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Best Caravan TV Aerial for 2020

Having spent time researching the best caravan TV now it's time to get the best performance from your new gadget. To get the best out of your caravan TV you will need an exterior aerial that can enhance the signal and suppress any distortions. In addition, you will need to find the best place to mount the aerial to get the perfect signal. Caravan aerials come in a range of shapes and sizes. These are reviewed below to help you find the caravan aerial that will meet with your Motorhome entertainment requirements.

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Watching free TV in the UK country is fairly simple, attach an aerial device and tune in your TV.

For quality of reception, price and ease of set up it is worth giving the Avtex caravan antenna some serious consideration. If you are a handyman the SLx Digidome For TV Digital Freeview will offer a robust and attractive solution.

Fortunately, you can find decent caravan aerial, which will enable you to watch your favourite shows on your caravan. In this post, we will provide you our top four best aerial antenna for your caravan. 

Pay attention in caravan TV review to the method of attaching the caravan aerial. Most manufacturers provide easy installation alternatives to getting your drill out. Magnetic mounts m adhesive plates and suction mounting are the best and easier alternative options

Best Caravan TV Aerial

The first on our list is the August DTA240 that has the best combination of great signal reception and an antenna, which can be utilized both as an outdoor and indoor loft model. That’s especially true even if you are far away from an electrical outlet.

The best thing about this caravan aerial antenna is that it can be hooked up to your tuner, a TV, or even your laptop through a USB port. That not simply increases the range, but it makes the entire installation stage as simple as possible. 

There’s no problem if you don’t have any technical expertise about plugging an antenna into the receiving device. You can put it away hassle-free if you wish to free up some space. What about space?

You can install this caravan antenna on a wall or simply attach it to your fridge or any metal thing. This item features a built-in magnet in the base of the antenna. 

  • Receives UHF and VHF
  • No positioning or assembly needed
  • Generous cable length
  • Compact and lightweight

This product by 1byone is considered one of the most flexible models accessible on the market. One of the things you will love about this is its built-in technology. It blocks every signal from wireless devices such as LTE, 4G, and 3G.

On top of that, this small device does not need any power tools to set up. You will find it convenient, especially if you want to upgrade your TV set. The kit comes supplied along with a mounting hardware. That lets you put the antenna about anywhere you desire.

The only disadvantage you will find about this caravan tv aerial is the length of the coax cable. You might need an extra one to connect your TV set when setting up the antenna outside. 

Overall, 1byone TV Antenna is one of the few models, which offer you superior fidelity of the TV signal. That’s especially true without being too costly or massive. That makes it a wonderful option for any caravan. 

Features include:

  • Lower priced than other models in the market
  • High definition
  • Fully waterproofed
  • Mounts to any metal surface
  • Portable and small

SLx Digidome is considered the most compact caravan TV aerial antenna you will find in the market today. It is extremely small that you can easily grab it with one hand. That’s one of the advantages you will get from this unit.

Its small size makes it suitable in any setup or situation. Further, it has a low profile, so it will not be a concern if the place you’re located has any rules about aerial heights. On top of that, the minimal design is a stimulating alteration of pace. 

On the other hand, the installation is relatively simple as well. You will not find any complex arms or folding components to setup. All you need to do is to connect the antenna to the stand and connect it to the wall using the provided screws. The antenna is protected by a solid outer casing as well that performs a wonderful job of safeguarding it against harsh elements. 

Features include:

  • Modern design that performs to high standards
  • Weatherproofed for permanent outdoor use
  • 4G filter
  • Easy to install with instruction provided
  • Weatherproof casing
  • UK Made

The Avtex caravan aerial is the ideal option for those people seeking a great digital TV aerial for their caravan but does not feel at ease at drilling holes in their pride and joy to fit one. The unit could be easily installed on the exterior or interior of the caravan using the suction mount. Therefore, you can rest assured there will be no mess around with establishing a cumbersome TV pole.

This product integrates a 12v/24 signal booster that is powered by a 12b DC power plug. It’s worth mentioning that it boosts your odds of getting channels in poor reception regions. The Avtex STH3000 will run in any area. In fact, it’s known to be one of the sought-after caravan aerial available in the market today. People find it so dependable that they stopped using their satellite systems.

You might experience poor signal reception, as this unit is an omnidirectional antenna. 

Features include:

  • Extremely portable
  • HD with amazing picture quality
  • Compact 

Outdoor Caravan Aerial Buying Guide

Which caravan TV aerial will give the best picture quality?

Modern caravans come with an antenna preinstalled, but if not it is a simple job to uninstall by yourself. Size does matter, but look for an antenna that is robust and can be fixed securely and comes with a built in amplifier.

Modern caravan TV aerials comprise of 3 key components each critical to a good if not perfect TV reception.

  • The aerial or antenna
  • Coaxial cable and connections
  • A signal amplifier

How do I attach my TV aerial to my caravan?

For the best reception the caravan tv aerial should be installed outside. Similar to installing an outdoor aerial at your home finding the best spot can take some time, but worth it in the end. 

The caravan TV aerial can be attached by 3 key methods. First drilling and using mounting brackets, secondly using adhesive plates or suction plates and lastly magnetic mounts.

Drilling will provide the most stable and robust solution. For some this can be too much bother. In addition it could possibly do damage to the exterior if your work is not professional. This leaves the easier options using suction or magnetic plates

TV aerial types, which is best Omni-directional or Directional?

We should all be familiar with Directional caravan tv aerials. These need to be adjusted to point in the direction that provides the best signal. It takes time and someone to help guide you from inside the caravan.

An Omnidirectional caravan tv aerial is able to receive signals from all directions, making it a quick easy install. On the down side being muti-directional can result in a slightly weaker signal.

How important is a caravan TV aerial amplifier?

An amplifier will amplify or boost the incoming signals. The downside is that it can also boost unwanted signals. This is more the case with multi directional antennas that are able to receive signals from all directions. This is can be an issue if you are in built up areas with lots of signals moving in the airways, less so if your are away from built up areas.

The Complete Package

The days of opening gadgets and then realising that you nee and to go any batteries have thankfully long past. Same with caravan TV aerials, all will come complete with any fixture and fittings needed.Including the coaxial cable. Check the length, to ensure it is sufficient. An amplifier to boost signal may or may not be included. Another option to get the most out of your smart TV caravan is to invest in a portable caravan satellite dish.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that watching TV is a part of everyone’s life. Investing in the best digital caravan aerial allows you a stress-free get all your favourite TV programs when the fun takes you. Keep in mind that the antenna you pick draws the line between an awful and wonderful watching experience. 

Make sure you read this post first before you start shopping for a caravan outdoor aerial. We hope we have provided you with the practical information you need to know. Happy viewing.

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