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Do I need static caravan insurance ?

Static caravan insurance  will protect your holiday home for loss and damage and also cover fixtures and fittings, examples of fixtures and fittings would include steps and verandas. As you should be aware that taking out cover for your stationary camper is not a legal requirement, but it is common sense to protect a valuable asset with a policy that is comprehensive. Nobody likes paying for insurance, but it is something that you will really appreciate when you actually need it to cover unforeseen expenses. The expense may be small, but when it is substantial and that is when insurance really works for you.

Like the purchase of any product it is wise to shop around and compare the deals that are currently available. Comparative web sites like Tesco Caravan Insurance  will help you at this stage. However, do not limit your research to comparative sites, check online forums and read what fellow campers are saying about brokers and deals that are currently available. 

Check the old for new clause

In general most brokers will provide new for old, restriction on age will normally apply with campers over 10 years in general being excluded from the new for old cover. If your caravan is over 10 years old most brokers will compensate based on the current market value of your holiday home. 

If you feel that the market value does not reflect the cost to replace if for example you have made extensive improvements to the base model or it is in top condition please raise this with your broker broker as individual arrangements can normally be arrived at.

As this an important aspect of fixed mobile home insurance check the policy details on this subject before making your final decision.

Compare Static Caravan Insurance

Check Policy Restrictions

Most owners of static campervans provide occasional use to family members, close friends or relatives. If you fall into this category you will find that most policy providers will still offer cover under these circumstances, but only if you are not charging rent or receiving money in kind.

What kind of vehicles are covered?

Below is a selection of the most popular insurance requests that we receive.

Compare Caravan Insurance

Protect your campervan today - Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

Choosing the best policy

As you trawl through the quotes for caravan insurance you will find that they will mostly provide the same type of cover. However other less obvious factors listed below are also important.

  • Damage repair : Damage repair : Should the need arise to have repairs made, how quickly and who will these be carried out?
  • Windshield and underside :  Check that these are covered if not try and get them included or take out a separate cover from a national windscreen repair specialist outfit. 

  • Limitations of contents : The overall figure may see good, but what is the cover for individual items types. For example cover for contents GBP10,000 looks good, but what is the limit on jewelry. This may be adequate but if you have jewelry worth more than the figure covered you should look into getting high value cover. The same idea applies to any gadgets on board.

Check Policy Details Carefully

Within this niche insurance sector you will find that overall brokers expect that the motorhome to be insured resides in a licensed camping site that provides adequate security with some form of surveillance and is in an area that is not prone to flooding.  In addition your insured camper home should be securely anchored, any other additional industry approved security items like GPS tracking whilst not mandatory should further help reduce your policy premium.

Policy exclusions that may invalidate any claim

  • If lack of basic maintenance leads to damage , your broker may well refuse to pay out. Examples would include rust,damp, wood rot
  • Wear and tear, like in most policies you can not claim for damage caused by wear and tear of aging
  • You failure to secure your vehicle, similar to leaving the keys in the ignition. The broker will right reject any claims that are a direct result of your negligence.

What is the difference between a touring caravan and a motor caravan

A motor vehicle is designed for travel and contains a self contained living section. A touring  caravan that is non motorised and contains self contained living facilities that can be towed by a vehicle, definition courtesy of the dictionary of confusing phrases.

Can you provide quotes for both touring vans and static vans?

Yes. On the Inquiry form you will see an option "Type of Caravan " and you may select either static or touring. We can provide quotes for single and twin axle touring vans, trailer tent,  folding  campers and holiday static caravan pitches. 

Is static caravan insurance available for all makes and models?

Cover is provide for all manufactures including Advent,  Bluebird, Belmont , Country Homes, Eden timber Frame, Fleetwood, Galaxy, Swift and Stellar to name a few. Cover for contents is an option, having a fire alarm fitted will reduce your annual or monthly premiums.

How can I lower my insurance premium

  • The more secure your caravan is seen to be then the more savings you could make on your premium. By fitting security devices such as smoke alarm, fitting an alarm on can act as a deterrent to thieves could help you make some savings and keep down the cost of the insurance. 
  • You could also increase your excess above minimum that the insurance company is requesting. Like any insurance, the excess is the amount of money you pay towards the cost of any claim before the insurance kicks off and your policy pays out to cover the claim.
  • You could chose to go for third party only cover, obviously you will have less cover than fully comprehensive option.

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Compare Static Caravan Insurance

Protect your campervan today - Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

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