Avtex 12V Caravan and Motorhome TV Guide 2022

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If you love caravanning, it goes without saying that you will want to enjoy the comfort of your home away from home. Taking care of your entertainment needs is not only refreshing, but gives you the privilege of enjoying your favourite show while caravanning or camping. That's why you need caravan smart TV reviews to keep you informed. Avtex is the brand name behind the leisurely televisions for caravans, boats, and motorhomes.  It easily mounts on your caravan or boat without a fuss thus giving you less of a headache in sourcing for lightweight TV brackets.

The television is customized to operate on 12/24 V DC and also the primary AC voltage. A typical trend with Television manufacturers is branding their main product features with catchy names and striking imagery, which makes their products unique to target customers. This proves handy to consumers; however, it can also confuse consumers who have no prior experience with AVTEX TVs. Without much ado, let's get down to our Avtex television guide. 

The Avtex television is customized to operate on 12/24 V DC and also the primary AC voltage. This flexibility means that you can free up your 12v to 240v inverter for other devices when you have other power sources. A typical trend with Television manufacturers is branding their main product features with catchy names and striking imagery, which makes their products unique to target customers. This proves handy to consumers; however, it can also confuse consumers who have no prior experience with AVTEX TVs. Without much ado, let's get down to our Avtex television guide. 


Televisions from AVTEX have all the latest technology. It's Wi-Fi enabled and allows you to watch your favorite programs from your aerial or caravan satellite dish without needing extra equipment. AVTEX televisions also gives you the rare option of connecting to the internet, providing you with multiple channels to fire up your entertainment. Suppose your campsite has an internet connection, you can connect your 12V traveller smart TV and take your entertainment to a whole new level. AVTEX televisions also packs a range of other features, including the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5, and UK TV Play. It also comes with a unique TV built-in guide to allow you to watch your favourite shows backward or forward. You can choose programs that have been shown already or access other programs such as documentaries for free. 

Freeview Play

The AVTEX television comes with a built-in Freeview Play that gives you 95% access to the nation's TV of your choice, all for free. Typically, television buyers need to buy an additional Freeview box that connects you to your favourite national telly. When you connect to the internet with Avtex Freeview play, you have access to seven on-demand players, 15 HD channels, and over 70 channels. All you need to do is press a button, and you can take your entertainment to a whole new realm.

Electronic Programme Guide

Apart from the Freeview play, you also have the benefit of using the electronic program guide. EPG needs a caravan TV aerial to function, but you will need to connect it to Wi-Fi for you to watch your favourite program that was aired out already. Campsite time can be fun, making you give more attention to your loved ones and family and miss your favourite show. That should not worry you. Thanks to the electronic program guide, you can head over to your favourite player and watch a program that you missed. Also, the AVTEX leisurely televisions allows you to scroll your favourite  channels seven days ahead and set reminders to remind you whenever the programs are about to air.

Automatic Updates

Moreover, your television is set to get updates when connected to Wi-Fi automatically. You won't have to update it manually, and it gets better as it ages. Through automatic updates, the AVTEX television sets will also have additional apps like YouTube and Amazon Prime. These updates will keep adding as you connect to the internet.


Sometimes during camping, your screen could fail to display clear pictures. The obvious next step to solve the problem would be to adjust the TV aerial slightly to get an optimal position for clear images on your telly. Forget about this procedure with an AVTEX range. It comes with an installed quick tuning system (AQT). All you need to do is hold down the AQT button on the remote control for about 3 seconds, and the television will self-tune, getting you back to your clear view. In addition to the AVTEX television AQT button, you've got the MPEG5 technology. The MPEG5 technology allows connected series to save channels in the correct order, giving you an easy time tuning in next.

Three-Power Options

Three primary ACs can power all AVTEX range models. These include 12V, 24V, and 240V. Whether out in the woods or at home, you can still power your AVTEX television  and get entertained. Its connected range has been built and tested to withstand the fluctuations of DC power. Their circuitry designs are also made to withstand the movement in motorboat or caravan.

Should I be Worried If my Campsite has a weak or No Wi-Fi Signal?

As a caravanner who loves to travel far and wide, you may be allocated a site that has weak or no Wi-Fi signal. Does this mean you will not enjoy your favourite show? Not at all. You got the option of connecting your AVTEX television to your mobile phone hotspot. You want to avoid moving with the personal hotspot phone because this could tamper with the signal strength of the Wi-Fi. However, for all these to work, you will need a 4G network coverage. Read our guide to improving Wi-Fi signal using a Wi-Fi booster to always stay connected.

Difference Between Pro and Non-Pro Avtex TV Models

For the record, Avtex launched the Avtex Series 9 Pro, an improved version of its predecessor. There seems to have been a great deal of work that went into their Pro TV range, given its slow release. While the Avtex televisions with 12V/24V DC and 240V AC voltage is still a popular television to buy, the Avtex Pro TV range will give you a run for your money courtesy of its unique features that makes it better than previous models.  

1. Multi-tuner enabled Viewing and Recording

The new series of the Avtex Pro comes with some additional features, which include a multi-tuner technology. You can now view complete HD programs through a standard aerial or a satellite dish without the need for a decoder. All this is made possible because of the DVB-T2/DVB-S2 tuners that allow you to enjoy several shows in one go.

Moreover, you will enjoy its new recording feature that functions in both Freeview and satellite channels. Have fun watching a DVD while recording it at the same time.

2. Wider option for Sizes 

Unlike their series 8 counterparts, the series 9 Pro range Avtex televisions have wider sizes. They give tourers with a bigger space in their caravans the choice of going for a large Avtex type set which is better by all accounts. After Series 9 Pro now features the Avtex L219DRS-PRO 21.5" and the Avtex L249DRS-PRO 24" that come with additional inches to give you a more fantastic experience.

