Best kitchen cupboard paint UK 2021

When your caravan kitchen cupboard paint starts to wear, it can make the whole caravan look old. But, just like repainting kitchen furniture, it's great to start by thinking about the right type of paint. Refurbishing the kitchen cabinets in your Motorhome or caravan is also the ideal time to change your caravan lighting to LED or spring-clean your caravan.

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f you simply don’t want to read through the post & just want to know our top pick for the best kitchen cupboard paint, it’s 750ml Johnstones Revive Cupboard Paint Pale Grey

You can choose to read our guide below on the best kitchen cupboard paint of 2021 or skip to our top pick,  which is 750ml Johnstones Revive Cupboard Paint Pale Grey

What paint to use on kitchen cupboards?

Choosing a quality brand of kitchen cabinet paint is important. This allows you to repaint your furniture with the confidence that your job will last long. Repainting is bound to take a bit of effort and expense, so you should be sure that the paint will not be reduced to nothing after a few months of use.

Repainting your caravan kitchen cupboards is nowhere near as expensive as to buy back all the furniture so that this is a great option for ageing cabinets.

The first objective is to repaint the furniture without taking the risk that it will peel one day or another. Without worry that the laminate or varnished wood reappears at the corners of the furniture at the slightest impact. Or of seeing the paint colour fade away/tarnish after cleaning several times.

Below are the top six of the best kitchen cabinet paints with which you will obtain an impeccable result on your furniture ... provided of course that you follow the preparation and application recommendations of the paint brand.

Best Caravan Cupboard Paint Options

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Johnstone's Revive paint is specifically formulated for kitchen cupboards and is ideal for surfaces made of melamine/MDF. Although it does not give as many colour options as the Rust-Oleum alternative, pale grey, antique cream, black, fresh apple, and white are available with this brand.

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Johnstones Revive characteristics include:

  • Needs no undercoat
  • Dries in 1 hour
  • Depending on the style and design the load factor will vary from 100 kg to 200 kg.
  • Five colour choices
  • Slight amount of odour
  • Suitable for wood, melamine, and MDF cabinets
  • Coverage per litre of 12 square meters
  • 5 hours between application

You are able to achieve a "like-new" finish with ease by proper application of this kitchen cupboard paint. It is high quality and durable paint, produced by a reputable UK brand, that provides a good amount of coverage.

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Johnstones Revive Range of Popular Colours

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[amazon fields=" B073WBFB1C" value="thumb" image=1 image_size="medium" image_alt="johnstones cupboard paint pale grey"]
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Johnstones introduced the revive cupboard paint range for the growing number of home and caravan owners that wish to spruce up their kitchen without the expense of replacing existing cupboards. The colours available are perfect for a kitchen redesign, currently offer Deep blue, Shadow Slate, Cocoa cream and the most popular johnstones cupboard paint pale grey

Why we’ve chosen it?

The customer reviews of this product are glowing. It has all the characteristics to make it into the number one position. Affordable, an attractive range of colours made specifically for kitchen cupboards. Easy one coat application and very low odour. See the range of colours currently available below.

This paint is made by a well-known brand, is at a great price point, has fantastic reviews and is purpose made for painting furniture and cupboards, it’s the best pick in our list for all these reasons and will definitely leave you impressed. It’s available in lots of different colours too, including white, black & even apple.

Johnstones Introduce Complementary Kitchen Tile Paints 

The Revive range has been so popular with pale grey being the best seller that you can now also buy johnstones cupboard paint pale grey matching tile paint 

This range makes it easy to refresh outdated ceramic tiles in your kitchen or bathroom at home or in your motorhome. The paint dries to a hard gloss finish and can be applied directly to the cleaned times. No need for a separate undercoat or primer. Saving time and money and making it the number one seller in the kitchen refurnishing space within the UK.

