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Saga Motorhome insurance over 50 Review

Saga Motorhome Insurance Over 50 - Reviewed

Saga Caravan insurance was created to cover those adventurers over the age of 50 that love to travel. Saga has been serving the older portion of the public with financial coverage for 65 years. The policies issued by Saga are underwritten by Acromas Insurance Company Limited. Saga is registered insurance company that offer policies tailored to the over 50's. This is in similar to Caravan Club Insurance and Towergare Caravan Insurance and in contrast to Tesco Static Caravan Insurance who only offer a comparative service similar to Go Compare.

What type of Caravan insurance policies does Saga issue?

Saga only issues policies for caravans that are towed to multiple places over the course of the year. Touring caravans that are set up to stay in just one location or static caravans are not covered by Saga caravan insurance.

What is covered with Saga touring Motorhome insurance policy?

  • New for Old using current market value of the caravan for those units 15 years or newer. There must also be a record kept for the annual servicing of the caravan which is required. 
  • Protection against vandalism. If a claim is made your No Claim Discount will still be valid.
  • Damage from storms, flooding and any other natural cause is covered.
  • Loss or damage to contents and personal items in the caravan is covered up to £1,500.
  • Legal costs are covered but no upper limit is mentioned.
  • Loss of use is protected with up to £2625 protection that can be used to cover the cost of emergency accommodation, travel expenses and the renting of an alternative caravan when yours is damaged in an accident and cannot be used. The daily limit is £175 for a period of time up to 15 consecutive days. 
  • Personal accident coverage is up to £20,000.
    There is recovery and delivery protection of up to £3,500 if your caravan is broken down or involved in an accident.

What extras that Saga Caravan insurance offers that many others do not?

  • 1
    You can lend out your caravan to friends and family and the caravan will be covered. The only part that will be excluded in the policy is the personal items coverage.

  • 2
    The touring caravan is covered for your travels in the European Union. This coverage has no time or mileage limit. This item is extra coverage that can be taken out.


Saga Touring caravan insurance is designed to take care of the needs and address concerns of owners over the age of 50. Because of the age of policy holders, agents are used to dealing with health issues by clients and know how to properly handle them to make sure coverage is maintained.

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caravan insurance cost 2019

Average cost of caravan insurance 2019

The average cost of static caravan insurance in 2019

The average cost of caravan insurance in 2019 is at £150 for a touring caravan that is worth approximately £9,000 and will have an excess of £162. The average cost of static caravan insurance in 2019 is at £300 that has a value close to £45,000 with an excess of £167. What should be noted is that the more the caravan is worth, the higher the premiums will be for both touring and static caravans.

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What are the variables in caravan insurance in 2019?

The above quotes are for basic coverage and do not include contents in the caravans. The more coverage you desire, the higher the premiums will be. Items that directly affect the cost of covering your caravan will include the following;

  • The safety features you have in and on your caravan.
  • The location your caravan will be parked so the higher the crime is in that area, the higher to cost of coverage will be.
  • The age, model and manufacturer of your caravan
  • For touring caravan owners, the number of years of experience piloting one is a factor.
  • Any claims you have filed in the past in reference to your caravan insurance.
  • The main purpose you own a caravan and how you use it.
  • Your Age
  • The value of the contents in your caravan and if they are covered.

Which type of caravan is considered lower in risk?

Due to the static caravan being stationary, they are considered lower risk by an insurance company. That is the reason for the average cost of covering a static caravan is only double that of a touring caravan but the value of the static caravan is 5 times higher.

What can caravan insurance cover?

You can choose to take out  basic insurance with numerous add-ons that will provide you with a larger security blanket, but also raise your premiums. What can be added includes is financial protection if your caravan is damaged in an accident. There is also protection that can be added if damage is cause by a fire, storm, flood and vandalism.

The most common add-on for touring caravans is breakdown assistance, the cost of towing and storing the caravan if it is broken down or involved in an accident.

​What type of caravan insurance is required by UK law?

Caravans are not required to have a separate insurance policy, your car insurancemay provide some cover. Please note the cover that your car policy normally provides ( if any) is third party only. We strongly suggest that you check the cover that you have and determine if this is adequatefor you. Most likley you may wish to take out a separate static caravan insurance policy that covers towing. If the touring caravan is motorised like a motorhome, minimum of third party insurance is required by UK law.

