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The Best 12-volt Televisions for Caravans & Motorhomes 2021

Are you looking for the best way to pass the time in your caravan in the evenings? After your outdoor BBQ and a few drinks, why not settle back and view some good TV in the comfort of your caravan or motorhome.  It is now easy, with most new TV's being shipped with a 12 V TV adapter. This  is usually provided by manufacturers, enabling everyone to watch television with the use of their leisure battery after hooking up your caravan TV aerial.

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In general, caravan owners opt for 12Volt caravan TVs that are compatible with the power supply of 12-Volts. With the use of a 12-Volts adapter, all these become possible. It is typically included in your chosen package. 

Out of all the 12V caravan TVs in the market, the Sniper LED TV is by far the best. It features built in Free view High Definition and High Definition satellite receivers. On top of that, a mains or 12-Volt power supply powers your viewing entertainment.

There is no doubt that television technology continues to revolutionize over the years, caravan TVs included. They now come with a comprehensive array of features, including smart functionality, full High Definition displays, multiple inputs, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. 

Bestseller No. 1
Cello ZRTMF0222 12 volt and mains 22 inch Traveller Caravan TV Freeview HD DVD Full HD 1080P Built in Satellite Made in the UK
  • 22" Freeview HD TV With Satellite Tuner, Built-in DVD Player
  • Max Resolution 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
  • Energy Rating A
  • Inputs: RF, Satellite, HDMI, Mini YPbPr, VGA, CI. Outputs: Optical Digital Audio Output & Headphone
Bestseller No. 2
Cello C1920FMTR 12v/240v 19" Traveller Caravan TV Freeview HD DVD & Miracast
  • 19" Freeview HD TV with Satellite Tuner & Built-in DVD Player
  • Max Resolution: 1366 x 768 (720p)
  • Energy Rating A
  • Inputs: RF, Satellite, HDMI, Mini YPbPr, VGA, CI. Outputs: Optical Digital Audio Output & Headphone
Bestseller No. 3
19" Inch TV 12V / 240V HD+ LED Digital DVB-T/T2 (Freeview) TV HDMI, USB PVR & Media Player, HDMI & VGA PC Monitor. Ideal for Home, MotorHome, Boat Caravan, Camping, Truck by Unispectra® (TV)
  • NEW 2021 year model. 19 inch (48cm) Digital HD+ LED TV with build in DVB-T/T2 Free To Air terestrial receiver for...
  • Ideal for Motorhomes, Caravans, Boats, Trucks as can be powered by 12 or 240 volt. (240V power adapter & 3m 12V lead...
  • Possibility of recording TV programs on a USB storage device (USB PVR function).
  • Possibility of watching movies of various video formats (AVI, MKV, MP4), viewing pictures (JPEG, BMP) and listening to...
Bestseller No. 4
Sharp 1T-C24DH2KG2FM 24” Smart LED TV, 12V/24V Caravan Boat Truck, Freeview Play with Wireless Streaming, Freeview HD, Satellite HD, Saorview, Netflix & Prime, PVR, HDMI USB, Mains & 12V Adaptor Inc
  • Perfect for portable use in Caravans, Motor Homes, Boats & Trucks. 12v/24v in Car Charger & 3 pin UK / EU Plug Included
  • SHARP 24" LED smart television: Stunning HD clarity and vibrant colours, for all your favourite content. The TV’s...
  • Plenty of ports: With 2 x HDMI, USB, Component, Composite, Headphone Jack and Digital Optical Audio ports. It can be...
  • Live TV or catch up: Enjoy Netflix, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer apps. Screen share with your smart device using Miracast....
Bestseller No. 6
MOTORHOME CARAVAN BOAT KITCHEN 12 or 240 Volt 12 Inch LED Digital HD TV DVB-T2 Freeview HD & all Europe Free to The Air TV. USB PVR & Media Player, HDMI CCTV Monitor by Unispectra® (TV+Wall Bracket)
  • 12" DIGITAL LED TV: with DVB-T and DVB-T2 for Freeview, Freeview HD and all Europe Free to The Air TV. Build-in FM...
  • 12" DIGITAL LED TV: with DVB-T and DVB-T2 for Freeview, Freeview HD and all Europe Free to The Air TV. Build-in FM...
  • MEDIA PLAYER: Possibility of watching movies of various video formats (AVI, MKV, VOB), viewing pictures (JPEG, BMP) and...
  • PVR: Possibility of recording TV programs on a USB storage (USB PVR function) with Time Shift function. EPG - Electronic...
SaleBestseller No. 7
MOTORHOME CARAVAN BOAT KITCHEN 14 Inch LED Digital HD TV DVB-T2. Freeview HD and all Europe Free to The Air TV. 12V 240V USB PVR & Media Player, HDMI CCTV Monitor by Unispectra® (For UK)
  • 14" DIGITAL LED TV: with DVB-T and DVB-T2 for Freeview, Freeview HD and all Europe Free to The Air TV. HDMI In, 3.5mm AV...
  • IDEAL FOR: Motorhomes, Caravans, Lorry, Truck, Boats as can be powered by 240V AC or 12V DC (cigarette lighter 12V power...
  • MEDIA PLAYER: Possibility of watching movies of various video formats (AVI, MKV, VOB), viewing pictures (JPEG, BMP) and...
  • PVR: Possibility of recording TV programs on a USB storage (USB PVR function) with Time Shift function. EPG - Electronic...
SaleBestseller No. 9
20" Inch TV 12V / 240V HD+ LED Digital DVB-T/T2 (Freeview) TV USB PVR & Media Player Ideal for Home, MotorHome, Boat Caravan, Camping, Truck by Unispectra® (TV)
  • 1.NEW 2021 year model. 20 inch (51cm) Digital HD+ LED TV with build in DVB-T/T2 Free To Air terestrial receiver for...
  • 2.Ideal for Motorhomes, Caravans, Boats, Trucks as can be powered by 12 or 240 volt. (240V power adapter & 3m 12V lead...
  • 3.Possibility of recording TV programs on a USB storage device (USB PVR function.
  • 4.Possibility of watching movies of various video formats (AVI, MKV, VOB), viewing pictures (JPEG, BMP) and listening to...