On the flip side, if space on your static caravan is a premium, you want to go for the smaller and slimmer Avtex type. Here is where the Avtex L199DRS Pro TV 19.5" Full HD LED Screen proves handy. 

3.  Enhanced Remote Control 

The latest Avtex telly has a remote control with a battery indicator. The indicator gives you a heads-up in the event of a low battery voltage. The enhanced remote control also gives you the privilege of using a signal quality button that saves you the trouble of fiddling with your aerial. 

4. Improved Connectivity with HDMI arc port 

The new Avtex Motorhome television models feature improved connectivity. You now have the HDMI arc port that co-functions well with the Avtex SB195BT soundbar giving you the best sounds you want to hear.

What's more, the soundbar also functions pretty well in older Avtex televisison models, where you could set it up with a standard audio jack or coaxial audio. 

5. Design Enhancements 

The Avtex Series 9 Pro TVs feature the best design enhancements, unlike the series 7 and 8 models. For a start, series 9 comes loaded with the slimmest screen bezel. You also have a brushed aluminum strip fixated on the base of the screen. The design is also slim, sleek, and lightweight, giving it a more ingenious look. 

AVTEX Television Models and Accessories

So, if you love the nomadic life and want to live it to your fullest, here is a range of AVTEX range models and accessories that you can put to good use while camping.

Avtex Connected Television series with Freeview Play

Avtex 21.5' Connected Full HD Smart TV Freeview Play with Satellite Decoder

The Avtex 21.5' smart TV Freeview play is best suited for motorboats and caravans having considerable space. It's 12V and comes With a Wi-Fi-enabled connected television series. With it, you can easily watch HD play by connecting it to an aerial or satellite dish. You need no extra equipment for this. What's more, the model gives you the privilege of accessing other channels via the internet. With the AVTEX connected range, you stand to benefit from live television and catch-up services as well. The TV model gives you access to programs that have already aired using Freeview play built-in as a guide. You have the option of selecting 7-days backward or forward programs that have already aired, such as documentary films and series. Their full HD size screens range from 19' to 27'. This AVTEC model also features a 7-day catch-up plan with the following - BBC iPlayer, ITV hub, My-5, All4 and UKTV play. Its dimensions are W491mm x H288mm x D46mm. (without stand)

Key Features
Free HD and Freeview Play
Full HD connected with a built-in satellite decoder
AQT button tuning system
DVB-T / DVBT-2 / DVBS / DVBS2 tuners
Back and forth 7-day program guide
Battery level meter (on-screen)
2 x HDMI/ 2 x USB/headphone/phono/audio-in/ optical audio out

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The Avtex 249DSFVP 24" and 279DSFVP 27" Wi-Fi Connected HD 12V Television with Freeview Play

If space is not among your problems, you surely want to go for a bigger AVTEX type model. An available option for you within the Avtex connected range would be the Avtex 249DSFVP 24" or the Avtex 279DSFVP 27" Wi-Fi Connected HD 12V TVs with Freeview Play. They are convenient for caravanning and carry all the technological features that come with an Avtex range television. You are bound to enjoy your favourite show more through a bigger screen. The 24' Avtex TV has a battery meter on the screen while the 27' television comes with a differently designed stand. The 24’  television measures 539mm x 317mm x 47mm (without stand) while the 27’ measures 620mm, x 364mm (height without stand), 414mm (height with stand), x 47mm

Key Features of the AVTEX 249DSFVP 24' and the AVTEX 279DSFVP 27’ TVs

  • Full HD connected television plus a built-in satellite decoder
  • Free HD and Freeview Play 
  • Wi-Fi built for connecting to extra channels and other services 
  • DVB-T and DVB-T2 Tuner 
  • Digital HD satellite tuner DVB-S/ DVB-S2
  • Back and forth 7-day programme guide
  • Battery level meter (on-screen)
  • AQT one button tuning system 
  • 2xHDMI/2xUSB/headphone, audio-in/ phono/optical audio-out
  • Ulta compact edge to edge design
  • 12v/24v/ DC / 240v AC 
  • CI socket that gives access  to Pay TV’
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The Pro range sets new standards for mobile leisure TV with ‘record one side, watch the other’ twin tuner capability. Watch TV or DVD and simultaneously record terrestrial or satellite television.

Avtex Protective Hard Carry Case for Avtex Caravan Smart TV's

Travelling or caravanning comes with lots of packing and movements. You must keep your Avtex television safe using the protective hard carry case for Avtex connected screens. You could get a high-quality protective carry case that can suit your TV inch size. This quality Carry case is designed to carry and offer protection to 18.5', 19.5', and 21.5' Avtex range products. It also has a separate compartment for leads and remote control.

Avtex Hard Shell Carry Case

15' & 16' Hardcase

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19 - 22'

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 24' Hardcase

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ALL-IN-ONE Avtex Television Sound Bar and Bluetooth Speaker System

To optimize your Avtex TV sound, you could purchase the ALL-IN-ONE Avtex type Sound Bar that also comes with a Bluetooth Speaker system. It helps to enhance the sound coming from your Avtex TV. It packs a Bluetooth speaker that gives you the option of streaming music wirelessly. It is suitable for the Avtex connected range televisions and offers the perfect addition to warm summer nights during camping.

Specifications of an Avtex Sound Bar

Music Streaming via Bluetooth wireless
Four speaker driver system
EQ settings
Ultra-compact design
Simple Set-up
2 x 10 W Power output
Quality tonal range giving crisp sound
12V & 24V Mains
Boasts four-speaker driver system
436mm x 68mm x 46mm dimensions 

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Avtex STH3000 Suction Mount Digital TV Aerial

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