Caravan Satellite Dish System Review - Portable vs Static

The Best Caravan Satellite Dish System 

Many factors need to be considered when picking the best caravan satellite dish system for your caravan or motorhome. It is not every day that you are in the market for a satellite dish and making the right decision can be difficult. However, with the right information and an understanding of the key factors you can make  the right  choice.  This guide is aimed at providing you with an understanding of the options available so that you can find the best caravan satellite dish for your individual requirements. We hope this review will be as helpful as our recent review of the best 12V smart caravan TV.

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That’s why we thought a buying guide and a review about such devices would be useful. This post will try to fill that gap by talking about all the relevant subjects at lengths. On top of that, we will even present you with six reviews of the best caravan satellite dish for your caravan that is available on the market. 

caravan satellite systems which is best?

The answer will depend on your individual requirements. Satellite systems can be divided into 3 core types. We review each type below. After you decide on the type of caravan satellite system you can drill down further to find the best in that particular category.

What is the best motorhome satellite system?

The answer is broadly the same for which is the best caravan satellite system.

Types of Satellite Dishes

What is the most wonderful way to watch TV when you are camping in your motorhome than having a satellite system set up in your caravan? Did you know that a satellite dish is an excellent means of watching TV for campers who love to travel far into the wild? 

This portable satellite dish kit lets you take advantage of the conveniences of modern-day living in isolated locations. It also keeps you connected to the real world. You will find three major types of satellite dishes.

  • Auto Signal Searching Satellite Dish

It’s normally a free-standing dish installed on a tripod. It can be loaded and folded into your caravan during on the move. Often, it comes with a fold-up frame with which it lies on the ground. Others need to be connected to a tripod stand. 

This one is the most convenient of all types of satellite dishes. That’s because it will automatically locate and lock on a powerful signal after you turn on your TV and click search. 

  • Tripod Mounted Satellite Dish 

It’s normally a free-standing dish installed on a tripod. It can be loaded and folded into your caravan during on the move. Often, it comes with a fold-up frame with which it lies on the ground. Others need to be connected to a tripod stand. 

The dish is perfect for campers and travellers out there who don’t have enough roof space. The satellite dish is simple to use. You can put it outside your vehicle where the sky is in full view after you installed it on the tripod stand. 

  • Roof Mounted Satellite Dish 

It is set up on the roof of the motorhome or caravan. This type of satellite dish could be hassle-free, as it comes with a remote.  Meaning that you do not have to climb to the roof every time you like to change its location.

The remote control also lets you stay in your vehicle and run the dish. It will then rotate automatically in search of a strong signal. The good thing about this TV satellite dish is that you don’t need to haul it around just to utilize it. That’s because it has a permanent position already. 

What Makes the Best TV for a Caravan?

Remember that watching TV in your caravan isn’t something you need to compromise. You need to choose a TV option, which will compliment your camping preference and style. 

It could be very limited despite the fame of aerial. It is not designed for those campers or travellers who like to wander from the city. That’s where satellite TV enters. Take note that the best portable satellite systems in the market can offer you with crisp signal even if you cross the border. Isn’t it amazing? 

What’s more, it should not take more than a few seconds for you set it up. That must be quite simple, or else it might just become another task. However, it is not all that matters. Below, we gathered the important factors you need to consider when buying a motorhome satellite dish for your caravan.