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Do caravan TVs differ from household TVs?

A leisure TV that is made to be used in a motorhome or caravan is made to be super energy efficient and run off a 12V battery supply. Whilst energy efficiency is a big factor, every TV will drain its leisure battery over time. The perfect setup is a TV that can switch from 12V DC power to AC power from a mains hookup. 

A caravan TV is also built to be more robust, as unlike your home TV a caravan TV will be moved about and subject to vibrations when on the move. For these reasons it is worth considering a TV that is built for a Motorhome, truck or caravan.

Do I need a special TV for a caravan?

The short answer is no, but TV's that are built for a caravan should be more energy efficient and more robust to deal with a mobile lifestyle. Most new small TVs have a 12 V line input at the rear. It is important to understand the larger the TV the higher the power consumption so a small TV is the best option. 

For most caravans a small TV is more suitable than a larger TV given the viewing distance available. Avtex have a good range of caravan TV’s which run direct from 12 Volt with a low power consumption. 

Do All 12Volt Smart TV’s Come with Freeview Built-in?

All Tv’s built after 2010 should have freeview built in. To get it working you simply need to connect your TV to a good TV aerial pointing to the nearest local transmitter.

Do I need a WiFi Booster?

Good WiFi Boosters are not too inexpensive and can boost your Wifi Signal from a weak to a good strong signal. This will enable you to enjoy uninterrupted watch streaming services on rainy evenings whilst on holiday.

How do I connect my 12 volt smart tv to the the wifi?

Modem smart 12 volt tv’s have wifi built-in and should connect automatically to the internet service provider. Any problems goto the TV settings and choose the internet connection that the caravan site has provided along with WiFi password.

does a smart TV need an aerial?

