The Best Caravan Cleaner and Polish Products 2021

By using quality caravan cleaners, you can keep your home away from home pristine. Unlike your home your motorhome will be exposed to the dirt and debris whilst on the road and to a lesser extent in the parks that you visit. What has to be noted is that the exterior of your car or truck and that of your caravan are very different. A caravan cleaner is made specifically to help clean the types of metal and finishes used on caravans.

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Now that you have invested in you home from home, it is important to keep the exterior clean and protected from the elements. This simple task will help prolong the paintwork. With the exterior safe and sound you can relax inside and watch the latest Netflix episodes on you 12 volt smart caravan tv while hooked up to a portable caravan satellite dish.

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Find The Best Caravan Cleaner and Polish 

This is a biodegradable caravan cleaner product and eco friendly being an alkaline based liquid. It is also classified as a biocide solution which means it kills microbes and other living organisms. It is made to be used with water in a 50:50 ratio and must be rinsed off after it is allowed to sit on the surface of your caravan for up to 5 minutes. For stubborn stains, wipe with a sponge or brush is advised.

This caravan cleaner removes the following from the surface of your caravan including Road film buildup, Black streaks, Rust stains, Diesel fume stains, Algae, Moss, Fungus and Drainage stains.

Muc Off is safe to use on metal painted areas, wheels, fibreglass panels, plastic moulding along with windows.

2. Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler - treak Remover - Transparent, 1 Litres

This is a biodegradable after wash protective coating solution that is also classified as a biocide. It is applied in a 1:10 part ratio once the caravan has been washed. This product repels water, algae and dirt and does not contain silicone.

Th caravan cleaner is applied by spraying it on or with the use of a sponge. Once it is dry, clean dry cloth will remove any water spots that are found.

Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler is safe to use on metal and fibreglass panels, decals, sealants, plastics, aluminium along with acrylic and glass windows. It is not recommended for canvas covers.

This is a general use caravan cleaner after wash product that does not claim to be biodegradable. It is to be applied in concentrated form without water. This polish protects the surface by repelling the following destructive forces of UV rays, atmospheric fall-out, dirt, road film and salts.

The Care-avan caravan polish is safe to use on all exterior surfaces of a caravan including metal painted areas, fibreglass panels, plastic moulding, decals along with acrylic and glass windows. It is applied by spraying on then buffing off.

This Dirtbusters caravan cleaner product is an all in one item to keep your caravan clean and protected from the elements. It is designed to be used in a 1:200 ratio with water. It is an ammonia free solution that is both biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

This professional product is effective in removing dirt, road deposits, black streaks, grease and oil. Once the debris is rinsed away the carnauba wax remains and can be buffed to a brilliant shine. It is safe to use on any painted surface, glass and chrome items.

This King of Sheen product is used in a concentrated form where no water is required. It will clean the exterior of your caravan and leave behind a protective layer. It states it has no harmful ingredients, but it is not listed as environmentally friendly.

The abrasive free caravan cleaner removes the following types of deposits road film, oxidation and water spots.

Built into the caravan cleanerprotective shield is UV protection will be streak free that will repel water and prevent dirt build-up. This spray and microfibre cloth are all that is needed to clean your caravan.

This Fenwicks caravan cleaner product specialises in the removal of those stubborn black streaks left behind when you are heading down the open road to adventure. This is an environmentally friendly product that is also classified as a biocide. It is used in a concentrated form not diluted.

This caravan cleaner product can easily remove those stubborn black streaks along with any algae or fungus that might begin to grow on the surface area of your caravan. Once the area is wiped clean a sparkling finish will appear.

This is protection for your caravan while it is not in use during the long winter months. It is like having a liquid canopy covering your mobile house on wheels. This liquid protection is made to be used in a 1:4 ratio with water. It should be applied after the caravan has already been washed. After application should be allowed to dry for up to 4 hours. To remove in the spring just wash with a soap and water solution. 

Once this caravan cleaner coating is in place it will repel water, dirt, black streaks and algae from getting to the surface area of your caravan. It is safe to use on all exterior materials of a caravan. There is no information if this product is environmentally friendly or not. 

For those of you who like their drinking water safe to drink, this product is a must. Once your water system is flushed out it can then be filled with freshwater and this sterilisation product at a ratio of 100mL to 20L.

This product kills algae, bacteria and prevents it from growing in your freshwater tank and pipes. It also helps to keep your pipes clean of calcium buildup.

Never use a pressure washer to clean your caravan

Tempting as it may be stay clear of pressure washers or be sure to use the sift wash setting only. Even with these precautions water can easily enter into your caravan through poor seals. Never spray over any fridge vents or chimney as these house your heating and fridge unit.

How to clean carvan windows

When cleaning caravan windows it is important to use the correct method and products that will avoid scratching or swirling of the acrylic. The important point to note that car class leaner should never be sued on caravan acrylic windows. The reason acrylic is used is to reduce the overall caravan weight.

  • Step 1 Rinse the window area with soapy water to remove any grit and built up grime. Failure to take this step will result in scratching more noticeable over time. If this warning is too late Fenwicks  Windowize Scratch remover can be used to remove any unwanted scratches and swirls
  • Step 2 Use a specially formulated product for cleaning for acrylic caravan glass windows. Meguiar's clear plastic cleaner and polish will bring your breath new life into any cloudy caravan window and prevent future damage

Best caravan acylic window cleaners 2021

How to use a caravan cleaner

When cleaning your caravan it is important to use a regular hose with normal water pressure. High pressure units do make the job faster and easier, but they also remove loose panels and chip paint off them which both are undesirable. However, modern power washers do have a soft setting that is recommended for cleaning car and caravan bodywork and exterior paint surfaces.

Before you start always apply a coat of water to the surface area before adding any cleaning agents to the mix. You should also begin washing or applying any of the above products from top to bottom. This will make it possible for a complete level of cover for the entire caravan. For areas with stubborn stains and levels of debris, a soft brush is recommended. Only use the cleaning agents in the recommended concentrations for the best results.

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