box. Bad jokes aside, some cooler box products also have the features to keep your food warm.
  • Portable Food on the go – You can carry your food from your car to your caravan without any hassle. These types of products are portable and can be easily moved from one place to the next.
  • Charging Phones and Tablets – Some of these 12v cool boxes double as a charging or docking station. Most 12-volt coolers are equipped with a USB port for charging your phone, laptop, and tablets, all while keeping your food cold.
  • Easy Storage – We all know that caravans have limited space. And a fridge can take up lots of space. With these coolers, they are portable so that they can be stored in any part of your caravan freeing up space for other appliances.

What types of 12v Cool Boxes are Available?

We have already worked out that you desperately need a 12V cool box for your caravan, but what types of products are available to buy? Are the models similar, or do they have different features that make them unique? Here is a rundown on the types of 12V cool box models most commonly used by caravan owners.

Compressor 12V Refrigerator 

The best part about a compressor refrigerator is they are similar in design to the fridge in your house. A 12V compressor refrigerator relies heavily on a compressing cooling agent or some kind of cooling fluid to regulate the internal temperature. This is a very flexible model that doubles as a standard fridge or a freezer. Many types of 12V cooler do not work well when on an incline, but you don’t have this type of issue with a compressor fridge model.

Thermoelectric Fridge Coolers

Thermoelectric refrigerators are actually older-style products. This type cannot freeze your food or make ice, as it just keeps your food cool. A thermoelectric fridge can reduce the internal temp to 40 degrees below the ambient temperature. And if you are going on a short caravan trip, this might be a great choice. It’s important to remember that this type of cooler cannot keep your food cold if the outside temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit or above. This option uses very little power though.

Absorption Refrigerators 

Have you ever heard of an Absorption Refrigerator before? They are the most commonly used in caravans and all manner of motorhomes. They can run on three different methods that include 12 volts, propane/gas, and 110AV supplies. This is one of the most diverse 12-volt cooler box products. However, it does use a lot of power, unlike the thermoelectric options. Beware, because this type can drain your battery quickly if you are not careful. And it can only go 30 degrees Fahrenheit below the outside ambient temperature 

12v Cool Box Key Features to Consider

Now we have covered what a 12-volt cooler box is and the different models and varieties, it’s time to talk about features and functionality. What sort of features do you need to look out for when deciding to buy a 12V cooler box? Check out these things you need to consider when buying one of these products.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of your cooler box is always the best place to start. A couple of questions would be how big is your caravan and how many people accompany you on trips? The bigger the caravan, the larger the cooler box that you can buy. And the more people on your trip means you will need more space for more food storage. Make sure you buy the correct size cooler for your requirements.

Temperature Adjustment Features

If you live in a cool or a hot country, you will need to adjust the temperature of your cooler box accordingly. Most of us take caravan excursions in the summer months, so you need to ensure your desired cooler box product has temperature adjustment functionality. We would recommend that you buy a cooler box that can reduce the ambient temperature by at least 40 degrees. If you enjoy long holidays that last at least a few days at a time, make sure you get a 12V cooler that can freeze your food. 

Energy Efficient Coolers

Being energy efficient is always a major concern for caravan owners. We are continually ensuring that our electricity usage doesn’t overpower our battery or the caravan site power supplies. Conserving energy should always be important in a caravan. Getting a 12V cool box that can run on a solar panel might be expensive in the short term but will save money and energy in the long term. 

Well Insulated Cooler Boxes

Always make sure you buy a cooler box product that has a good quality insulation system. A top-notch cooling system will ensure the low temps remain low even when you open the door of your cooler. A tightly secured and insulated cooler box is essential, or it’s pointless even buying one in the first place.

Portable Cooler Boxes

Buying a portable 12V cool box that you can easily transport is always an important thing to consider. You can even carry your portable cooler on hiking trips when you are on a caravan holiday. A portable model makes it easy to take from one place to the next. So if you are looking for a multi-purpose product, buy a portable and lightweight model.

Split Compartments

Sometimes we simply need to keep different food types separate. You do not want raw meets touching your other food items. Food poisoning is something we all need to circumnavigate, and especially when holidaying on the road. Having split compartments in your 12-volt cooler box will give you the option to keep your food stored separately. They offer some kind of order and organization with your food storage.

Buying the Best 12v Cool Box for my Caravan

We have covered all the bases in regard to buying the best 12-volt cooler box for your caravan. It’s so important to have lots of food options when on holiday. It is a luxury that we do not want to sacrifice. These types of products are practical substitutes for mini-fridges, and take up less space and use less power. The energy-efficient aspect of these products should never be overlooked.

There are many 12V cool box varieties. Some only cool your food, while others freeze and cool simultaneously. Most will even have a function that can be used to keep your food warm! The vast majority of these products also come equipped with USB ports so that they can double as stations to charge your phones, tablets, and even laptops.

Always think about the storage space and size of the coolers and try and match them to your energy consumption needs. There is nothing better than consuming fresh food and cool drinks while on a caravan holiday. 

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