To receive Freeview you do need an aerial installed which is connected to your smart TV.

Now, if you wish to stream from the internet, you do not need an aerial. Popular internet streaming services include Amazon, Net flick, BB iplayer and U tube. These and many others are built in to all new smart TV's

You are required to use a caravan aerial unless, of course, you will be using your television for SD card playback, USB, or DVD. This way, you can access unlimited satellite channels and your favorite freeview dependent on the available reception.

The Best 12v Caravan TV

The following are some of the best caravan TVs that provide a wide range of features, functionality, as well as able to utilize 12-Volts of power supply. Many come with built-in DVD players/ Combi system, which is a popular choice. 

Sniper Caravan TV
Caravan TV
Caravan TV

Description of Sniper HD LED

If you want an excellent television buddy during your travels, consider the Sniper. This compact caravan TV has one of the lowest power consumptions at 18 watts only. A High Definition television, 12 Volts, 24 Volts, as well as mains power with the use of an adapter.

Like many smart caravan tv’s the sniper comes with a built-in DVD player. This makes it compact without the need of extra cables which look unsightly, especially in a small area. Another bonus is the built-in Freeview HD receiver. This lets watch your tv without the need of a separate decoder.

Wait, it can also be connected to a satellite dish with its built-in satellite receiver. This enables you and your family to easily enjoy satellite TV in areas with poor reception without the ned to purchase and setup an extra decoder.

Check this out! The Sniper caravan TV is affordable, but it doesn’t come short in features since it comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a built in DVD player. You can connect your device and soundbars anytime you want to. Aside from this, the Sniper HD TV Travel TV boasts the following features:

  • LED Screen (Grade A)
  • 19” Screen
  • Energy Class (A+)
  • Energy Rating (A)
  • USB PVR function
  • Wall mountable
  • USB and HDMI input
  • Freeview HD & Satellite HD built in receivers

Overall, the Sniper 12volt caravan TV is a budget-friendly, feature-pack caravan TV that won’t disappoint. This all-around television is excellent and far from its cheap counterparts as it comes with Bluetooth connectivity. It allows you to connect with any of your external devices quickly and easily. If you find a bit of trouble or confusion using the remote, you can always have the manufacturer’s manual as your guide.

Description of Cello C20230FT2S2

The brand, Cello, is among the most sought-after 12V TV for caravans. It comes with a wide range of sizes from 16”, 20”, 22”, as well as 24” television. Not only that, but these also come with DVD player built in and freeview capabilities.

The Cello 12v tv is wall-mountable if you need it to be. However, that would require you to buy the brackets separately. Other noteworthy features of this 12V TV from Cello include:

  • 12V adapter
  • Built-in DVD player and T2 Freeview
  • Energy Class (A+)
  • Various screen sizes options
  • USB and HDMI input
  • Inclusive of a Remote control

Motorhomes of all sizes now have the ideal 12V TVs to choose from with Cello. The sizes ranging from 16” – 24” provide a wider option to finding the most suitable TV size to your caravan. On the downside, people who prefer high quality audio may find this TV below par. The good thing is, there are external speakers that you can easily connect for a much-improved audio and entertainment experience. The Cello traveller smart  range of TV's are designed specially for caravan and motorhome fraternity that need a lightweight quality product that does not drain power,

Description of Avtex L199DRS

The L199DRS is just one among other premium televisions from the brand, Avtex. Known for its superb quality, this model is by far the costliest in this article but for a good reason. It is manufactured for your ultimate caravan 12V TV experience.

