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Comfort Motorhome Insurance Quotes

For those of you in the UK that are after a little more room and comfort when touring an investment in an american motorhome will provide just that plus the added luxury and comfort that comes as standard with these larger motorhomes. 

To obtain comfort motorhome insurance, the recreational vehicle, Motorhome or caravan, whichever name you prefer must have been purchased from a dealer in the UK. If you have imported an RV from out of country, there are more restrictions and qualifications before an insurance policy can be taken out.

Just like all types of motor vehicle insurance in the UK, there are different levels of coverage that can be obtained. The lowest coverage is also the cheapest. This is third party insurance. It only covers the cost of the other driver’s vehicle and medical bills if you are the cause of the accident.

Because an imported american motorhome is such a large investment it is recommended that a comprehensive insurance policy be taken out. This makes it possible to retain your investment even if it is involved in a motor vehicle accident.

What is an American Motorhome

Like cars, many American RV's are imported into the UK every year. American motorhomes are typically large and ooze luxury. The size which is similar to a British coach, the luxury, the build quality and craftsmanship all go towards making these a popular import to Britain. 

The one downside to keep in mind that these are mostly fueled by petrol or gas as they say in America and this can make them costly if you your purpose is tour all the time. However, the extra size, comfort and luxury that these imports provide may outweigh the higher fuel costs. 

The  two most popular American imports are the Winnebago and the Concorde. As these vehicles are much larger than the average static caravan you may need a additional driving licence requirements on your standard licence in order to drive legally.

Whatever the make or model we can provide your with multiple insurance quotes from a select panel of UK brokers that deal exclusively in providing this type of cover. Get started by electing the get quote button and compare brokers like Aviva and comfort motorhome insurane.

Comfort Hotorhome Insurance Benefits and options

All motorhome policies can be tailored to your individual requirements and may include a mix or all of the following: 

  • Cover for external awning
  • Driving in Europe
  • Fully comprehensive or third party fire and theft 
  • Windscreen replacement cover
  • Cover to include contents and camping gear an upper limit is general applied, £5,000 being a typical cap.
  • Replacement vehicle or alternative accommodation 
  • Lock and key replacement
  • Legal defence costs
  • Check Circle
    Year round UK breakdown roadside assistance is available with the typical insurance policy.
  • Check Circle
    New for old motorhome replacement is possible if the vehicle is stolen and the RV is 2 years old or less, has 24,000 miles or fewer on the odometer or more than 60% of the listed value of the RV is damaged.

Ways to reduce your insurance premium 

Because of the high purchase price of an american motorhome plus extra costs for imported parts, insurance can work out expensive. However, you can take measures to reduce the policy premium, we have listed some suggestions below.

  • Cover for external awning
  • Speak with your broker about increasing the excess level for a reduced quote
  • As in any driver related insurance having a clean driving history will work to you benefit
  • Restrict your annual mileage , less time on the road equates to less risk and a lower premium .
  • Keep to named drivers and if possible make sure they are over 25 and held a licence for at least 1 year