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Touring Campervans

The first step to making savings on touring caravan insurance premium is to get quotes from multiple brokers and compare the policy taking note of inclusions and exclusions. VW campervan insurance is now available. 

Folding Caravans

Need to compare the cost folding campervan insurance ? Select the Get Quotes option, complete one quick online form and receive multiple quotes. It is that simple

Self Build 

When it comes time to compare the costs self build campervan insurance it is prudent to not just stay with your current insurer, but take the opportunity to compare what else is available in the market place. Classic campervan insurance is also available. 

Under 25's

Are you 25 or under and need campervan insurance? We can provide multiple quotes for under 25 campervan insurance. Select get Quotes to get started, 

Touring Caravan

If you are the types that enjoys caravaning, we can help come insurance time. How you may ask, we can provide multiple quotes for touring caravan insurance.

Mobile Home

If you class you holiday home as a mobile home then we help find you multiple mobile home insurance quotes from UK insurance brokers 

Compare the Market Static Caravan Insurance UK

Static caravan insurance  will protect your holiday home for loss and damage and also cover fixture and fittings, examples of fixtures and fittings would include steps and verandas. As you should be aware taking out cover for your stationary camper  is not a legal requirement, but it is common sense to protect a valuable asset with a policy that is comprehensive and then should the worst happen you'll will be able to rely on the cover to ensure that you are not out of pocket to recover the situation or replace your mobile home. Like the purchase of any product it is prudent to shop around and compare the deals that are currently available in the marketplace. Comparative web sites will help you, but do not limit your research, check online forums and hear what fellow campers are saying when it comes to providing good cover for your valuable asset namely your holiday home.

Check the New for Old Clause

In general most brokers will provide new for old, restriction on age will normally apply with campers over 10 years in general being excluded from the new for old cover. If your mobile home is over 10 years old most brokers will compensate based on the current market value of your holiday home. If you feel that the market value does not reflect the cost to replace if for example you have made extensive improvements to the base model or it is in top condition please raise this with your broker broker as individual arrangements can normally be arrived at. As this an important aspect of fixed mobile home insurance please familiarize your self with the different policy proposals before making your final decision.

Check Policy Restrictions

Most owners of static campervans provide occasional use to family members, close friends or relatives, if you fall into this category you will find that most policy providers will still offer cover under these circumstances if you are not charging rent or receiving money in kind.

Compare Insurance with Multiple UK Brokers

Check Policy Assumptions

Within this niche insurance sector you will find that overall brokers expect that the motorhome to be insured resides in a licensed camping site that provides adequate security some form of surveillance and is in an area that is not prone to flooding.  In addition your insured camper home  should be securely anchored, any other additional industry approved security items like GPS tracking whilst not mandatory should further help reduce your policy premium.

What is the Difference Between a Touring and a Motor Caravan?

A motor vehicle is designed for travel and contains a self contained living section. a touring caravan that is non motorised and contains self contained living facilities that can be towed by a vehicle, definition courtesy of  a dictionary of confusing phrases

Do you Offer Quotes for Both Static and Touring Vans?

Yes. On the Inquiry form you will see an option "Type of Caravan " and you may select either a static or touring. We can provide quotes single and twin axle touring vans, trailer tent,  folding  campers and holiday static caravan pitches. If you are the owner of a folding camper we can also help compare quotes for folding caravan Insurance. 

What makes of motorhomes do you offer Insurance for?

Cover is provide for all manufactures including Advent,  Bluebird, Belmont , Country Homes, Eden timber Frame, Fleetwood, Galaxy, Swift and Stellar to name only a few that we can provide comparative quotes for, cover for contents is option, having a fire alarm fitted will reduce your annual or monthly premiums.

Do I need insurance for a holiday caravan
Insurance for your holiday caravan is not a legal requirement. However, fact is that most holiday parks will ask that you to have a basic level of cover.
A Brief History of The Volkswagen Campervan
If you were to ask any VW campervan owner about the history of their vehicle, they will most likely point to the Type 2 Kombi vans. There have indeed been many variations on the theme since that time from the many different manufacturers from around the world. Here’s a little about the history and the developments of the Volkswagen Campervan that has inspired a whole generation of vehicles. When you need to take out vw campervan insurance be sure to compare quotes with our easy multiple quote system.
Tips for Maintaining Your Static Caravan
Whilst a great investment when it comes to you and your family’s future holidays. There are amazing times to be had in your new holiday home however, you should do your part to look at after your second home. This way it stays in tip top condition year after year. Here are a few hints and tips on maintaining your mobile home.

Compare Quotes with Multiple UK Brokers

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