12 Volt Extension Lead Buyer’s Guide

August 31, 2022 by Eamonn

When you first bought a caravan, you probably didn’t take electricity and power factors into account. Finding the best 12-volt extension lead was probably the last thing on your mind when dreaming about outward-bound holidays. But here we are, and now reality is starting to kick in. And you seriously need to think about your power supply issues now, or it could be a major problem.

Did you even know that your caravan has 12V sockets? Why the hell would I need a cigarette lighter socket when I don’t even smoke? So you can connect a host of electrical appliances to it, that’s why! Let’s explore this even further with our buyer’s guide that discusses whether you need a 12-volt extension lead for your caravan or not.

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What are the Best 12-Volt Extension Lead Models?

Now we’ve discussed your caravan power supply needs and why it’s so important to be connected, we must check out some of the best 12-volt extension lead models in the marketplace. We would always recommend that you buy branded products. But when it comes to 12V extension leads, you simply need to choose a tried and tested, reliable product.

#1 – Top Pick: Amacam 5m Car Charger Extension Cable

This impressive Amacam car charger extension lead is 5 meters in length, durable, and reliable. This is a 12V-24V in-car charging cable that comes equipped with a robust fused inline auxiliary adaptor. You can use it across all vehicle types, but it’s ideally suited for caravan owners looking for reliable electricity sources. It easily connects to the cigarette socket in your vehicle, making it accessible and easy to use at all times.

It has a DC input of 12V to 24V, and output of 10A to 120W, making it versatile and adaptable for all your caravan needs. It works well to power tire inflators, powered speakers, battery inverters, vacuum cleaners, small portable fridges, and even heated blankets.

The connectors have strong retaining springs that hold firmly in place. And the ABS plastic and aluminium body helps with rapid heat dissipation. The 5 meters’ length ensures you can reach almost any appliance imaginable. And you don’t realize how important length is until you’re on the road and seriously need power.

The best part is you can use this lead with most smart chip technology devices due to the practical tip and sleeve connectors. You can easily use it to power laptop computers, and all manner of portable electronic devices. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the road without a connection to the world. And with this high-quality car charger extension lead, you have access to everything at your fingertips. 

#2 – Runner-Up: Hama 6m Extension Cable for Vehicles

It’s all about the length and size when we talk about extension cables. The longer, the better. But we don’t want to sacrifice length for quality.  This Hama extension cable for vehicles is 6 meters in length. It’s not only long enough to use for most caravan appliances, but is also very durable and reliable. It will easily reach from your caravan’s interior to your tire inflator outside.

This is an extra strong and flexible lead that comes equipped with an in-built 8-A-glass fuse directly in the connector. It will protect both the cigarette lighter socket and the terminal from damage and overload, all at the same time. It also fits standard cigarette lighters and other caravan power sockets that have a diameter of 21 mm. 

You can ideally use this extension to power your speakers or entertainment system. It can also be used to power a special portable 12V television. It works well on cooler boxes, MP3 players, phones and even to power smaller electronic devices like portable games consoles or tablets. This is a product that vastly improves your time on the road.

With this cable, you get plenty of slack and plenty of connectivity options. And it’s one of the longest extensions that works well that you will find in the marketplace. Durable, dependable, and reliable are just a few ways to describe this product.

#3: WOWLED Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord

This super-durable cigarette lighter extension cable from WOWLED is not the longest at 10-feet (3 meters) long, but it’s still more than long enough for the average caravan owner. Although it might not be the longest, it could very well be the best in terms of quality. This premium cable is made from pure copper wire that has a very high temperature resistance and melting point, making it the perfect material for this type of extension cable.

It comes with the best safety protection and precautions. It has an LED indicator and an 8A built-in fuse that can effectively reduce the risks of overcurrent or short circuit issues. There are both male and female connectors that can each be plugged directly into your caravan’s cigarette lighter socket and other electrical appliances in that order.

Although it can obviously be used to power all manner of 12V-24V appliances, it does have a maximum power of 80W. It can be used to power tire inflators, mini-fans, vacuum cleaners, lights, cooler boxes, and much more. And it comes with a 2-year warranty if you have some issues along the way.

Caravan owners who are serious about their power need to seriously consider this cable type. What it loses in length it makes up for by being one of the best quality caravan extension leads you will find.

#4: Amacam 4m Car Charger Cable

The best 12-Volt extension lead for caravans or any vehicle needs to be long, durable, and versatile. And that’s what this 4-meter-long Amacan car charger cable is all about. This cable comes with a robust fused inline AUX adapter that can be used not just in caravans, but in any car or vehicle. It works just as well for camping as it does caravanning.

The cable has a DC input of 12V to 24V, and output of 10A to 180W. Its overcurrent protection is 20A. It works with all manner of appliances such as small fridges, cooler boxes, 12V televisions, vacuum cleaners, and tire inflators. You can use it to charge or operate smartphones, tablets, laptops, and all manner of electronic multi-media devices. 

It’s more than long enough to use in your caravan and to take outside to power appliances. This is the ultimate solution to all your portable power needs on caravan trips. Aside from connecting to your caravan’s cigarette lighter, it also has USB connections that make it a unique product.

Caravan holidays on the road make for memories that last forever. But if you run out of power and are left in the dark, the memories can quickly turn to nightmares. Never get caught short on the road again with this high-quality extension cable that will keep you connected and in the light at all times. 

Understanding Caravan Power Supplies

One of the worst things that can happen during a camping trip is getting caught in the dark. How can a holiday be fun if you don’t have access to simple pleasures such as light or even television? Most camp and caravan sites give you access to a mains electricity power supply. But caravans also have a built-in power source that’s called a leisure battery.

Mains power usually provides 240 volts that makes it easy to power fridges, hairdryers, and even caravan heating systems. Leisure batteries kick out 12-volts, which is ideally suited to 12 volt caravan televisions and other smaller devices that use less power. And if you’re smart with your power usage, you can get the most from your appliances with a 12V supply. With a 12V supply, you can power a kettle, water heater, or even run a laptop computer or some other electronic device like iPhones. 

Why Do I Need a 12 Volt Extension Lead?

Because 12V power sockets in caravans were used solely for televisions back in the day, most sockets are not in a viable place for your caravan’s other power supply needs. For example, you might need the socket in your kitchen to power some cooking appliances or to make a cup of tea. Caravan tire inflators also use a 12V power supply and are quite difficult to connect without an extension lead.

Do you need to store food on the road, so it doesn’t go off? If so, you will need to power an electric 12v cooler box. 12V power supplies are not usually enough to power refrigerators, so using an extension cable to hook up your cooler box is essential. These are just a few reasons why you need a 12V extension cable.

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