Static caravans are not required to have insurance, but most caravan parks do require some type of protection for you to park your caravan on their property.

Shop around to find the best deal on Caravan insurance in 2019

With the knowledge of the average costs of caravan insurance in 2019 you can begin shopping and comparing multiple suppliers such as Towergate Caravan Insurance, The Caravan Club insurance options and Tesco Compare who like us provide a comparative service only.

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Take the Caravan Driving Training Course

Some of things that you can learn if you take one of the Caravan's Club training caravan towing courses 

  • ‘hitching up’ and towing safely
  • Caravan manoeuvring
  • Reversing
  • laws that apply to caravans
  • Reversing around corners
  • How the load can affect handling and driving.

Towergate caravan insurance reviewed

Towergate Caravan Insurance - Reviewed

The Towergate caravan insurance is one of many types of coverage this company offers which is based out of London. They have been processing policies since 1997 and have acquired more than 300 specialty insurance companies. While they do have an insurance broker department, for static and touring caravans along with trailer tents and park homes the policies will be underwritten by the Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd. This is in contrast to the Caravan Club who specialise in caravan insurance. 

Why Towergate is considered specialty insurance?

This is an insurance company that handles the high risk situations many people face that other insurance brokers will not handle. This type of situation or condition can include the caravan being parked on a flood plain, located in a high risk location or the construction of the caravan is considered high risk to name a few. If you are having trouble finding coverage for your caravan, Towergate should be able to issue you a policy. They offer both static caravan insuranec and touring caravan insurance and the policies whilst similar do have difference as we have highlighted below.

What does the Towergate Static Caravan policy cover?

  • Public liability protection
  • Protection in case of fire damage
  • Protection if personal items stolen
  • Protection if damage is cause by a flood, storm or by accidental event
  • Old for new for caravans up to 20 years old

What does the Towergate Touring Carav​​​​an policy cover?

  • Damage to caravan while being transported is covered
  • Public liability protection
  • Protection in case of fire damage
  • Protection if the caravan is stolen
  • Protection if damage is cause by a flood or storm
  • All family members are covered with this policy
  • Old for new for caravans up to 20 years old

Extras that towergate touring caravan insurance policies covers

  • There is financial protection when touring in Europe.
  • Legal costs are covered in case a law suit is filed against you for some reason
  • There is also protection in case your keys get lost or stolen and your no claims bonus is also protected.
  • The caravan is also financially protected when parked in case of an accident

What should be noted is that no type of caravan insurance is required by UK law. Towed caravans include touring and tents are generally covered by the tow vehicles policy and are generally only third part insurance coverage. What is required by most caravan parks is public liability coverage which is included in Towergate insurance policies. What is not covered is damage inflicted upon the caravan by the owner or anyone they rent the caravan too.

Each Towergate policy cost is determined by the risk factors. They suggest that to lower your premiums you should have adequate security measures in place against theft.

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Caravan Club Insurance review

Caravan Club Insurance review

For those that join  Caravan Club there are many members only service this organization offers their membership including Caravan Club Insurance. In 2017 the name of this club has been changed to Caravan and Motorhome Club. The Caravan Club provide their own insurance policies for static caravans, unlike Tesco static caravan insurance which is just another comparative web site.  In the review below you will discover ways to get further discounts on your caravan insurance. One easy way is to take the course on caravan towing offered by the Caravan Club.

caravan and motorhome club

Who can take out a policy with Caravan Club Insurance?

The Caravan Club has been in existence since 1907 and has members in the UK and Ireland. Only existing members of this exclusive club can take out an insurance policy financially protecting their caravan.

What does the caravan club insurance cover?

To protect your investment this club offers a policy called Caravan Cover. Benefits include the following;

  • There is New for Old coverage where your caravan will be replaced with a new comparative model if it is stolen or damaged through no fault of your own. Standard coverage is replacement of a 5 year old or newer caravan. Super Cover is for caravans up to 15 years old.
  • Your personal belonging in the caravan are protected under this policy. This includes items such as TV, bedding, clothing, crockery, cutlery to name a few.
  • When Foul weather causes damage or destruction of your caravan, you will be reimbursed for the damage to the caravan and the awnings. This includes damage from flood s and storms where there will be additional excess you will have to pay out.
  • Personal accident protection is also included with coverage up to £50,000 for Super Cover and £20,000 for Standard Cover.
  • Third Party Liability coverage.
  • When on a foreign soil protection is standard for up to 182 days.