The Best Caravan Satellite Dish System 

Bestseller No. 1
VUESAT BEAMeHD Premium Flat 440 Portable Satellite Dish Kit for Caravan and Travel inc EASYFIND + HD Set Top Box Designed for Use With Any Type of TV
  • This compact flat panel dish is as powerful as a conventional 65cm dish
  • The kit is PREMIUM. It has been pre-built and uses top quality components. It is very 'quick and easy' to set up and...
  • You won't need anything else other than your TV - full HD Easyfind receiver included with the kit
  • The kit features the EASYFIND system. Simply rotate the dish until the LED light turns green. No need for a satfinder...
Bestseller No. 2
Maxview MXL023 VUQube 2 Fully Automatic Portable/Roof Mount Caravan Motorhome Satellite Dish with Twin LNB - White
  • The VuQube 2 is a fully enclosed automatic satellite system designed to receive satellite TV and radio in the UK and...
  • Twin LNB as Standard. For use with PVR’s, SKY+ or 2 receivers in different locations
  • Includes Velcro to mount control box conveniently inside a cupboard
  • Designed and tested for outdoor use
Bestseller No. 3
Satgear Twin Beam60 Portable Satellite Caravan Travel TV Kit For Use With Your Own Skybox (Use With SkyQ, With Satfinder)
  • Fully Portable Satellite Dish Kit with robust variable height tripod and compact 60cm Zone 2 dish with ‘speed fit’...
  • Ideal if you want to use your new SKYQ box!
  • Designed to work throughout the whole of the UK (including Scottish Highlands, Islands, Northern Ireland and Ireland)
  • Full peace of mind - Satgear support at the end of a phone for advice and help. Contact details included in every kit
Bestseller No. 4
QuickSAT QS80 Flat Portable Touring Satellite System with Fast Dish Alignment. Easy satellite TV solution for camping, motorhome and caravan.
  • Works with any TV and your own satellite receiver or a TV with integrated satellite receiver.
  • Easy Set Up, ideal for Camping, Caravans or Motorhomes.
  • No Sat finder required, includes our patented fast and effective satellite alignment system
  • 51cm flat dish with same power as a traditional 80cm round dish. Includes a water proof carry case.
Bestseller No. 5
SSL Satellites Zone 2 Satellite Dish Quad LNB + 5 Meter Black RG6 Cable FTA Signal Pointer Satellite SKY, SKY+, HD, Freesat TV Signal Finder Caravan Motorhome Satellite System Box Kit
  • Complete kit for installing Sky, Sky Plus, HD or any Freesat TV Receiver: Zone 2 Satellite Dish + Quad LNB + Coax RG6...
  • The ZONE 2 satellite dish (80cm) is slightly larger for better reception and general performance and will pick up more...
  • Latest new compact QUAD LNB for 4 simultaneous channels of satellite reception. The LNB is fitted with the new bracket...
  • SINGLE RG6 BLACK CABLE: The cable is double-screened for interference protection and features a durable, flexible, and...
Bestseller No. 6
QuickSAT QS65 Compact 43cm Portable Touring Satellite System with Fast Dish Alignment. Easy lightweight satellite TV solution for camping, motorhome and caravan.
  • Works with any TV with integrated satellite receiver, Freesat receivers or Sky box.
  • Easy Set Up, ideal for Camping, Caravans or Motorhomes.
  • No Sat finder required, includes our patented fast and effective satellite alignment system.
  • Includes a water proof carry case and packs down to L: 43cm W: 20cm H:43 cm. The QS65 weights just 5KG and can be setup...
Bestseller No. 7
Satgear Beam60HD Zone 2 Portable Satellite Caravan Travel Kit inc 12v/240v HD Receiver, Tripod and Satfinder
  • Includes everything you need including the HD set top box
  • Designed specifically for portable use when travelling in your caravan, motorhome or boat
  • Very compact with 'slot in' LNB arm for easy assembly and stowing
  • Satfinder includes Satgear instructions for very simple satellite alignment

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SSL Satellites Zone 1 Portable Satellite Dish

This caravan satellite dish for a caravan is an all-in-one satellite dish package. It is composed of a Zone 1 portable satellite dish as well as a tripod for the satellite to be mounted on to.

The good thing about this caravan satellite dish is that it comes with brackets. That’s helpful, especially if you like more of a permanent fixture through pole or wall. You can then utilize the sat finder to look for the best signal after it has been set up physically. 

SSL is one of the forerunners in the satellite dish sector. The package comes with a complete 10M Single White Cable for the Zone 1 Satellite. 