Offering a wide range of screen sizes, you can choose from a decent size of 16” and up to 24” impressive size, all of which feature a frameless design. Avtex specialise in caravan and motorhome outdoor TVs. This article titled Avtex 12v TV review will keep you informed on the latest offerings from Avtex in the home entertainment arena

  • Ultra-wide and Full High Definition LED screen
  • 12V/240V Dual voltage power supply
  • Integrated DVD combo
  • Compact and Slim design
  • It has a leisure battery meter on the display
  • Backed with a warranty for three years

The price tag of this premium TV, Avtex L199DRS, might be high, and those with limited budget will have to opt for other brands. However, it is a durably-built caravan TV worthy of your investment. Choose the screen size most suitable to your needs from 16”, 19”, 19.5”, 21.5”, or 24” and enjoy its performance wall-mounted or not. 

Description of Ferguson 12 Volt Smatt TV

Thus offering from UK provider Ferguson comes with a 2 year guarantee.  This smart TV combines terrestrial channels with online streaming letting you watch what you want when you want.

  • Includes Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube ready and waiting to go.
  • Wall or table mount
  • Easily access BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, More 4 and Demand 5.
  • 12 VOLT CABLE INCLUDED: Two power cable options in the box, so you can watch at home or whilst travelling on the road.
  • MADE IN BRITAIN: Ferguson TVs are proudly made in the UK with our friendly customer service team located in County Durham

Description of Sharp LC-24DHG6132KFM

One of the world’s trusted producers of wide-ranging variety televisions is Sharp. Under its belt is the Sharp Caravan 12V Smart TV that you can mount on your wall. This model comes with your free aerial so that you can tune in unto your most-watched shows and channels.

This smart TV includes dual voltage, allowing you to choose a standard 3-pin UK plug or a car charger of 12 Volts or 24 Volts. 

  • Integrated DVD player
  • Smart TV (downloaded applications available)
  • Freeview Play & Satellite Tuner
  • 24” screen size
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • Energy Efficiency (Rating A)
  • Inclusive of one-year manufacturer’s warranty 

Equip your caravan with a smart TV that speaks of functionality and a strong internet source by choosing this Sharp 12V TV. Unlike other 24”-sized TVs, this model is backed with a name of a solid reputation for years and provides excellent value for your money. One might consider the dependability to internet connection might be a drawback. However, you can always consider your location and places you frequently visit before buying to ensure you will get sufficient internet connectivity.

  • HD 1080P, 22” display
  • 240V AC/12V DC Power Source
  • Freeview receivers, Freeview, and cable
  • VGA, USB, and HDMI inputs
  • TV recording
  • Energy Efficiency (Class A)
  • EU/EK plug
  • Wall-mountable (Optional)

When it comes to performance and value for your money, overall, this caravan TV from eStar is the best option. Almost anything one could require in a caravan TV is featured in the eStar HD 1080P. You get to have all-around excellence in screen size, picture quality, and connectivity. In case, the sound quality needs some upgrading, external speakers are now readily available for augmentation or improvement.

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If there is one TV specifically-designed for boats, motorhomes, and caravans, it’s the eStar 12 Volt Motorhome & Caravan TV. With its dual option for power source, you can switch between 12Volts DC and 240Volts AC. 

Display-wise, the High Definition 1080P LED screen is 22” and comes with 1920x1080P resolution. Don’t be disappointed if it has no DVD/CD player. It has a USB port that still allows you to watch various media, supporting assorted file types.

The Denver LED-1031 Portable Caravan TV is an embodiment of a cheap, compact TV but produces clarity and rich colors. It sure does lack a CD/DVD player due to its size. However, some people don’t really require this at all.

  • Product of the United Kingdom
  • Inclusive of Remote Control
  • USB and HDMI Port
  • HQ Display of 1024x600
  • 1-year warranty inclusion
  • Wall mountable or integrated stand

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The Denver LED-1031 Portable Caravan TV features a compact screen of only 10.1”. This unit might be among the tiniest and, at the same time, the cheapest, it is designed with an integrated rechargeable battery. The inclusion of a 12Volts adapter allows you to use it anywhere you go.

Don’t underestimate the Denver LED-1031 as it features a built-in DVB-T2 freeview tuner. You can tour all over Europe and still be able to use this portable and compact TV. 