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[amazon fields=" B005CGUI8G" value="thumb" image=1 image_size="large" image_alt="Johnstone's Quick Dry Satin "]

A multi-surface formula that is highly durable and suitable for cupboards is the Johnstone's Quick Dry Caravan kitchen cupboard paint. With regard to the application, that no primer is required beforehand, but for the best results, two coats are needed.

The Johnstone's 303929 Paint's other features include:

  • Accessible in a choice of 12 colours
  • Range of satin or gloss finishes
  • Immune to stains
  • Coverage per litre of 12 square meters
  • Allows for application with a brush or roller
  • 1.25 litre tin

While Johnstone is not a very famous company, we were intrigued by the colour after our test. We also read through the product summary and reviews and they checked out perfectly. This looks like a perfect unit given its affordable price and its availability in a wide variety of different colours.

“The One” is a highly reliable brand and is well-known for its portable (250-ml) kitchen cupboards paint. It is available in a range of 11 colours and only one coat is needed unless a bold colour is to be hidden.

This formula is specifically formulated for caravan cupboards. It is able to withstand scuffs or scratches from daily life.

The One Matte Cupboard Paint's other features include:

  • Coverage per litre of 8 square meters
  • Needs 1 coat only
  • Twelve colour choices
  • Total hardness within 4 hours
  • Dry to total hardness in 2 hours
  • Doesn't need a primer

This caravan kitchen cupboard Paint is a high-quality and durable paint that can turn around your kitchen cupboards. The only real downside is that because of its small size, a single container may not be sufficient during the application, which can be costly for large cupboard owners.

Rust-Oleum Paint's is our most ideal option for kitchen cupboards. It's a water-based formula that generates virtually no odour and is available in 15 different colours.

This formula offers outstanding coverage of up to 14 square meters per coat, compared to comparable water-based paints.

The Rust-Oleum Paint's other characteristics include:

  • 15 colours
  • Dries within 1 hour
  • Coverage per litre of 14 square meters
  • Total hardness within 4 hours
  • Allows for application with a brush or roller
  • 750 ml tin size

In summary, the Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish is a high-quality paint that is durable and leaves a smooth matt finish for kitchen cupboards. It also provides better value for cash as opposed to other kitchen cupboard paint formulations.

This strip also creates 500 lumens, but is 16” long with 30 separate diodes mounted with a 120 degree viewing angle in it. Because of the reduced number of diodes, it only consumes 3 watts of energy with the amps not listed. This is a single unit and is mounted using 2 anchor screws and the dome cover is 0.8” off the mounting surface. The cover dome is transparent and the entire unit is listed as waterproof and vibrate resistant. It is powered by 2 wires of opposite polarities, but does not have an on-off switch.

The Dulux Cupboard Paint's other features include:

  • Develops a satin finish
  • It takes six hours to dry
  • Two coats are required for the best results
  • Coverage per litre of 16 square meters
  • No undercoat necessary
  • Available in four colours

The Dulux Satin kitchen cupboard paint is a difficult-to-wear formula made by one of the best in the business. It also provides much greater coverage per tin compared to any of the other Dulux paints.

The Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax is a transparent, colourless wax finish that can be used to cover the Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint finish. It is easy to apply and dries with a smooth, velvety sheen. The application is done with a brush or with a rag.

The wax finish guarantees a water-repellent paint finish that seals against stains and markings.

The Rust-Oleum A Clear Colourless Wax Polish other features include:

  • Manufactured from natural waxes
  • Enhances the finished effect
  • It offers an enduring sheen
  • To retain protection, it can be re-applied over time

How to repaint your kitchen Cupboard?

Is your old kitchen in need of a good facelift? If you don't have the time or budget to redo everything, a good brushstroke can be the solution to (almost) change everything without breaking the bank. Brands today offer paints adapted to kitchen furniture that are increasingly efficient and easy to use and are available in large colour palettes. Refreshing or modernizing your kitchen inexpensively is therefore extremely simple. But for an impeccable and long-lasting result, it is essential to respect the different steps and not to neglect the preparative steps.

Painting (or repainting) your kitchen cabinets and cupboards is a simple and economical solution to transform an old or a little faded kitchen. Keep reading to find out how...