What are the extra benefits most over policies to not include?

These are items most caravan insurance policies do not include or offer at an additional cost.

  • 1
    If you loan out your caravan to any family members or friends, the caravan is still covered by Caravan Cover.
  • 2
    If your caravan is stolen or damaged when you are not present the club will pay for a hotel or hire you a caravan to use.  For standard coverage up to £150 per day and for Super Cover up to £225 per day.
  • 3
    Costs of post accident transportation of you and your guests along with the recovery of the caravan are included.
  • 4
    Protected No Claims Discount.
  • 5
    Caravan owners Legal Protection included.
  • 6
    Your caravan is automatically listed on Theftcheck register to help in the recovery of your caravan if it is stolen.

What type of discounts can be expected?

  • No Claims Discount begins at 20% and can reach as high as 35% over time.
  • 10% discount when a tracking device is installed on the caravan that is Thatcham approved.
  • 5% discount when the owner completes the Club caravanning course.
  • 15% discount when either an AL-KO or BPW trailer control system with wheel locks is installed on your caravan.
  • You receive a £12 discount on pitch fees when staying at Club Site.

In Conclusion

The Caravan Club Insurance coverage is offered by the club and not an insurance company. This club is self insured and all dealing in a claim process is with members of this not-for-profit organization.

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Take the Caravan Driving Training Course

Some of things that you can learn if you take one of the Caravan's Club training caravan towing courses 

  • ‘hitching up’ and towing safely
  • Caravan manoeuvring
  • Reversing
  • laws that apply to caravans
  • Reversing around corners
  • How the load can affect handling and driving.

Caravan Winter Care

Even if you are only planning to leave your static caravan vacated for a week, it is still wise to ensure that these security procedures are put into place. But there is more to keeping a 'no-claims' than just tucking away the valuables. Taking care of the utilities is a must, especially in the winter months. Even if you are only going to leave your caravan empty for a few days, ensuring that damage caused by freezing conditions is minimised is a must. Drain any excess water from the systems such as lavatory, shower, and basins after turning off the water supply, and lag any pipes that may be susceptible to frost to prevent burst pipes. Make sure that the gas and electricity supplies are switched off and all electrical items are protected from damp conditions.

General Cleaning Preparation

To avoid minor claims for damage to soft furnishings and other items from damp and cold, ensure that there is adequate ventilation. Blocked air vents can cause damage to fridges, wardrobes, curtains and bedding and sofa areas. Make sure that all areas are thoroughly cleaned, and doors wedged open to aid circulation. And finally, if there are other people using your van, leave a checklist of things to do and not to do to avoid any unnecessary damage or accidents.


Disconnect the battery or if you have an isolation switch use that. We also as an added precaution recommend disconnect all plugs and making sure all appliances are in the off position. Be prepared for a flat battery on return or bring it home and give a charge before next ready to use.


Shut all gas valves and as an added precaution remove the regulators. Fit caps to any open pipework. Check with your policy if it is acceptable to store the gas cylinder indoors with the caravan. The best advice is not to store together. The best place for gas cylinders is outside in an open space away from heat or direct sunlight

Body Work

If you are an owner of a classic campervan you probable well aware of the steps to take to keep the body work in pristine condition. You may decide to store the caravan inside during the winter months which is the best option. Either way you will need to clean thoroughly and after dry apply a wax coating. Additional covering with a material that will breath, this will give that added protection.


The toilet should be drained and cleaned. Cleaning is best achieved by flushing water through the system. Next remove the water tank and give it a good cleaning. The blades that seal the toilet should be oiled.

Disaster Cover

Finally, it is also ideal to ensure that your caravan insurance provides cover in the case of the occurrence of some certain disaster such as cover from storm damage. This could also include other occurrences such as caused by lightning that can cause damage,  It is also important to consider damage from flooding or seasonal variation which can occur during winter months of the year. It is also wise to consider other unplanned events such as excessive snow conditions which can affect the insurance claims payments.

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