Can you use a smart TV in a caravan?

Standard TV’s work off 230Volts. Caravan TV’s are made to work off 12V. If you intend to use a mains hookup, then a standard TV is fine. However, if this is not the case you need to choose a TV with a 12 V DC option, with low power consumption. Another option is to install a pure sine wave inverter

What is the best size tv for a caravan

Caravan TV’s come in all sizes and the best size will depend on personal taste and the room available the Avtex 19inch caravan TV  is a popular choice.  

How can I get better TV reception in my caravan?

If you are using an ariel rise it as high as possible. Rising the canteen can significantly improve the picture quality. Some campers slot it into a section of pipe to elevate further.If using a caravan satellite dish, then make sure is has a clear unobstructed line of vision to the sky. If still struggling a booster which is relatively cheap may help, but take note that most modern antennas have a built in signal booster.

Can a TV be Wall Mounted in a Static Caravan?

It will depend on the what the walls of the caravan are made of. If the walls are suitable you can purchase dedicated caravan tv brackets which are designed for static and touring caravans. Personally, I would call in a professional tv fitter, check with your caravan park as they may know someone that will provide this service.. 

Buying Guide to Buying 12v Caravan TV

Decades have shown tremendous improvements and innovations on televisions brought about by technological advancements. As such, manufacturers designed and created an extensive selection of 12V televisions and resulted to a very competitive pricing in the television market. The cost of TV’s is reduced, thereby providing more opportunities for individuals to buy a new TV for caravans or upgrade their existing ones.

As a buyer, an informed buying decision is necessary. Below is a guide list to help you with your search for the best 12v caravan TV you can buy.

TV’s Screen Size

The viewing distance in a caravan is smaller compared to a traditional living room or entertainment room, which makes for a smaller screen size as well. Typically, this ranges from 10” to 24,” but you can opt for the more expensive options as these provide larger alternatives.

The manufacturers’ guide provides information on how you can calculate the screen size most suitable to your requirements. The majority of these guides state that taking the length of the viewing distance and dividing it by 1.5 or 2 gives you your desired result.

TV’s Power Source

Caravan TVs are commonly designed to run with a power supply of 12Volts using a leisure battery. In general, this is the most viable choice for a power supply since you have none or limited access to the mains power supply. If the 12 volt cable is not long enough you can easily pick up 12V extension lead, so you are not limited to where you can place your TV  

Your budget plays a huge part in power source, since a lot of higher quality options would allow you to switch from 12V to 24V, or to mains power by using a pure sine wave inverter. With such a choice, it is more flexible and easier to power up your TV’s power supply depending on your needs and requirements.

TV Inputs

Media output is essential when you’re on the go. So, aside from the usual DVD player, look for alternative options such as HDMI or USB ports. The good thing is these features are available to most 12v caravan TVs, allowing you to play numerous ways of varying formats. You can either attach your laptop or other external device using the provided HDMI cable or use a USB to view various files.


Bluetooth's connectivity can sometimes make or break your audio and video experience, making a caravan TV highly desirable. You can easily connect your 12v caravan TV to speakers and external soundbar, and Voila!

DVD or CD Player

Your connectivity is limited when you park your caravan in camps with poor internet signal or reception. At times, you might go to dead spot areas. All these limit usages of your 12v caravan TV. It is for these reasons that DVD or CD player is integrated into most of these caravan TVs.


Caravan TV is an ideal investment for various purposes. You can provide your kids something entertaining to watch, or you can relax and simply enjoy watching a movie or your favourite shows. From 10” to 24”, any of these sizes provide a versatile functionality, portability, and connectivity whether wall-mounted using brackets or on top of any surface.

Each of the aforementioned is suitable to varying budgets and is able to function with the use of numerous power sources. In the end, you can still opt for a reputable brand of caravan TV, particularly to take away the possibility of let downs and disappointments.

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