1. Prepare the support wall

Clean the kitchen furniture. Before anything else, it is essential to properly clean the surface to be painted. This removes dust and grease and any stickiness. Use a soda-based detergent to degrease thoroughly, then rinse with clean water. Some paints recommend cleaning with acetone. As this product is volatile, be sure to put enough on your cloth.

2. Sand Kitchen Cupboards

In order for the material to grip better, it is recommended to lightly grind the surface. The idea here is not, however, to make room for a return to raw material, but to keep the existing varnish, or the old paint. This will thus serve as an undercoat and avoid, on wooden furniture (especially in oak), the possible rise of tannins that could stain the paint. Use fine sandpaper (180 or 240 grit) to sand smooth.

Can you paint for laminate or melamine surfaces?

Today, special kitchen renovation paints allow you to easily repaint any surface and can be applied to furniture (wood, laminate, lacquer, etc.) as well as to a worktop, tiling, or even a splashback. Now without underlay, they are also designed to resist stains, heat, friction, and detergents

For lack of budget or simply to avoid having to throw them away to buy new ones, a makeover of our laminate/melamine furniture is essential. Indeed, the furniture that dominates our interior inevitably gets old with time and can seem obsolete to us at some point. The recovery trend has been on the rise in recent years and thanks to new generations of paints and with a little elbow grease, it's now easy to breathe new life into old furniture.

The ideal is to repaint the entire piece of your laminate furniture to give it a new look. On the other hand, for the interior, which is not visible, it's up to you whether you want to repaint it or leave it as it is. Also, be sure to choose the right colour because laminate and melamine furniture does not allow for repainting several times.

Painting your Caravan kitchen Cupboard: instructions for use

The ideal is to repaint the entire piece of your laminate furniture to give it a new look. On the other hand, for the interior, which is not visible, it's up to you whether you want to repaint it or leave it as it is. Also, be sure to choose the right colour because laminate and melamine furniture does not allow for repainting several times.

1. Clean and degrease kitchen units

Preparation is essential. Old furniture that has lived well is usually covered with micro-dust. Let's not talk about the grease that has accumulated on kitchen furniture ... It is imperative to remove dirt and grease from the furniture before repainting them. The process is simple: a sponge and a degreasing product, rub, rinse well, and let dry. There is no point in stripping the furniture

Ammonia mixed with water is a good degreaser, as is acetone. These products emit vapours harmful to health though, so protect your respiratory tract when using them and wear gloves.

2. Protect the parts that are not to be painted

Before repainting wall-mounted kitchen furniture, use masking tape to protect the parts that should not be painted: splashback, handles (if they cannot be removed), along the junction on the wall side, etc.

3. Apply the undercoat

Many paints have been created especially to repaint furniture, and the undercoat is already integrated. This, therefore, saves you an additional operation and optimizes drying time. The  Johnstones revive range of kitchen cabinet paints only need one coat so no need for undercoat saving you both time and money.  

The application of the undercoat is done exactly the same way as the application of the paint described in the next paragraphs. It is always white and then covered with the finishing paint.

The application of the undercoat is optional, it all depends on the paint you have chosen to repaint your furniture.

4. Sand the undercoat

For a perfect result, the application of two coats of paint is necessary, with an identical procedure for each operation. It is imperative to respect the drying time indicated by the paint manufacturer between the application of the two coats.

Before applying the paint, lightly sand the surface to which you applied the undercoat. The paint will hang better. Then dust off the surface to be painted.

5. Apply paint

Mix the paint with a mixer and then pour it into the container. Paint starting at the edges and angles, applying the paint with a re-coat brush. Continue with a small roller in performing cross-hatch, first by applying the paint vertically and horizontally crossing to extend. Be careful to apply the paint evenly.

Finish by passing vertically one last time.

For the second layer, we start all over again, respecting the steps. We re-sand lightly, dust and paint.

6. Let dry and remove the protections

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