  • Cost-efficient
  • It’s simple to set up 
  • It might not generate a clear reception depending on your current location 

Maxview MXL023 VUQube 2

This caravan satellite dish is an all-in-one satellite dish package. It is composed of a Zone 1 portable satellite dish as well as a tripod for the satellite to be mounted on to.

This product comes pre-programmed and comes with an anti-theft alarm, which goes off when the coaxial cable is disconnected when it is in use. It also has a wired control box set up inside the vehicle. That enables you to control the dish from the controller box. 

  • Convenient
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight 
  • A bit costly

Another excellent TV satellite dish on our list comes from Maxview. It is a sixty-five centimetres antenna unit, which is hassle-free to set up. You can also control it inside your caravan, not to mention that it’s compatible with most UK and European satellites as well.

Furthermore, the HD/SD free to air satellite receivers of this satellite dish covers the majority of sky receivers. The satellite dish offers you about everything you could ever like in a portable manual roof-mounted satellite dish.

  • It is roof-mounted
  • Can be controlled from inside the vehicle
  • Sends clear images
  • Costly and not ideal for budget-conscious shoppers

The Remora 40 Suction satellite dish is a manually run portable 40 centimetres satellite dish. Did you know it was constructed to be set up on the roof of the caravan? It can receive both radio and TV signals as well from within the UK and the majority of Europe.

What’s more, the Remora 40 is compatible with HD/SD free to air satellite receivers. It could also obtain transmissions from satellites across the globe, not to mention that it comes with a satellite compass too.

  • Can receive transmissions from anywhere across the globe
  • Has intuitive controls
  • Made from robust materials
  • The suction mounted design puts the dish close to the wall. The obstructs its capability to direct it horizontally

This satellite dish offers pre-assembled parts that make it easy and fast to set up. It comes with many amazing features such as ground pegs, compass, magnetic LNB lock, level indicator, integrated sat finder, and read elevation indicator, among others.

It’s portable, and the 55cm dish is perfect for obtaining clear signals and generates excellent images. This one is an excellent buy because it checks nearly all the boxes for a perfect caravan satellite dish.

  • Comes with a complete satellite kit
  • Loaded with many features
  • Simple to set up
  • You need to set up the device whenever you like to use it and disassemble it after use

Factors to Consider When Buying a Caravan Satellite Dish 

It will help if you ensure the dish you will buy has all the necessary features that will make it a smart buy before buying. Remember that a satellite dish, which will enhance your entire 12V Caravan TV experience, must have the following features. 

Satellite dish should be a good size 

One of the things you need to consider is the size of the satellite dish. You must keep in mind that the larger the dish size, the better signal reception you will get. Hence, an eighty-five centimetres satellite dish will have better reception than that forty centimetres. 

Simple to set up

It’s another feature you need to look for when buying a TV caravan satellite dish for your caravan. That’s especially true when it will be mounted on a tripod stand and would need that you fold or dismantle the stands and load it up on your vehicle when not in use.

In-motion viewing

In case you didn’t know yet, the in-motion viewing feature suggests you can easily watch TV if your caravan is in motion. That feature is amazing as it enables the passengers to be entertained even if somebody is driving.

Automatic satellite tracking

You will also find several caravan satellite dishes that come with a GPS feature. That enables them to determine their location and the route of the strongest signal. They only need to change their position to align and lock on the most powerful signal. You can do this automatically without any manipulation. 

Can connect more than one TV

If you envisage having more than one TV connected to your portable satellite system, you will need a model that will support more than one TV. If this is a requirement, look out for this feature in the above descriptions.

If I buy a caravan satellite dish should I buy a satellite receiver?

A receiver is simply a box that receives the satellite signal  and decrypts the signal audiovisual for viewing on your TV. The receiver can be a stand-alone box or if you have purchased a TV recently it will most  likely have the decoder built-in. 

Bottom Line 

The final decision rests with you, but we hope we have provided you with the key areas to explore before making that final purchase decision. Look after your investment by having static caravan insurance  with contents cover in place to cover both caravan and valuable contents.

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